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hemp flowerCBN Gummies Beat Counting Sheep

CBN Gummies Beat Counting Sheep

“CBN gummies beat counting sheep any night and is a fact you can take to the bank today.”  Insomnia issues are without doubt in the top three reasons people seek out solutions with hemp products.  CBN is definitely one of the top cannabinoids responsible for kicking the sheep out of your bedroom. Losing sleep affects so many other things in our waking hours. Pain is worse after we lose sleep; anxiety is more intense and on and on. So, resulting insomnia, resolves so many other chronic conditions.

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Focus on Delta 10 carts begs a comparisonCBD/Delta 9 Gummies

Introducing Hemp compliant Delta 9 THC gummies!  With a variety pack featuring these five flavors Pineapple, Strawberry, Green Apple, Blue Raspberry and Blackberry.  Since it’s exactly the same cannabinoid as in ordinary cannabis, it has exactly the same effects. The only difference is the amount of an edible you’d have to consume to get an equivalent dose.  These hemp derived gummies have12 mg of CBD, 12mg d9 for a total of 24mg each edible.  Get a pack of gummies (5 count) for $23.99.



Unusual hemp flower facts for youGreen Crack Hemp Flower

This Green Crack hemp flower features a strong gassy mango with citric overtones, accompanied by pine and pepper undertones. Green Crack Hemp Flower is ideal for daytime use as well as for people with low tolerance levels. We are excited about this one!  This green crack isn’t wack.  It is a wonderful hybrid at 40% Indica / 60% Sativa.

  • 17.5% CBD
  • Green Crack x California Orange CBD Cross
  • Lab Tested for Potency
  • All products contain less than 0.3% Δ9THC
  • Grown in accordance with a lawful hemp program.


  • What is CBN?
  • Timing the Dose
  • The Rest of the Sheep Story
  • “Round Up All the Facts”
  • Dr. Strains Product Promotions

The Fundamentals of Cannabis: A Cannabinoid Overview

CBN Gummies Beat Out Counting Sheep – What is CBN? 

CBN is a unique cannabinoid in the fact that it is created when Delta 9 THC ages.  Some are leery of using it because of its relationship with Delta 9 THC.  But it is proven that CBN is a non-intoxicating compound. It is well documented through research that it has several health benefits.  Even though the research is limited on CBN, there is enough to let us know that it is usually in trace amounts in the hemp flower but when extracted to make a concentrate, it is effective for multiple health conditions.

CBN is a non-intoxicating compound even though it comes from aged Delta 9 is effective on the CB1 receptors in the Endocannabinoid System (ECS).  The CB1 receptors are mainly in the brain and the nervous system.  This is one reason why it is effective as a sleep aid. Since it is a trace cannabinoid, you will not get sufficient from smoking or dry vaping the hemp flower.  You will need to purchase it in a distillate form and consume it like a tincture.

CBN: What Is Cannabinol (CBN) & Why Is It Getting So Much Attention?

CBN Gummies Beat Out Counting Sheep – Timing the Dose

Insomnia is more prevalent than you may realize.  Too many times the pharmaceuticals come up with medications that leave you feeling like a zombie they next day.  Sleep is an interesting thing we need to do but there are many things that prevent us from doing it.  We may be too tired and can’t fall asleep or we may have a brain that keeps racing even after we close our eyes. Maybe we hear sounds that annoy us, then aggravate us to a point sleep flees.  You can meditate, read a book, do yoga and any number of things to get your body and mind in a place to fall asleep.

Or, why not try CBN.  As we said earlier, CBN may not be a trace cannabinoid always but in any case, it will not be in a high enough percentage to make a difference.  This is the reason that it is effective only when consumed as an oil distillate concentrate. This makes for easy dosing as you can carry the little bottle with you.  The other advantage is that you can measure your dosage better. A dropper is designed for a certain amount so you know exactly how much you take.  With CBN, the recommendation is too put the dropperful in a small glass of juice or milk for better absorption into your system.

