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hemp flowerCBD Hemp Flower Review Folder — The Sativa Hemp Flowers

CBD Hemp Flower Review Folder — The Sativa Hemp Flowers

“The sativa hemp flowers are important for the balance of your day and particularly are important to help power through the last work project on Friday afternoon.”  Sativa hemp flowers are for the daytime because they “wake you up” and energize you but they do not overstimulate. If you smoke or vape, you can have your dry vape vaporizer waiting for the moment you wake up on a cloudy non-motivating morning. Take a smoke, take a vape and you will feel new energy and vitality for the day that lies ahead of you.

delta 8 d8 hemp flowerThe May Flowers of Dr. Strains CBD Specials

Delta 8 Moonrock @ $24.99

Delta 8 D8 Moonrock is one of our best flowers yet! Grown in 2021 by us at Dr. Strains, our base flower is Fruity Pebbles.  We grew this strain in our greenhouse and finished the last 3 weeks indoors! This flower has a gassy citrus nose filled with terpenes and covered in crystals.  You are in for an amazing experience with Delta 8 Moonrock because after the strain was dried and cured it was sprayed with our very own D8 oil as well as a generous coating in premium kief!  A must try hemp flower!



D8 Disposable Pen — Sativa Green Crack

Delta 8 Disposable Vape

Introducing our newest line of D8 Disposable Vape Pen. Boasting 12 top-tier strains including four Sativas, Indicas, and Hybrids you don’t want to miss these!  Dead battery? Not a problem! Charge it up and keep on vaping! long-lasting, premium quality, and ready to ship your D8 Disposable Vape Pen today!



  • The Benefits and Effects are Different, “No Joke”
  • Types of Hemp Flowers
  • The Sativa Influence in the Hybrid Flower
  • “The Flower” Last Words
  • Strains CBD Weekly Specials “Spotte”

The Sativa hemp flower is all about focus, productivity and more energy so this is not a type of hemp flower you want to take at bedtime unless you are planning an “all nighter”. The Sativa flower is what you want on Friday afternoon for focus and productivity when you still have a project to finish before heading home.

Some use Sativa as an umbrella term for all cannabis hemp plants. But that is not the whole truth because Sativa merely means “cultivated” in Latin. There are many CBD hemp flowers which are indica and hybrids as well.

The Sativa Hemp Flowers – The Benefits and Effects are Different, “No Joke”

Sativa has a different range of effects than Indica does. The sativa hemp flowers have a different range of therapeutic benefits as well. Every hemp flower, sativa or indica, has the CBD cannabinoid in it so all the health benefits attributed to CBD are in both types of flower. Sativa-dominant hemp strains lend itself to an energizing experience.

Hawaiian Haze Strain

Hawaiian Haze is a sativa dominant strain with a range of 15% to 21% CBD content and within the legal limit of 0.3% THC. This flower is hybrid with an effective profile of balanced terpenes. It

Effects — The aromatherapy experience when Hawaiian Haze is lit up provides fragrances exploding juicy peach and hints of lavender.  Hawaiian Haze smoke experience is a rich, but in no way is it cough-inducing, important for the ones to know who have respiratory sensitives.

Benefits — Relief from body aches and mild pain. It also reduces stress, depression and mild anxiety. It is the strain that helps eliminating fatigueand lethargy from minds and bodies. Some experience increased and renewed appetite as well as a reduction in nausea.

Fuji Hemp Flower

This sativa hemp flower has 23% CBD and bulbous buds.  Whether cultivated outdoors or indoors, these buds are hand trimmed with care and precision.

Effects — The common savors of this strain are hazy and tropical flavors and hints of crisp apple,

Benefits – With such high CBD, Fuji has therapeutics of reducing pain and inflammation and leveling out the times of anxiety.

Elektra Strain

This is a sativa-dominant cross maintaining between 16% – 22% CBD content along with 0.3% THC or less. Elektra hemp flowers have a sticky to the touch feel and buds of green and orange.

Effects — It gives off a rich red wine, chocolate, and citrus aroma as well as sniffing a bunch of flowers in a pine grove

Benefits — Elektra is the answer to managing almost any condition from cancer to epilepsy to chronic pain.

Papaya Nights

Papaya Nights stands at a strong 17% – 19.7% CBD and a Sativa type which can help power your afternoon with focus and productivity.

Effects — It sports savors of fruit, juice, haze and earth and is always indoor-grown.

Benefits — Those therapeutics for Papaya Nights are relief from pain and inflammation.

The Sativa Hemp Flower – Types of Hemp Flowers

  • Harlequin hemp flower
  • ACDC hemp strain,
  • Elektra hemp strain,
  • Hawaiian Haze hemp strain.

The Sativa Hemp Flower – The Sativa Influence in the Hybrid Flower

When the hybrid hemp strain is 50% Indica and 50% Sativa, the result may be a blend of energizing effects and calming effects. Even though 50%/50%, one of the sativa or indica may dominate according to the person consuming it. So overall, it is always an adventure.

“The Flower” Last

The adventure with the Sativa is yours to claim. The basics are here but the experience and effects may vary from person to person so enjoy the journey.  There is no hemp flower that gives you a high, but it does energize you and leaves you with better focus and drive to complete the tasks at hand. You can smoke, dry vape or liquid vape. Up until now there was a more generic hemp liquid vape but things are different now. You can purchase a disposable liquid vape pen filled with specific Sativa flower and some have a specific hemp flower strain as well.

Why do you say this is important. It is important because then you can target your condition like no energy, mental fog and fatigue. There are certain types which are better for these conditions and there are definitely specific hemp flower strains particularly better for fatigue and a lack luster outlook on your day.

If you want more information on all things CBD, read other posts here on our blog.

 Dr. Strains CBD Weekly Special “Spotte”

Are you looking for a CBD hemp buds product? Good News! We are continuing on through 2021 with bang-up additions to our inventory such as the following:

 Dr. Strains CBD “It’s Back Series!”

CBD gummiesCBD-infused Gummies are back on the shelf and ready to calm your nerves and to take the burden away. They are for sale at $7.99 for


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 Dr. Strains CBD has “Sumthin’ New!!!

If you want to give the inhalation method a break, capsules are a perfect way to ingest your CBD. Dr strains is now offering 500 mg CBD capsules for only $19.99!  This product is formulated and organically extracted into capsules.

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Dr. Strains CBD has Vaporizers

Looking for an odorless way to smoke your dry flower? Dr.Strains is introducing Yocan Vaporizers that will allow you to vaporize your hemp flower!  The colors we have are Copper, Green, Silver, and others.

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Dr. Strains CBD only sources its CBD bud from small hemp farms. Check out our online shop for various cbd flower and more products or contact us for more information.


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