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cbdCBD Showin’ Off The Trophy Wife CBD Hemp Flower

CBD Showin’ Off The Trophy Wife CBD Hemp Flower

Trophy Wife comes to us as a cross of The Wife \’\’and Cherry Wine.  Trophy Wife CBD hemp flower is a new industrial hemp flower with 18% CBD \’\’and always less than 0.3% THC content. The savors are sweet \’\’and flavorful terpene driven creating a perfect top shelf flower on all counts. Other flavors are diesel undertones. It is a sativa dominant hybrid so giving an uplifted energy to the user.

Trophy Wife CBD Hemp Flower — Its Profile is Exquisite

As we are learning the terpene profile is about more than flavor \’\’and aroma. Terpenes impact the plethora of health benefits for the Trophy Wife CBD hemp flower. So let’s look at the profile of Trophy Wife as far as terpenes are concerned \’\’and the health benefits they hold:

  • Caryophyllene – This terpene acts as an anti-oxidant \’\’and anti-bacterial which protects the brain \’\’and the body from disease. Significant studies show that it also helps to manage pain.
  • Humulene – Ancient Chinese medicine used this terpene as an appetite suppressant. It is also very effective as an anti-inflammatory which means it is also good for chronic pain. Another interesting health benefit is its quality as anti-bacterial \’\’and anti-tumor.
  • Myrcene – Most cannabinoids \’\’and terpenes interact with the CB 2 receptors throughout the body rather than the CB1 receptors which are mainly in the brain. However, this particular terpene does interact with the CB1 receptors because it makes it easier for the chemicals to cross the blood brain barrier so the cannabinoids can do their work better. Myrcene terpene is also helpful in pain relief \’\’and treating insomnia.
  • Bisabolol – Studies show that this terpene is effective for pain management, as an anti-biotic, anti-cancer as well as having antioxidant properties.

Trophy Wife CBD hemp flower is also a verified medicinal strain for treating inflammation which also covers different types of arthritis caused by inflammation. Interestingly enough this hemp strain is good to treat nausea, migraines \’\’and chemotherapy side effects. Recreationally, a hemp strain can sooth your nerves \’\’and have a calming effect.

The Experience

This is effects, not necessarily about therapeutics. Because different people use CBD hemp flower for different reasons. You may not have any particular chronic health condition but simply enjoy either smoking or dry vaping or using the hemp flower in edibles. Relaxation \’\’and calm are two experiences you will have when smoking or vaping the Trophy Wife CBD hemp flower. It can fill you with warmth that helps alleviate pains \’\’and anxiety.

The effects, you most likely will feel is one of uplift \’\’and focus. This makes it a great daytime smoke \’\’and early evening. The first part of the smoke or dry vape will be dominantly sweet berry taste \’\’and aroma. The other aspect of Trophy Wife is that the effects comes slowly but it lingers when an alertness that motivates you through the day.

Trophy Wife CBD Hemp Flower — The “Why” of Its Strength

Trophy Wife CBD hemp flower is named that for two specific reasons.

  • It is recognized as one of the strongest CBD-dominant varieties.
  • It is also very difficult to grow.

This high CBD content hemp flower grade contains over 18% CBD sometimes \’\’and it provides this soft buzz with a sweet aroma. The taste profile is spicy with a touch of cherry \’\’and it seems that is partly how this CBD hemp flower got its unique name. The Trophy Wife CBD hemp flower has beautiful bright green buds which are dense \’\’and narrow. While its beauty does not affect its taste \’\’and aroma, it does affect its overall ambience.

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