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cbdCBD Topicals Dive Deeper Than Skin

CBD Topicals Dive Deeper Than Skin

“CBD topicals dive deeper than skin and head right on in to all those throbbing joints.” Our skin is our largest organ even though you may not have know that the skin is an organ. Well, it is and there are a lot of places to dose topically considering this.  The other fun fact is that you may not know is that the skin has its own Endocannabinoid System (ECS).  Considering this, it is simpler to understand how a topical relieves joint pain. For more details about CBD topicals read on.

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The THC-O Sour Jack flower has finally arrived all coated with THC-O distillate to give you an extra punch during your smoking experience!  The powerful strain, Sour Jack, combines these two sativa-dominant parents to create a potent hemp flower that impacts both the mind and body.  The effects are lively and energetic, lifting away fatigue and tension to pave the way for supreme effects that increase motivation and productivity.  Try it out today! Get an 8th of this premium.


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If you’re looking to try CBG flower, try our newest King Palm CBD+CBG Pre Roll brought to you by Dr. Hemp. This King Palm CBD+CBG Pre Roll is slow burning. Squeeze the filter to unleash a flavorful berry blast. King palm wraps are 100% natural and contain zero nicotine.  Each pre roll contains 1 gram, each pack contains 2 pre rolls. These are particularly potent with two of the best cannabinoids in hemp in them — CBD and CBG. And they are on sale @ $4.99!


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CBD Topicals Dive Deeper Than Skin — Antibacterial

CBD and many of the other hemp cannabinoids have antibacterial properties so a perfect antidote for skin irritations and inflammations. The hemp topicals are not only healing but it also strengthens the skin for future attacks from bacteria. Hemp is also antimicrobial which simply means that it prevents bacterial growth as well. There will be less odor and a reduced chance of infections – yeast and skin. 

CBD Topicals Dive Deeper Than Skin – Topical Options 

The topical options are multiplying but that is good because some will work best for bacterial issues on the skin, and some may not be the best for that but work particularly well for joint pain. Then it is also a good idea to have two different topicals that you bounce between.  It helps so that you do not go into a period of ineffectiveness because of needing a T-break (tolerance break).

CBD Isolate Roll-On

When a CBD product is “isolate” it means that all the compounds have been processed out except for the cannabinoid CBD. When you use CBD flower topicals which are isolate, you will not have any possibility of getting even 0.3% of Delta 9 THC. This is important to some individuals. CBD flower topicals are effective even if it is only the cannabinoid CBD. However, the most effective is a full-spectrum product with all the cannabinoids, all the terpenes and all the many other compounds. CBD flower topicals give you the opportunity to pinpoint the application of the product right to the joint or the area of the skin that is the “problematic child.”

Facial Cream

CBD flower topicals for the face can be particularly beneficial because it also has collagen and peptide so is effective for reducing wrinkles as well as managing other skin issues on your face. They are helpful because, remember, you also can use it to help reduce sinus pain, pain in the jaw joint and perhaps even minor headaches.

Full Spectrum CBD Lotion

If you are not concerned about the ever so minute a chance that Delta 9 THC show up in a drug test, the best topicals are the full-spectrum ones.  There is another phenomenon referred to as the “Entourage Effect”.  When all the compounds in the CBD hemp flower product are present, they all work better together to effectuate healing.  CBD flower topicals can be used on any joint and it’s best not to wait till you are in unbearable pain. The best outcomes will be with consistent use of full-spectrum CBD flower topicals morning and evening. You cannot overdose with CBD.

CBD Topicals Dive Deeper Than Skin – Everything Else About CBD Topicals

This may not be exactly a CBD topical factor except it is.  Hemp clothing protects our skin from the sun rays as hemp clothing has UV protectant which protects your skin. Then we must look at the antioxidant factor.  Hemp fabric contains phenolic acids which give it those most important antioxidant properties. This provides a more positive outcome for skin wounds and other skin sensitivities. Antioxidants protect damaged skin cells. This is another one for hemp fabric having a positive effect on the largest organ of your body – the skin.

Many people were delighted that hemp was finally legal, and all the good thing started coming out. Pain and anxiety met their match in hemp benefits.  The salt waters of the ocean were finally conquered with hemp textiles for the sailors. People with infectious open wounds on their skin finally had clothing that will not irritate it and make it worse. Hemp to the rescue once again.

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Dr. Strains CBD Product Promotions

Looking for ways to ingest CBD without smoking?  Dr Strains CBD Tinctures 1000mgWe now have new 1000mg CBD tinctures that you can use daily for fast relief for your discomfort. Our 1000mg CBD tinctures come in different flavors:

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Looking for more ways to ingest CBD without smoking?  We now have new 1000mg and 2500 mg CBD tinctures that you can use daily for fast relief for your discomfort.



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Dr. Strains CBD only sources its CBD bud from small hemp farms. We purchase all our CBD hemp flower from these small hemp farms because of the extra attention and care that they indulge on each hemp plant that they grow.  This type of care makes for a more precisely trimmed flower nug as well as better cannabinoid and terpene profiles. These are the hemp flower nugs that Dr. Strains CBD keeps in their inventory.  Check out our online shop or contact us for more information and to read more blogs, click here.

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