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cbdCBD Hemp Flower Talks Cytokine Storms and Covid-19

CBD Hemp Flower Talks Cytokine Storms and Covid-19

CBD hemp flower talks about many things but today we are going to listen to what it has to say about the cytokine storms which may be at the root of the Covid-19 virus which is ravaging us. It seems that Covid-19 is not wanting to leave our shores so there are many medical head trying to figure it all out. A new research recently showed how something called a “cytokine storm” could be at the root of it all.

CBD Hemp Flower Talks Definitions

Covid-19 seems to be trying to take over but every day that goes by researchers, doctors and scientists are finding new data on this virus and how it operates. One of the more recent studies is regarding the cytokines going crazy when the virus enters the body and it subsequently creates a cytokine storm.

Defining Cytokines

Cytokines are a broad and loose category of small proteins which are significant in causing the correct cell signaling. Cytokines are peptides but cannot cross the lipid bilayer of cells to enter the cytoplasm. CBD hemp flower has known long to correct the signaling when it has become compromised or dropped because disease, illness, viruses or other foreign objects disrupt the signaling.

Defining the Cytokine Storm

A cytokine storm is a severe immune reaction in which the body releases too many cytokines into the blood too quickly. As we said above, the cytokines play a good and important role in normal immune responses which is a good thing.  But when a virus attacks the body or some type of severe infection, the body releases too many cytokines all at once creating a cytokine storm. This is harmful to even being life threatening.  It can also lead to multiple organ failures. A cytokine storms has symptoms of high fever, inflammation as well as severe fatigue and nausea.

CBD Hemp Flower Talks About Covid-19

What is Covid-19? It is a virus and viruses cause disarray in your immune system and cause inflammation and much more.  A cytokine storm occurs when an uncontrollable number of cytokines are released Cytokines are supposed to collect in mass at the site and communicate to white blood cells what the virus is that they are to attack and destroy. After destroyed the cytokines are supposed to disperse and the destroyed cells are carried away as waste material. That is what a healthy body and healthy strong immune system does.

CBD Hemp Flower Talks CBD Regulation of the Cytokine Storm

There is some recent information showing that CBD has lessened or even relieved the symptoms of Cytokine Storms. The positive impact it is showing is lessening the health damages and improves the Covid-19 recovery rate. Why does this make sense?

It makes sense because the nature of CBD is to regulate the body but regenerating the signal which has been lost. Cytokines include a wide collection of peptides, proteins, and glycoproteins in the body.  They are responsible for being released by different cells to places they are needed. One of their main responsibilities is to regulate a specific type of response from other cells to regulate immune system’s response to inflammation and infection.

CBD is anti-inflammatory. It regulates all the body systems by interacting with our body’s own endocannabinoid system. CBD is not a fly by night snake salesman. CBD Hemp flower talks and it talks health and remedies. It calms and quiets nerves, it intervenes in chronic pain that sufferers figured they would have to live with. This is reported by multitudes of people who have experienced it in this capacity. So it makes sense that it can calm this cytokine storm that the Covid-19 virus tries to inflict in bodies.

It may not have been proven in a medical laboratory to the point of FDA verification, but it is been experience by many. If taking a baby aspirin and dose with CBD daily has the possibility of helping and has no side-effects, why not use it.

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