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CannabisCBD Hemp Recipes — Sanitizing Agents

CBD Hemp Recipes — Sanitizing Agents

CBD hemp sanitizing agents are hard to come by right now.  But a personal commitment to sanitizing our hands is absolutely more important now than ever before. The CBD recipe for Hand Sanitizer also adds the benefit of specialized skincare.  CBD hemp oil acts as a natural humectant to preserve moisture in one’s skin so is a useful ingredient in the following sanitizing agents. Hemp oil can penetrate the skin to give optimal moisturization care. It also contains a natural supply of nutrients and vitamins to nourish and moisturize the skin. This hemp oil hand sanitizer also will be a delivery system for a variety of trace cannabinoids for proper skin functioning.

CBD Hemp Oil Hand Sanitizer

  • ¾ cup — isopropyl or rubbing alcohol (at least 60%)
  • ¼ cup — 100% aloe vera gel
  • 10 – 20 drops — favorite essential oil
  • ½ tsp — Almond Oil or Vitamin E Oil
  • 1 ½ teaspoon of all-natural full-spectrum CBD Hemp Oil Liquid

Mix all ingredients in a bowl then whisk until the mixture has a gel-like consistency. The CBD hemp sanitizing can be stored in a LABELED small jar dispenser or even a LABELED squeeze tube, so no one misuses the content.

CBD Recipe – Surface Disinfectant

  • 1 glass spray bottle
  • 1/4 cups – warm water
  • one-fourth cup — vodka or isopropyl alcohol (99%)
  • 1/4 cup — white vinegar
  • 10 drops – tea tree or lavender essential oil
  • 1 ½ tsps – CBD oil

Combine all ingredients in a glass spray bottle with a wide mouth and swirl around gently until fully mixed.

Research Speaks — CBD Hemp 

Researchers and scientists are increasing their studies on CBD hemp in recent years. Abundant information provides knowledge for CBD hemp disinfectant recipes. CBD hemp sanitizing agents act as a disinfectant either to kill or at least impede harmful microorganisms such as bacteria on hard surfaces. The disinfectant has three different channels through which it sanitizes or disinfects. It causes”

  • a disruption to the structure
  • cells to clump together,
  • the cells to be entirely oxidized.

Two ingredients, alcohol and chlorine, are in most disinfectant products because of their bacteria/virus-killing ability. The CBD recipes specifically for disinfecting will also contain alcohol.  Antibacterial properties are in CBD hemp, but it cannot be used in place of washing our hands or cleaning a surface.

A CBD lotion is meant to provide healing to a certain location but it will not have any disinfectant qualities. The best way to get CBD oil to work the way it is supposed to is to use it in an intended way.

Concluding Thoughts

CBD hemp sanitizing agents and all the other CBD lotions, sprays, sub-lingual drops, etc are prevalent today more than ever and for good reason. It is versatile in its uses and also its benefits without the side effects of some pharmaceutical drugs. The hemp CBD does not cure every disease, condition, or pain but it is effective in many situations when appropriately used.


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