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It is no surprise that some of the most influential people in society, from celebrities to professional athletes, to notable and high-profile individuals, would bravely endorse hemp products and even marijuana whether for medicinal purposes or recreational use.

Read below to find out if your favorite celebrities are in support of the green flora!

Whoopi Goldberg


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The former comedian, actress, and co-host of the popular American TV talk show, The View, is quite the advocate and enthusiast for medical marijuana and CBD and has even established her own company with Maya Elisabeth – Whoopi & Maya – which caters to women struggling with menstrual discomfort. She is also a consumer and benefiter of the hemp flower, having used a vape pen over the years to treat her different ailments.

Morgan Freeman

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Actor, producer, and universally recognized as one of the greatest voices of all time, Morgan Freeman is a strong supporter of CBD, its benefits and the legalization of marijuana. He has used both to treat the fibromyalgia he suffers from after an accident in 2008.


Seth Rogen

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More than just a funny man, Seth Rogen is quite the enthusiast for the benefits of cannabis for Alzheimer’s prevention that he spoke before congress highlighting and ultimately igniting a nationwide conversation on the current state of marijuana, CBD, and Alzheimer’s research.

Nate Diaz

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The MMA fighter and former UFC champion has publicly admitted, using a vape pen during a live press conference, that he uses CBD oil regularly in order to alleviate the effects of minor, and sometimes major, injuries that are inevitable in his job. He uses it to relieve pain, heal injuries and to simply aid his concentration

Snoop Dog

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Probably one of the most iconic figures linked to cannabis advocacy, this famous rapper is also in support of CBD.





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Although not overtly political about the legalization of marijuana, Rihanna has displayed her support and enthusiasm for the drug by publicizing it through social media posts and even in concert.



These are merely a few of the personages in support of CBD and marijuana. Other popular figures are:

  • Tommy Chong, Canadian comedian, actor, director and musician, who was diagnosed with prostate cancer back in June 2012, but is now 99% cancer-free after using hemp oil to treat his condition.
  • Mike Tyson, former world-renowned boxer champion, who plans to turn a 40-acre ranch in California into a ‘cannabis resort’ for people who want to enter the growing business or for those who are simply enthusiasts and advocates of the drug. He plans to call it the ‘Tyson Ranch’ and will offer a cultivation field, an edibles factory, an amphitheatre and a rather upscale camping ground.
  • Montel Williams, actor, producer, and long-time advocate of CBD, uses CBD oil on a regular basis to treat his Multiple Sclerosis. He is also among the few well known people who have been caught with the drug in an airport but were not arrested for possession. Such an incident occurred in Frankfurt, but he was able to prove that it was only for medical use and was even prescribed by a doctor.
  • Melissa Etheridge, singer/songwriter and musician, used medicinal marijuana and CBD daily when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004 and continues using CBD to this day even after becoming cancer-free.
  • Michael J. Fox, actor, has been suffering from Parkinson’s disease for most of his life and has used cannabis and CBD products to help act against the effects of the disease. He states that it has extended his acting career for many years
  • Sam Simon, co-creator of The Simpsons, was diagnosed in 2012 with colon cancer and was given 3-6 months to live, but thanks to inclusion of CBD, he was gifted 3 more years until he sadly passed away.



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