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cbdCBD Vape Carts — What are They All About

CBD Vape Carts — What are They All About

CBD Vape Carts may be a new phenomena in these days of hemp dominance. Vaping started rising in popularity as many were giving the boot to nicotine \’\’and all the negative challenges it presented with. But with every newbie, there are elements \’\’and vendors who slip in with less than the best ingredients. Read on to get informed about the benefits of vaping CBD rather than harmful vape juices.

CBD Vape Cart – The Basics

A CBD vape cartridge is convenient but are they safe? Vaping has become incredibly popular over the last few years because it is about vaping CBD instead of harmful substance.  Even though vaping CBD in a cartridge is effective \’\’and convenient, you’d be mistaken if you believed that every CBD vape cartridge on the market offered similar results.

When inhaled via smoking or vaping, CBD becomes much more bioavailable than when it is ingested orally or applied topically \’\’and this is the reason that smoking or vaping is high on the list for delivery methods. But it is not only about the percentage of CBD that gets to your bloodstream so it can interact with the Endocannabinoid System.

CBD Vape Carts – The Cleaner Pulmonary Administration

Vaping CBD provides the benefits of pulmonary administration without the “burnt effect” from smoking hemp flower in case that bothers you respiratory wise. Some believe that vaping tastes better than smoking but that may be personal opinion. If you are interested in live resin extraction, CBD vape carts may be the cleanest \’\’and the most potent dosing method.

CBD Vape Carts – The Safety of it All

We have heard of deaths recently related to vaping incidents but that does not mean that vaping is deadly. All CBD vape products are not created equal. There are actually significant differences in vape pods, cartridges, \’\’and other vape options.

Some vape “juices” combine CBD with carriers like PG, VG, or coconut oil. But the problem arises because of artificial flavors \’\’and fillers like vitamin E acetate. This has caused extensive lung injury in multiple individuals. Other CBD vape products are extracted using ethanol, butane, or other sub-par process. These are not safe to use as when extracted by other methods.

CBD Vape Carts – The Best of Vape Carts

When extracted with CO2, live resin is solvent-free which yields a much safer “juice”.   The peak of CBD vape include high-capacity cartridges containing live resin CBD-rich hemp flower extract or infused with terpenes as well.

In fact, live resin CBD vape carts which use extract contains astronomically higher concentrations of terpenes, flavonoids because as the hemp flower matures, these elements have a way of breaking down to a lesser potency.  CO2-extracted live resin CBD vape carts are the safest vape products on the market.

CBD Vape Carts — Lab Testing

Unfortunately, shoddy ingredients \’\’and dangerous production methods run rampant in these industries so always ask for the lab tested documentation which is critical to ensure the safety \’\’and quality of a CBD vape cart you’re considering.

Most CBD vape carts will csontain trace amounts of THC just like any other CBD product like gummies, CBD oil capsules \’\’and the CBD hemp flower nugs you smoke. The CBD vape carts are best if they are full-spectrum because they you will have the benefit of all the natural compounds of the CBD hemp flower.

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