CBN Gummies Beat Out Counting Sheep Every Night for You

CBN gummies are a special treat because who doesn’t like gummies and these are infused with CBN. As we said before, trying to dose with the hemp flower will not be so successful because the percentages of CBN are low.  So, either CBN tincture or the CBN infused gummies are your perfect alternative. Now for the timing. Since you are dosing for better sleep more restful sleep, the evening is your prime time. And something else you will find is that you will wake up in the morning, maybe not full of energy but definitely not zoned out.

Have You Tried Counting Sheep? - MindsetGo

CBN Gummies Beat Out Counting Sheep – The Rest of the Sheep Story

The rest of the sheep story is that not only will you need them while laying on the bed, but you can also realize a number of other benefits. Following a other benefits of CBN currently being explored in research and through clinical trials. Keep in mind, current research on CBN is limited with very few studies demonstrating its effects in the human body but there is enough research to know that counting sheep will become a distant memory.  That is good news for so many.


Studies on CBN have found that it may act as an antibacterial agent from lab testing on strains of MRSA bacteria.  MRSA is a resistant bacterial strain for the traditional antibiotics. It is very likely that CBN will continue to be used to fight those resistant strains that do not respond to the usual antibiotics.


CBN may also be a powerful neuroprotectant. In one rodent study, researchers used CBN as a treatment for ALS and found that it was able to delay the onset of the condition. While human studies need to be done, this suggests that CBN may provide a powerful tool in the fight against ALS and other neurodegenerative conditions.

CBN may also be a powerful neuroprotectant. In one study researchers used CBN as a treatment for ALS and found positive results.  This study showed how CBN delayed the onset of the condition and perhaps also will slow the progression particularly in the beginning. This study and other clinicals are suggesting that CBN may be useful to combat other neurodegenerative conditions as well.

Appetite Stimulation

Various of the cannabinoids show benefits to be useful in appetite stimulation.  Some studies are showing that CBN increased the amount of food that subjects ate.  This is particularly useful when considering help for those undergoing cancer treatment.  Delta 9 has long been considered an appetite stimulant so CBN could offer an alternative

CBN gummies beat counting sheep“Round Up All the Facts”

CBN is only going to grow in demand as various conditions are responding to dosing with this particular cannabinoid.  Studies show that people who consume CBN, sleep up to six hours longer at night.  Anti-bacterial properties in CBN are outstanding for resistant type bacteria such as MRSA. There are so many conditions that start with inflammation and if not treated they will because a bacterial infection then on to other medical conditions.  All in for CBN!


Dr. Strains CBD Product Promotions

Lemon Runtz D8 Hemp FlowerLemon Runtz CBD bud

This Sativa dominant hybrid bring you calming yet uplifting euphoric effects. Lemon Runtz D8has a beautiful herbal sweet smell with an underlying hint of black pepper which you’ll be able to taste after the initial fruity flavor. All of our products come from farmers who run smaller operations. We’ve made this business decision for one reason and one reason only, QUALITY.



Spec-7-600x800Spec 7 CBD Hemp Flower

The unique aspect of Spec 7 hemp flower is its rich terpene profile that provides distinctive aromas and flavors resulting in a calming and peaceful CBD hemp flower experience. It has gassy and citrusy notes.  All of our products come from farmers who run smaller operations. We’ve made this business decision for one reason and one reason only, QUALITY.


Bubba Kush Hemp Flower

Bubba Kush Hemp FlowerBubba Kush Hemp Flower with over 15.92% CBD our Bubba Kush is unrivaled. Sourced from Oregon and greenhouse grown. You will not find a better Bubba Kush hemp flower on the market!  Our Bubba Kush is hand-trimmed and all of our nugs are dense and have an OG Kush aroma!  Bubba Kush is an Indica strain that has gained notoriety in the US and beyond for its heavy tranquilizing effects.  Sweet hashish flavors with subtle notes of chocolate and coffee come through on the exhale. It delights the palate as powerful relaxation takes over and the next thing you know you’ve had a restful night sleep.




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Dr. Strains CBD only sources its CBD bud from small hemp farms. We purchase all our CBD hemp flower from these small hemp farms because of the extra attention and care that they indulge on each hemp plant that they grow.  This type of care makes for a more precisely trimmed flower nug as well as better cannabinoid and terpene profiles.  Check out our online shop or contact usfor more information and to read more blogs, click here.

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