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cbdChoices, Choices, Choices — Which CBD Hemp Flower Will it Be?

Choices, Choices, Choices — Which CBD Hemp Flower Will it Be?

Hemp along with all the dedicated cultivators who continually are researching how to best breed new strains have come up with some amazing new strains. They continually try to create better terpene profiles and higher CBD content. Which CBD hemp flower will it be for you to try the next time? Once you start your exploration, the excitement of the next adventure into savors and effects will be enchanting.

Which CBD Hemp Flower Will It Be? — Citron CBD Flower

It may have gotten its origins from citrus fruit, but it takes on a life of its own as lemon zest and sweetness exude from it.  With 18.4% CBD, Citron honors the tradition of many cultivars as they crossbreed strains into producing high-potency and high-quality hemp flower nugs.

Citron Strain Origins

The CBD hemp flower strain of Citron was bred by crossing quite a few different high-CBD strains with THC-dominant citrusy cultivars. Citron closely resembles other top-shelf citrusy sativa strains with low THC levels.  It also displays light-green buds and abundant orange hairs.

Citron Strain Terpene Profile

Here are a few of the terpenes in Citron in the greatest abundance:

  • Caryophyllene terpenes have a spicy, peppery aroma in all sativa strains;
  • Myrcene terpenes provide a dank aroma indicative of high-quality hemp;
  • Pinene terpene is in the concentration of 0.2 mg as a sharp, piney aroma;
  • Limonene terpene is in zesty concentrations of about 0.05%, but a little goes far;
  • Guiaol terpene has a floral aroma.

There’s never a bad time to indulge in the delicious aromas and flavors of Citron as it is a strong Sativa.  Citron is one of the peppiest, zesty sativa strains to enjoy to get your morning off to a focused and energized start.

Citron Use

The Citron bud smells and looks so perfect in its original form that you do not want to smoke or dry vape but simply preserve its beauty. Always consider this important factoid – Citron CBD hemp buds taste better when dry vaped than if it is smoked.

Which CBD Hemp Flower Will It Be? — Cobbler #5

Cobbler #5 stands at a high 18% CBD content, is indoor-grown most generally in Oregon. It is a Sativa type so is great for daytime use to experience better focus, productivity, and energy. Cobbler #5 is hand-trimmed to fit right in with all the other top-shelf strains.

Cobbler #5 has a beautiful, bulbous bud with light green hues so makes for a brilliantly colored nug. The aroma is on target like freshly baked peach cobbler, thus the colorful name.  But it also has savors of fresh pie crust and almonds. It is just all the way around delicious.  Sativa is generally uplifting so presents a way to enhance any daily activity with ease and motivation.

“Which Will it Be” Last Words

Which CBD hemp flower will it be? That is the question you may ask yourself as you prepare for your next party. Which CBD hemp flower will it be? That is the question that you will ask yourself when you are lying in bed not able to sleep.

Which CBD hemp flower will it be? That is the question to ask when you are struggling to stay focused at 2 PM at work and finish your project. That is a fine question to ask because it provides the motivation to go searching for the exact right CBD hemp flower.

If you want more information on all things CBD, read other posts here on our blog.

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