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CannabisHemp Oil vs Hemp Seed Oil vs CBD Oil : The Difference Matters

Hemp Oil vs Hemp Seed Oil vs CBD Oil : The Difference Matters

CBD oil, hemp oil, hemp seed oil, cannabis sativa oil—you’ve probably heard all these terms used interchangeably. You’re also likely unaware that they’re not the same thing—especially when it comes to hemp oil vs hemp seed oil.

CBD has made a serious splash in the health \’\’and wellness market, toting its incredible benefits \’\’and safe applications. The problem is that every related industry is looking to cash in, even if that means mislabeling their products to trick consumers into spending more on less. 

That’s not to say that each product doesn’t come with benefits. However, in terms of hemp oil vs. hemp seed oil vs. CBD oil, those benefits differ tremendously. So, what are the beneficial differences, \’\’and why do they matter?

Keep reading to find out once \’\’and for all.

Hemp Oil vs. Hemp Seed Oil vs CBD Oil

Greenwashing is the name, \’\’and mislabeling hemp-based products is the game. You won’t suffer any dramatic consequences if you mistakenly purchase the wrong product, but you also won’t be getting your money’s worth. Not to mention the benefits you want.

What you get from the seeds versus the whole plant are two completely different things. CBD (cannabidiol) has analgesic \’\’and anti-inflammatory properties, to name a few. Hemp seeds offer health benefits for the brain, heart, \’\’and skin. Both are widely available in oil form, \’\’and both have internal \’\’and external applications.

More often than not, you’ll come across products labeled “full-spectrum hemp,” “cannabis sativa oil,” “kush,” “hemp oil,” or with just a picture of the plant. The key ingredient you’re looking for is never clearly advertised, which is always a red flag.  

To clear up the confusion, we’ve broken the labeling down for you in its simplest forms:

Hemp Oil

Is hemp oil the same as CBD oil? Yes \’\’and no. (Bear with us here!)

Hemp oil \’\’and CBD oil are often regarded as one \’\’and the same. This is primarily because CBD is an extract from the hemp variety of the cannabis plant. At times, hemp oil also references hemp seed oil, which is entirely different, as noted above. 

Depending on who you ask, hemp oil is either recognized as CBD oil or hemp seed oil. To get a definitive answer, you’ll have to read the ingredient label on the product \’\’and check for a COA.


CBD oil is essentially a whole-plant extract combined with a carrier oil. It contains cannabidiol \’\’and all the other phytocannabinoids within the hemp plant variety. The purpose of the carrier oil is to stabilize the extract, serving as a vehicle for maximum absorption \’\’and potency preservation.

Hemp seed oil is often used as a carrier oil due to its fatty acids \’\’and chemical makeup. To verify that you’re getting a true CBD product, check for “cannabidiol” on the ingredient list as well as a COA. 

Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed oil is a cold-pressed extract from the seeds of the hemp plant. It’s also often referred to as cannabis sativa seed oil. The operative word here being “seed.” 

It’s a beneficial oil, just like coconut, jojoba, \’\’and sunflower seed oils. It’s high in antioxidants, fatty acids, phytosterols, lipids, \’\’and minerals, making it a stellar skincare product ingredient \’\’and a superfood. However, hemp seed oil contains zero cannabinoids, i.e., NO CBD.

Read the Labels

The best way to avoid any marketing traps is to educate yourself. Underst\’\’anding the key ingredients \’\’and the differences between hemp oil vs. hemp seed oil will help you make the right purchase. Remember, true CBD products will always list cannabidiol as their main ingredient \’\’and provide you with lab-tested results.   

Dr. Strains CBD specializes in organic CBD hemp products. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions regarding products, purchasing, or CBD in general. 


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