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Strain ReviewCherry Blossom vs CB Dawg CBD Hemp Strain

Cherry Blossom vs CB Dawg CBD Hemp Strain

Generational Lineage – Cherry Blossom vs CB Dawg

Cherry Blossom CBD hemp strain a cross between Cherry Wine and Berry Blossom.  Cherry Blossom hemp plant is a 70/30 blend of Indica dominant hybrid. Cherry Blossom also has a 17% CBD and it is a seedless flower.

CB Dawg is a popular hybrid CBD hemp strain with more than 15% CBD.  CB Dawg is an indica-dominant hybrid strain, but it has interesting great-grandparents by the name of the Sour Diesel strain and the OG Kush strain.

CBD Hemp Strain Effects — Cherry Blossom vs CB Dawg

Cherry Blossom hemp strain is a slow acting taking effect over a period of several minutes.  An added dosage in too quick succession of time could result in causing an unrelenting relaxation or too much acceleration. It is uplifting and easy so makes the comfortable choice for users wanting an experience that is more of a drifting off feel. This strain promises the outpouring of happy hormones, calm and content.

CB Dawg hemp flower users can enjoy a nice, tranquil vibe without any drowsiness. This makes it the ideal strain for daytime use or nighttime use. It does not sedate, thus the reason you can use it during the daytime.

CBD Hemp Strains Savors — Cherry Blossom vs CB Dawg

Cherry Blossom has a dank aroma as well as having a delightful fruity berry aromas. Sweet and strong, it also contains savors of cherry and fresh flowers.

CB Dawg buds sport the color green with a white frosting because of the trichomes. The hybrid is delightful to the eye with its light-green pointy-tipped buds.  Orange pistils covered the buds which are also covered with trichomes. Terpene varieties in the CB Dawg strain are ocimene, limone, beta-caryophyllene, myrcene also lending to its aroma.

CBD Hemp Strain Therapeutics — Cherry Blossom vs CB Dawg

Cherry Blossom offers a unique relaxation that comes on after a spell but then there is a relaxing that sets in for a period of time. It is a type of relaxation that promotes mental clarity. With lower CBD levels, the Cherry Blossom strain is a good choice those who needing a mood stabilizer or have problems with anxiety and panic attacks. This strain is uplifting, releasing stress so you can enjoy peace and a pleasant disposition.


CB Dawg hemp strain works well to control pain. Pain relief occurs in headaches, including migraines as well as pain radiating to or from the neck. CB Dawg has reduced nausea and restlessness in a variety of instances. It may also stimulate appetite for individual in treatment for cancer or other appetite-depriving conditions.  Other therapeutic benefits are the relaxed, clear-headed and focused affect when using CB Dawg.

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