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cbdCBD Hemp Flower — The Myth, The Question, the Fact, the Fiction and Other Hot Stuff!

CBD Hemp Flower — The Myth, The Question, the Fact, the Fiction and Other Hot Stuff!

There are a multitude of myths and questions coupled with fiction and other hot stuff about CBD hemp flower. But it all interests us because fiction is quickly changing to fact and myths are being debunked one at a time. Why? Because CBD hemp flower works. It heals the unhealable and relaxes the chronically stressed.

CBD Hemp Flower – The Myth

CBD Works by Activating Cannabinoid Receptors

The Endocannabinoid System is an essential part of our body. It could be referred to as a signaling system that helps keep the body in balance or homeostasis. When we get sick, have an injury or disease, the neurotransmitters have been disrupted so there may be a problem with healing. CBD

When you take CBD, it may inhibit, or it may stimulate the network of receptors in your endocannabinoid system. The simple answer is that CBD hemp flower products heals the neurotransmitters so that the right signal gets to the receptor. CBD can also minimize the effect THC may have on the receptors. The receptors can in some instances, turn down the activity level on the receptor by inhibiting the breakdown and transport of the endocannabinoid referred to as anandamide.

The Question

Is Hemp Legal?

The simple answer to this question is hemp was legal, then it was illegal, then legal because it was needed during World War II then it was illegal again. But things changed in 2018 when the law makers realized that hemp is cannabis, but it is not marijuana.

The CBD hemp market received a big boost when President Trump signed into law the 2018 Farm Bill.  It contained a provision legalizing hemp, a species of cannabis that CBD can be extracted from but that is not psychoactive.  The 2018 Farm Bill is more expansive to allow hemp cultivation broadly across all states on a federal level. There are however, four to six states who restrict the growth and sale of hemp to the point of total exclusion.

The 2018 Farm Bill has a clause that specifically refers to allowing transportation of hemp across state lines when the law in that state excludes the growth.  There are no restrictions on the sale, transport, or possession of hemp-derived products if the products are produced with less than 0.3% THC.

CBD Hemp Flower – The Fact

FACT #1 — CBD Flower and Your Pooch — Veterinarians are beginning to use CBD oil to treat arthritis, pain from broken bones, digestive issues and stress for pooch.

FACT #2 — Cacao contains Anandamide

Anandamide boosts CBD effects so that means that chocolate increases the effects of CBD when taken together. That is good news for all those chocolate lovers out there. But be sure it is raw dark chocolate with no refined sugars.

FACT #3 — CBD Flower to Stop Cancer from Metastasizing

The National Cancer Institute studies suggest could reduce cancer cells from spreading in other tissues in three different cancers — breast, colorectal, and lung.

CBD Hemp Flower – The Fiction

 Fiction — CBD hemp bud has not been scientifically proven to help health conditions.  In today’s world some feel that FDA is the Goddess of the only thing which will help any medical conditions. They have certified are approved many useful drugs but there are other alternative remedies that have proven success. CBD hemp bud is one of those remedies.

However, interestingly enough, FDA has scientifically proven that CBD does help health conditions, particularly with seizures. FDA is vague about other possibilities that CBD is usefully for other health conditions saying, “there is some indication CBD might be useful…”  But the assertion that CBD has not been proven to help any conditions is simply not accurate.

Rebuttal — Recently, FDA approved Epidiolex, a CBD-based medication, for seizure disorders that are difficult to treat. The clinical trials were so significant that FDA could not ignore them. But there are many other reasons to use CBD hemp flower in many forms without side effects than many pharmaceuticals give.

Fiction — CBD hemp bud is a marketing scam — CBD is not a marketing scam even though it has hit the market like a meteorite and continues to light up the sky.

Rebuttal — CBD has been proven to correct a great many conditions by a host of lay people. Even doctors are, unofficially of course, applauding its use as patients report the favorable benefits. CBD is not a cure-all, perhaps, but with consistent use, monitoring the correct dosage and finding the appropriate delivery method for particular health conditions, it comes in as a close second as more and CBD users realize benefits as their Endocannabinoid System becomes balanced once again.

Other Hot Stuff

Hawaiian Haze is a sativa dominant strain with a range of 15% to 21% CBD content and within the legal limit of 0.3% THC. it was developed and bred first in the mineral-rich volcanic soil of Hawaiian itself. This strain’s exotic tropical flavors and unrelenting effects. And it is on sale this week at Dr. Strain CBD. Be sure and experience it.

Hawaiian Haze presses to the sharp aroma of pineapple/citrus and back ended with wafts of earthy floral.  The prevalent terpene is myrcene along with others.  Terpenes such as Pinene and Bisabolol lend themselves to a spicy touch of the peppery beta-Caryophyllene.

Hawaiian Haze effectively reduces stress, depression and mild anxiety while helping to eliminate mental fatigue and lethargy. When cancer patients are going through treatments one of the side effects is loss of appetite and nausea. Hawaiian Haze can stimulate hunger and as well as reducing nausea.  One user reported amazing relief from shoulder and back pain in a short period of time.

If you want more information on all things CBD, read other posts here on our blog.

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