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Strain Review“Charlotte-Covered” Cherries Hemp Strain

“Charlotte-Covered” Cherries Hemp Strain

Charlotte’s Cherries hemp strain is a high CBD hemp strain as well as a low-level THC plant. It is also a successful therapeutic agent with a variety of health benefits. It is a strong CBD strain so is utilized in breeding industrial hemp strains.

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Charlotte’s Cherries Hemp Strain – In the Beginning

When the breeders crossed Charlotte’s Web and Colorado Cherry, the descendant was the sweet Charlotte’s Cherries. Like the name suggests, Cherry Charlotte has a sweet, tasty flavor that is just like freshly picked cherries but with a skunk in the same orchard.

“Charlotte-Covered” Cherries Sensation

In this day of instant this \’\’and pre-cooked that, we like fast. Charlotte’s Cherries delivers on the speed and subtleness. In minutes, Charlotte’s Cherries are as delightful as any Chocolate Covered Cherry. It begins with impacting the head with a quiet clarity to keep the user calm and focused. Each person, no doubt, has that one challenging part of the day that hits with a bang and just pushes till you are exhausted. This is the part of the day when Charlotte’s Cherries can provide the relaxation that causes mental anxiety and clutter to give way to focus and clarity.

Charlotte’s Cherries hemp strain paves the pathway to a better productivity for you by uplifting your spirit in a calm pleasantness. As the effects move with you through the day it continues to give lightness that lifts physical tension and stress.

Genetics of Charlotte Cherries Hemp Strain

Charlotte’s Cherries is a mostly sativa variety which is versatile as it can grow indoors or outdoors with the same productive flower. Charlotte’s Cherries have bright neon green and orange coloring with a coating of over-sized clear crystal trichomes.

The Charlotte’s Web parent strain impacts both mind and body for an uplifting experience to energy and mental clarity. Then the Colorado Cherry parent strain imparts sweet cherry in subtle tones of fragrance. This is a delightful sativa-dominant cultivar that not only gives pleasure for recreation use but also lends healing for many chronic conditions.

When the nugs are broken apart the aroma is earthy, skunky with fruity fragrance jabs to the taste buds. Altogether, the flavor is described as mildly sweet, powerfully earthy, stoutly gasoline. This buffet of flavors does out work for everyone as some prefer fruity all the way.

Charlotte Cherries Hemp Strain Therapeutics

Charlotte’s Cherries hemp strain is a super high 15% average CBD level, so it impacts the treatment of multiple medical conditions.  Chronic inflammation, neuropathy, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and chronic pain are conditions which respond well to high-CBD hemp buds flowers. Each of these conditions are often resistant to pharmaceuticals.

The “Charlotte-Covered Cherry of it All

Charlotte’s Cherries hemp strain is sweet and “skunky”, a savor some do not like. But sometimes it takes a minute for all the savors to flow together into the full flavor which it is known for.  It is a moving target with its flavor as well as with the mood enhancement it brings along with it. It starts as one thing and finishes with another. Yes, it is just like a “chocolate-covered cherry, full of savors and flavors.


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