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hemp flowerCBD Hemp Flower Talks Everything About CBG!!

CBD Hemp Flower Talks Everything About CBG!!

THC, CBD, CBG \’\’and all the other three letter cannabinoids in the CBD hemp world are receiving considerable attention as more \’\’and more people realize benefits \’\’and enjoyment from CBD products. CBD hemp flower is good for a variety of reasons \’\’and one of those is enjoyment.

What is All the Rage Around CBG

CBG is considered to be one of the lesser cannabinoids in the CBD hemp flower. However, it is creeping on up to even surpass the benefits of CBD.  It is present in many hemp strains but not in large quantities. On the average it is at 1% in most cannabis hemp strains. Because of this low percentage, it is considered a minor cannabinoid.

Cannabis hemp plants produce cannabigerolic acid (CBGA). This is where the line divides into three main cannabinoid directions – THCA, CBDA \’\’and CBCA. The next step is that particular enzymes in the plant break up the CBGA \’\’and direct it towards one of the three lines we specified above.

I know this is more technical than inspiring but with this technical piece comes information which is very interesting in the final product of CBG infused Special Sauce or other CBG specialty on the shelf of your local dispensary. The acids we referred to become the cannabinoids which we are familiar with after being exposed to ultraviolet light or heat.

CBG \’\’and all the Other Cannabinoids

From that point on, CBG takes a back seat \’\’and THC, CBD or CBC are front \’\’and center. Since we are talking hemp, THC stays in the background at 0.3% or less.  As hemp farmers multiply, they crossbreed once, twice \’\’and once again to get a more perfect union. With all this growing \’\’and crossbreeding, they have determined the value of that one cannabinoid of CBG. But there is a problem.

Here’s the problem. To get high CBG content, scientists have figured out that they need to extract the CBG from a budding plant only six weeks into the eight-week flowering cycle. That is the optimum time from extraction. However, that eliminates using that particular hemp flower for any other use to extract other cannabinoids. Some farmers do not like to set aside an entire crop for CBG extraction alone.

The Market for Hemp Flower CBG

But the market is starting to dem\’\’and more CBG as it rises in stardom for health benefits. So the farmers are doing their part to meet the dem\’\’and. They are finding strains to cross with other strains \’\’and ways to manipulate the genetics so that they can find the way to grow hemp crops that are high in CBG for extraction purposes.

High Hemp Flower CBG Strains

There are high CBG hemp strains, but the nature of hemp is to produce lower amounts of CBG than the other cannabinoids. As the market continues to dem\’\’and it, hemp farmers are pulling out all the stops to meet the need.  Part of that is learning which hemp flower strains to crossbreed \’\’and which genetics to manipulate to create high CBG content strains. One hemp flower producer has a strain that yields 10% CBG.

Extracting CBG

The process used to extract CBG from the hemp flower \’\’and plant is referred to as chromatography process that uses liquid solvents like CO2 or ethanol. Hemp is dissolved in the solution in order to draw the cannabinoids \’\’and terpenes out of the plant. Secondly, the solution is evaporated with heat under a vacuum that removes the gas \’\’and consequently leaves high purity CBG concentrate behind. The CBG extract must be stored at moderate to preserve potency.

Uses \’\’and Forms of Hemp Flower CBG

CBG crystals are 100% pure \’\’and can be melted under the tongue or sprinkled in smokable hemp flower or it can also be mixed with oils \’\’and infused into other hemp flowers such as CBG Infused Special Sauce.

Therapeutics of Hemp Flower CBG

The Endocannabinoid System has been well-documented so will not go into detail here about it except that hemp flower cannabinoids like CBG are compatible with it \’\’and is like the transport system to go to the receptors for healing.

There are many Endocannabinoid receptors in the eyes so studies are proving that CBG will be effective in treating glaucoma. It is also effective in decreasing inflammation for those suffering with inflammatory bowel disease. Other studies are showing promise that CBG blocks cancer cell growth particularly in colorectal cancer cells.  The resistant staphylococcus aureus or MRSA has been effectively treated with CBG showing itself also as an effective antibacterial agent.

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