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Strain ReviewCBD Hemp Strains Review — The Cunning Hempress and the Pounce of the Pink Panther

CBD Hemp Strains Review — The Cunning Hempress and the Pounce of the Pink Panther

With the CBD hemp strains review, it is important to point out the exquisite savors and the health benefits of which are intricate to how and why you use any particular strain. When you go shopping for hemp strains that will fit a particular time in your day or a certain health issue, you need to know all the facts. That is why we are giving you the facts, as many as possible. That way you can make an informed decision.

Dr. Strains CBD has just added another hemp flower strain, Hempress, to their already inventory of 22. This gives you options of Indica, Sativa and Hybrid to chose from. The now 23 strains have a variety of effects and health benefits for you to enjoy. Enjoy your shopping experience.

CBD Hemp Strains Review – The Cunning Hempress

Hempress is an indica dominant strain with a terpene profile which includes citrus and pine earthy notes. It ends with a sweet, floral taste. This particular hemp flower is great for its calming and relaxing effects because of it being an Indica. This is the hemp flower you will want to smoke or dry vape before bedtime is you have a chronic insomnia problem.

Terpene Profile

The Hempress is a blend of Oregon Cherry and Abacus. Its terpene profile looks something like this:

  • Caryophyllene,
  • Nerolidol,
  • Pinene,
  • Bisabolol.

Hempress is an extremely dense CBD hemp flower as well as being well-manicured and absolutely covered in crystals testing at a 16% CBD.  It is high in a rather rare cannabinoid with the 3-letter designation of CBC!

Then All Those Therapeutics!

CBC is noted as an anti-inflammatory along with being an anti-depressant. Some acclaim the best night’s sleep they have had in some time with frequent wake-ups during the night.

This exclusive strain has been grown in Colorado for the last 3 years and consistently impresses many farmers and extractors with both the quality and quantity of CBD it produces along with an amazing terpene profile.

CBD Hemp Strains Review – “The Pounce” of the Pink Panther

The pink panther character that captivated the hearts of the young and old alike some years ago has really nothing to do with this amazing hemp flower that, by the way, turns pink during harvest. Now that you know the origin of its name, let’s look at the unique pounce of this CBD hemp strains review.

The Pink Panther hemp flower definitely has a pounce with a strong Sativa dominant hybrid.  It provides an upbeat energized thrust to your day but the Indica shows up to lend a calm, relaxed mind and relieves headaches. This CBD hemp flower strains review must emphasize its utility for daytime use even to the point of being better than coffee.

“In the Beginning” of the Pink Panther Hemp Flower

There are no specifics for the parents of this hemp flower strain except that it may have first been cultivated using Staykeyed Seeds and possibly Eva Female Seeds. Then the hybrid was created from the African Sativa, Hindu Kush and Pink Plant, that’s right, three parents indeed. Some believe that it underwent a second crossbreeding procedure with Original Haze and another strain which still remains a mystery OG Kush strain.

It’s All About those Savors

Pink Panther gives off an aroma that is as sweet and fruity like that of a pear, mango, and berries with an additional pine aroma.  When smoking or dry vaping, its smoke is light and ethereal. The exhalation leaves an orange, grapefruit taste on the tongue and throat.  Along with its outstanding pink color, it has a mixture of light green and purple with buds covered with light brown and orange hairs.

Experiences Galore

Most users initially comment on Pink Panther’s smell and taste and the speed of its effects happening almost immediately.  The potency of this strain is clear initially but then it relaxes into an uplifting euphoria. It has all the Sativa goodness with releasing a positive and fun mood suited for gatherings


Pink Panther enhances creative activities such as writing, playing an instrument making art, or composing songs.  The Sativa allows for optimism, great for time spent with friends. It regulates mood and gives just the right boost in energy that is perfect or outdoor fun.

If you want more information on all things CBD, read other posts here on our blog.

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