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cbdCliff Notes — CBD and Seasonal Allergies

Cliff Notes — CBD and Seasonal Allergies

CBD and seasonal allergies may be unlikely bedmates but wait till you hear about relief in store for all these symptoms this year.

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Table of ContentCBD and Seasonal Allergies

  • Antimicrobial Properties
  • Balance out Your Immune System
  • ECS
  • Today’s Reference Post


50 million Americans suffer from allergies in the Spring, the Summer and particularly the Fall. Annually these individuals suffer with symptoms such as runny noses, a persistent cough, and low energy levels so CBD will be of interest to you. Over the counter medicines for allergies sometimes work but many times do not so now you have another alternative with CBD flower to treat these allergies.

CBD and Seasonal Allergies– Antimicrobial Properties

Allergens are all around your home as well as outside in our environment. There are seasonal allergies not just in the spring or just in the fall. There are many who suffer year around. These allergens not only make us miserable, but they are harmful to our respiratory system and other body systems.

These allergens can make you more susceptible to serious infections. If your immune system is compromised or broken down, then your body is unprepared for an onslaught of allergens. A high-quality CBD-flower which is high in CBD content is your best bet to build up your immunity to these allergens.

Scientists and even medical professionals are touting CBD for its antimicrobial properties to help fight off an infection. There is also a collection of terpenes found in full-spectrum CBD also help with this fight against the things that may you sneeze and more.  Since 50 million Americans suffer from seasonal allergies annually then CBD may be something that can give relief.

CBD Flower and Seasonal Allergies— Balance out Your Immune System

The average American eats a steady diet of sugar and processed foods which is one of the things that steals nutrients from your body. Denying your body of such vitamins and nutrients eventually weakens your immune system so it is harder to fight off allergy symptoms. CBD flower does a good job of boosting your immunity and soothing many allergies. No fix is instantaneous, or at least not usually, however, if you are consistent with dosage timing and amount, you will realize a difference, a mitigation of symptoms.

Micro-dosing is an option as well. Micro-dosing is when you do not take a recommended dosage of 30 to 50 mg in the morning but rather divide it up into three or five doses of 10 mg every two hours. This helps to maintain a more consistent dosage in your system.

CBD Flower and Seasonal Allergies” –ECS

Your endocannabinoid system will get a jumpstart with any dose of CBD flower in a variety of forms. CBD flower boosts your immune system by interacting with the CB 2 receptors of your ECS. It creates balance in your body so that your body can activate an exaggerated response to the allergens you come in contact with. This exaggerated response minimizes the sneezing and coughing when pollen levels are high.

When we consume CBD flower, the cannabinoids interact with the CB2 receptors which creates balance throughout our entire body.  CBD’s interaction with our ECS reduces almost all of typical allergies that plague you from morning to dark such as:

  • Opens up nasal ways
  • Brings breathing ease
  • Relieves sinus pressure
  • Relieves congestion from mucus
  • Induces sleep when symptoms are high.

The “Ker-Choo” – Last Words

We are all familiar with the puffiness in our eyes and even the body aches as symptoms so all the allergies. Do you know what causes all this hot mess of inflammation? Yes, you’re right, allergies and allergens. CBD flowers are always anti-inflammation so again,

Today’s Reference Post

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