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Strain ReviewCrawford CBG vs Legendary OG — CBD Hemp Strains

Crawford CBG vs Legendary OG — CBD Hemp Strains

Generational Lineage

Crawford CBG hemp strain has over 14.6% CBG. There is a substantial medical appeal \’\’and the consumer dem\’\’and is growing as more benefits are making a splash. CBG is notoriously expensive to produce so is dubbed, The Rolls Royce of cannabinoids. There is only a small percentage of CBG in the hemp plant compared to the amount of CBD content. Some hemp strains produce 20% CBD but that same plant very likely has only 1% CBG. This means that hemp farmers must grow \’\’and harvest 20 times more in order to get the same amount of CBG.

Legendary OG hemp strain is bred with OG Kush as one parent \’\’and an industrial hemp strain for the second. This strain was originally grown in Oregon. It is an indica-hybrid with effects for mind \’\’and body. The terpene register is modest at 1.71%, however they are particularly effective \’\’and potent terpenes when used recreationally or medicinally.  Legendary OG may be influenced more by the OG Kush parent but it has the rock-solid effects with none of the stoned effects. Legendary OG has a total of 19.97% total cannabinoids \’\’and 17% of that amount is CBD.

Effects — CBD Hemp Strains

CBG in the Crawford CBD hemp strain works by interacting with the endocannabinoid system to regulate neurohormones which specifically affect the mood, metabolism, pain response, \’\’and appetite. Maybe this is partially therapeutic benefits, but it also has to do with the effect it has on those who smoke it. It stabilizes the mood to a more calm \’\’and relaxed state.

Legendary OG hemp strains create a calming effect on the body that converts to a body high of calm \’\’and ease. This strain may be stronger on the indica side of the legend but when smoked both indica \’\’and sativa strain worlds mix magically.  The Legendary OG hemp strain has reports of being a “super fire” but also producing a mellow affect with happiness that erases anxiety, so bedtimes comes with relaxation.

Savors — CBD Hemp Strains

Crawford CBG hemp strain is one of many plants being bred as plants with virtually no terpenes at only 0.2 percent terpenes by weight. These resultant buds would have no scent, but they are easier to harvest. The hemp strains which are high in CBG have alternate benefits which match the therapeutic benefits of CBD.

Legendary OG hemp strain has thrills for both new \’\’and experienced users which includes scents, sensations \’\’and what legends are made of.  Reports after using the strain are that it is amazing from smell to taste \’\’and favors the tropical-like smell. Legendary OG may have a nose for scents from lemon to gas but it is a great mood booster.  Legendary OG is tart, floral \’\’and pungent in taste \’\’and an aroma of pine \’\’and ripe fruit that provides a stirring aroma.


Crawford CBG hemp strain fights inflammation, pain \’\’and nausea.  One of the most valuable benefits how it works to stop cancer cell growth in tumors. Recent research is showing that hemp products with high CBG significantly reduces intraocular eye pressure caused by glaucoma.

CBG shows benefits for the individuals suffering with either inflammatory bowel disease or Crohn’s disease.  CBG interacts with the endocannabinoid system \’\’and the CB1 \’\’and CB2 receptors. These regulate neurohormones that affect mood, pain response, \’\’and appetite activate a response \’\’and change in the body.

Legendary OG hemp strain benefits may be commonly thought to come from the CBD content but they also come from the terpenes.  From treating pain to relieving anxiety, terpenes are a powerful element of the hemp plant with dominant ones as follows:

  • Caryophyllene – relieves inflammation \’\’and anxiety
  • Humulene – effective anti-inflammatory, analgesic \’\’and appetite suppressant.
  • Limonene – alleviates stress \’\’and anxiety;
  • Linalool – relieves inflammation \’\’and depression

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