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cbdCoffee Out with CBD Hemp Flower

Coffee Out with CBD Hemp Flower

CBD hemp flower may be touted for its medicinal qualities and that is a proper flag to wave. However, there are many ways to consume it – sublingual drops, cream into your skin for joint pain, menthol-CBD roll-on, smoke a CBD hemp flower such as Elektra or a Hawaiian Haze hemp pre-roll.

Then you may be a coffee-lover and that’s it. Or you may enjoy inviting a friend over for coffee “catch-up” time. If you love coffee, then make coffee the way that you procure your “daily” of CBD health potion and share health with your friend. CBD coffee is growing into a mainstream trend.

The Good of Coffee Made Better with CBD Hemp Flower

Utilizing CBD coffee can be simple, or it could be more of a “do-it-yourself event”. That is up to you. Some, simply mix their favorite CBD tincture in the morning cup of java.

In the past, coffee had plenty of its own negative press but in recent years it has received a fair amount of thumbs up when it comes to health.  And it’s a good thing because generally, you don’t want to mess with a friend’s coffee! So since coffee is now a good thing, why not add something else good to what is already good?

Coffee and the CBD Hemp Flower of it All

Harvard researchers discovered that drinking coffee regularly helps the body battle long-term diseases.  Some researchers add that that coffee even helps you with added “smarts”, losing those extra pounds and adding nutrients and antioxidants to your daily intake. Then when you add CBD to coffee, you’ll have a powerhouse of health right there in that good old coffee mug.

So, let’s look at all the ways you can “CBD up” your coffee.

CBD-Infused Coffee Beans

First, if you are into easy and simple, grab yourself a bag of CBD-Infused Coffee Beans. These are coffee beans that have already been infused with CBD hemp flower extract so you do not need to add anything or brew in a special way. These freshly roasted beans are ready to brew in a filter machine, an espresso machine, or maybe your favorite is the unique french press.

If you are purchasing coffee beans already infused, be sure the manufacturer infused with full-spectrum CBD hemp flower oil. That means the CBD oil will have all the other cannabinoids and terpene and other nutrients which will interact for healing purposes with your Endocannabinoid System.

You will want 10 -15 grams of ground CBD hemp flower coffee per cup. Then measure and add just enough near-boiling water, stir and wait 3-4 minutes. Enjoy

Coffee with CBD Hemp Flower Tincture

CBD hemp flower oil is hydrophobic so it does not mix into water. As a result, you need some type of fat so the CBD will bond with the coffee. Put a little milk in your coffee as a fatty substance. Also putting butter in coffee is a popular additive today so if you do not like milk in your coffee, put some butter in to carry the CBD.  A standard recommendation is 5 -15 mg of CBD per cup if you are using your favorite tincture, but this is a wide range. Let’s break it down to more specifics.

If you are having that CBD-infused cup of coffee for a lazy weekend use 10-15 mg of CBD hemp flower oil. However, if you are having your cup of java in the morning before work, then you will need to stick with 5-7 mg because you will derive energy from the smaller dose. It can also help alleviate coffee jitters if that is an after-effect for you.

Adding CBD Infused Honey to Your Morning Coffee

Another option is to use a CBD-infused sweetener, such as syrup or honey, to add to your pre-made coffee. Like adding oil, you will need to work out how much you need to add in order to meet your desired CBD dosage.  Honey dissolves and mixes in well.  Honey is a natural sweetener with its own potential, health benefits.  This is not a good way to get enough CBD to make a difference because you will only want your coffee to be so sweet.  If you are aiming at a higher dosage then infusing honey with CBD hemp buds will not be an effective way.

If you want more information on all things CBD, read other posts here on our blog.

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