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Hemp StrainsGoing Celestial with CBD Moon Rock Asteroids

Going Celestial with CBD Moon Rock Asteroids

CBD Moon Rock Asteroids provide medicinal benefits \’\’and pleasure effects without a high or losing a grip on life.  The industrial hemp flower for the Moon Rock Asteroid ranges from 14 to 18% CBD content after a dip in Broad Spectrum CBD distillate \’\’and a roll in CBD kief.

In the Beginning

Marijuana may be the staple in the hip-hop arena \’\’and the Moon Rock of it all.  In 2014, a well-known rapper launched the moon rock sensation as a staple in the cannabis community when launching a new album. This was the beginning, but when some wanted sensation without the high, another sensation was born, CBD Moon Rock Asteroid.

Sensing the Sensation

CBD moon rocks are a relatively new idea to cannabis enthusiasts. The sensation is multi-faceted.  Those who love “the smoke” are delighted with the CBD Moon Rock because it gives the relaxed pleasure without the disadvantage of losing half a day on a high. The smoke delivery method provides an individual benefits much more quickly. This fact is great for those using the moon rock as a way to receive high content of CBD for medicinal purposes. A CBD moon rock asteroid can contain as high as 50% CBD compared to tinctures having a mere 5% – 20% CBD

Creating the Moon Rock Asteroid

CBD hemp flower is the main ingredient of CBD Moon Rock Asteroids rather than the marijuana flower. The creation of the Moon Rocks starts with a hemp bud flower. It then requires a close machine trim then a more precise h\’\’and trim. The moon rock does not require a specially bred strain of the hemp plant. Moon rock asteroid is the triple combination of the following cannabis products:

  • hemp flower or bud
  • hash oil or honey oi
  • kief

First, the process starts by selecting a premium hemp flower or bud for the base of the moon rock.  Secondly, the flower is coated in hash oil to create the sticky binding for the end product.  The sticky flower gets treated to a roll in fine kief.  The result is the perfectly composed moon rock asteroid.

Rolling up the Moon Rock

CBD moon rock asteroids are the most potent smokeable form of CBD containing up to 50% CBD. Tinctures are generally at 5 – 20% CBD per serving.  Smoking CBD Moon Rocks allows the CBD effects felt in 10 – 15 minutes. Smoking high concentrated CBD moon rocks, provides an absorption of around 35 – 60% into the blood stream compared to 20 – 30% when consumed otherwise.

Orbiting Benefits of CBD Moon Rock Asteroids

A major advantage of using CBD Moon Rock Asteroids is not only the speed with which it is absorbed but the high percentage of the absorption.  When smoking moon rocks the cannabinoids \’\’and terpenes are absorbed into the pulmonary system, secondly, they enter the blood stream bypass the stomach \’\’and liver.

CBD is a true powerhouse of medicinal benefits without any psychoactive side-effects. The medicinal benefits span from bond growth to inhibited growth in cancer cells \’\’and reduced inflammation to providing better sleep \’\’and regulated blood sugar levels. Additional benefits are:

  • Reduced risk of artery blockage,
  • Reduced nausea \’\’and vomiting,
  • Appetite stimulation.

My Concluding Words

The CBD Moon Rock Asteroid alleviates severe pain \’\’and suppresses muscle spasms.  This breathe \’\’and depth of the medicinal benefits are partly because of the high content of CBD in this particular product. The strain used \’\’and the terpene \’\’and cannabinoid concentrations in the bud contribute to its effectiveness. Synergy between the three ingredients is a unique interaction between the bud, honey oil, \’\’and kief when consumed together rather than separately.


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