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hempConsiderations of the Timeline of the Rise Fall Rise of Hemp

Considerations of the Timeline of the Rise Fall Rise of Hemp

“The timeline of the rise fall rise of hemp includes a long history of being used medicinally as well as for fiber, clothing and canvases.”

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Table of Content

  • The BC Years
  • The AD Years
  • 1492 and Beyond, Brings Hemp to America
  • Things Changed for Hemp in the 1800’s
  • The New Millennium
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Hemp is a fascinating plant and has impacted history for many decades even when it was illegal. It is a versatile plant and an environmentally sustainable crop debut. It has been the life-line for farmers who switched to hemp rather than corn and wheat crops because there was more demand and more profit. The timeline is interesting because it shows the roller coaster ride through the annals of legislation. But it survived and today it is legal and it is in high demand even by the medical profession.

Timeline of the Rise Fall Rise of Hemp — The BC Years

8,000 BC – Starting in this date, hemp became one of the first cultivated agricultural crops. It continued to hold that title as civilizations continued to start their hemp acreage. Before long, the villagers in these areas started using hemp cord in their pottery as well as other uses.

6,000 – 4,000 BC – Now we move on to the future years.  In those years we see hemp seeds and oil being consumed as food in ancient China and also used to make textiles throughout China and Turkestan.

1,200 BC – Now hemp reaches its arms into Europe and from there spreads across the ancient world which includes the first paper made completely from hemp.

Timeline of the Rise Fall Rise of Hemp — The AD Years

23 – 70 AD – Now we come to the time of hemp being recognized for its medicinal properties so much so as to be written in medical texts of The Natural History and Pharmacopoeia.

1000 – Then as the shipping routes multiplied, they needed ropes and canvases to use on the ships. Italian ships were the first to discover the utility of the hemp fiber and the fact that it was particularly resistant to the beating that salt water gave.

Timeline of the Rise Fall Rise of Hemp — 1492 and Beyond, Brings Hemp to America

1492 — Christopher Columbus voyages to the shores of North America was another time to prove the strength of the hemp fiber as he also used them on ships to hang sails and rigging.

1606 – Then something new happened when a French botanist and apothecary Louis Herbert plants the first hemp crop in North America through 1607. Then hemp continued its popularity in the first British colony at Jamestown colonists were required to grow hemp to send back to England.

Throughout the 1700s the American colonies began selling hemp textiles to France to make enough money to buy weapons for the Revolutionary War.  Thomas Jefferson drafts the Declaration of Independence on hemp paper. During these years, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew hemp on their respective farms and plantations. When the early American started setting up a monetary system, hemp was often used as currency.

Timeline of the Rise and Fall and Rise of Hemp — Things Changed for Hemp in the 1800’s

Yes, they did change as cannabis hemp plantations flourished across North America, in areas including Mississippi, Georgia, Nebraska, South Carolina, Kentucky and New York.   In late 1800s, the chief botanist for the USDA began growing hemp varieties for the purpose of researching hemp cultivation techniques.

Timeline of the Rise Fall Rise of Hemp — The 1990s

By the early 1900s, researchers claimed that more than 25,000 different products could be made from hemp. It was then that they christened it the “Billion Dollar Crop.” Mid-1940s, the United States Army launched a “Hemp for Victory” campaign as a program to start encouraging farmer to plant hemp and cultivate hundreds of thousands of acreages to help support the war effort.

Now skipping to the 1970s, The Controlled Substances Act classifies hemp as an illegal Schedule I drug, imposing strict regulations on its cultivation. This hit the agriculture right in the heart as the acreages had been growing rapidly as more and more reasons for it continued to appear.  In the late 1980s Manitoba Harvest was founded and began growing, manufacturing and exporting hemp foods to countries including the U.S.

The New Millennium

Good news came in 2014 again when President Barack Obama signed the 2014 Farm Bill, permitting U.S. research institutions to start piloting hemp farming for research purposes. The benefit of this was that cultivators could begin cross breeding in order to have as many strains as possible when hemp once again would be legal on a federal basis.  In 2018, that happened when President Donald Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill, legalizing hemp production, sale and distribution across the United States on a Federal basis.


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Timeline of the rise fall rise of hemp

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