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cbdCOAs, 3rd Party Testing and Your CBD Flower Vendor

COAs, 3rd Party Testing and Your CBD Flower Vendor

COA stands for Certificate of Analysis which is a document issued for any regulated product to assure that it meets the product’s specification.  Quality Assurance requires that the COA contains the actual results obtained from testing of any one individual batch.  The COA is posted beside each product on Dr. Strains CBD shop.

Your CBD Flower Vendor

A CBD hemp flower vendor can operate a dispensary largely unregulated because you could say the market is un-uniformly regulated. But the vendor who takes his or her responsibility to the public to provide an exact product certified by 3rd party testing. So, the vendor is proud of the product sold in his or her dispensary.

When you purchase your CBD hemp flower products from Dr. Strain CBD, you can verify each product by the COAs listed under the tab “Lab Tests”. They have 3rd party tests done on the product sold online or in the dispensary. Dr. Strains CBD vendor wants you to have the best of what can be sold.

How to Shop for CBD Flower Vendor

Because of all the choices now in the CBD market, the consumer may feel overwhelmed as well as confused in shopping for CBD. A dependable vendor wants his or her consumer satisfied and will go the lengths necessary with documentation of test on the product.  However, the vendor who is focused on profits over accuracy will sell products without documentation and without accuracy. You, the consumer, has the right to request the COA 3rd party test to verify the product. Unfortunately, the consumer can get “turned off” by product that is not what it was played out to be. That hurts all vendors.

Considering the COA Document

The COA, a document issued by an accredited laboratory, include a full and complete list of the percentages of all various compounds or compositions of the CBD product and These are some of the items the 3rd party testing documents on the COA:

  • Potency
  • Terpene profiling
  • Residual Solvents
  • Pesticide screening
  • Moisture Content

Some 3rd party testers do various other evaluations of the CBD batch, but these are the standard ones. The potency is very important in this case because you use, take or smoke, vape for the benefits from CBD. If the CBD percentage is less by a small or large amount, that makes a difference.

“The CBD Flower Vendor” or it All Last Words

CBD has hit the market strong and fast as therapeutic benefits keep multiplying. But all CBD products are not created equal. Ask for the documentation so that you are assured of received the potent CBD product that you are paying for.

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