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hemp flowerCue up the Music — “Hemp Flower is More Than You Know!”

Cue up the Music — “Hemp Flower is More Than You Know!”

What do you know about hemp flower? Would you like to know that hemp flower is more than many know \’\’and than most underst\’\’and? The medical community accepts it but will not endorse it as a valid problem solver. If you tell your doctor that you are using CBD, he or she will nod their head \’\’and smile saying, “It can be beneficial.”

Hemp Flower is More — Buying is Simple

Do you think that it is difficult to find CBD hemp flower nugs for sale? It is true that they have only been available for a short time but there are a great many ambitious people that have set out to build a business with Smokable CBD hemp flower, but only a few perhaps have truly been successful with one of those being Dr. Strains CBD.

Hemp hit the market so fast that many cut corners with product \’\’and labeling to make some fast money. Dr. Strains CBD did not do that. Their purpose was to build a business with only premium hemp flower from small farmers who h\’\’andle these flowers with precision \’\’and care.

Finding CBD hemp flower may be simple but finding quality, premium \’\’and 3rd party tested flowers may be more difficult. However, not to repeat myself, Dr. Strains CBD has all of these \’\’and more. They are continually exp\’\’anding their inventory as well.

Hemp Flower is More — Getting the Best Experience

CBD hemp flower is raw, natural, organic \’\’and much more. Making edibles is fun \’\’and takes the guilt out of eating a piece of chocolate because it is CBD healthy.  After decarboxylating the hemp in some sort of fat like olive oil to allow the hemp compounds to bond with the fat, it can then be added into your recipe because the CBDA is converted to CBD. From banana bread, brownies, chocolate chip cookies, gummies \’\’and many other delicious things.

The effects that any one CBD hemp flower has varies with each strain. Before you go shopping you might want to decide what effect you are looking for. Do you want a relaxing agent for after work Friday evening \’\’and the weekend? Well, then you want OG Kush or any number of others. But is you want something to keep you focused through the day, then you are after another strain.

Hemp Flower is More – Pre-America History

The Europeans beat us to the smoking of it all because early on, Switzerl\’\’and, Luxembourg, Belgium, \’\’and Austria taxed hemp flower just like tobacco. Early history of hemp in the United States did not have anything to do with smoking it. It was used commercially to make paper, clothing \’\’and canvases \’\’and rope used on ships because of its resistance to salt water.

Otherwise it was considered useless. So that begs the question of why it was stamped as illegal repeatedly throughout our history.  If it was a means to make paper \’\’and other non-consumable items, why label it illegal.

Hemp was considered the same as the intoxicating marijuana but if it was not used to smoke or create any other consumables, it was in a class of its own, it seems. The first that anyone looked at hemp as something with merit health-wise was when the first high-CBD medical strain was cultivated. It was curiously named “Hippie’s Disappointment”. The rest of the story is interesting, however. It was this strain that was thought to be a disappointment became, eventually the legend named “Charlotte’s Web”

Hemp Flower is More – The Unlikely Smokers

Smokable hemp flower has cleared defined its niche for the most likely users. You may find these three groups interesting because these are, at first thought, unlikely users perhaps. However, the “already smokers” could be most likely to try something different to smoke. This is particularly true if they have wanted to break their dependency on nicotine or the highs of marijuana which has any number of negative health implications. 

A recent survey found that 24% of individuals used CBD products to quit smoking. When using CBD hemp flower for that purpose, 41% completely replaced tobacco cigarettes with smokable hemp or vaped CBD products.

Millennials Take to Smokable Hemp Flower

This is a piece of information about CBD hemp flower that you may not have known. Millennials, that generation that is titled as mainly self-absorbed, are the consumers of the time. The Millennials, born between 1981 \’\’and 1996, did not see the glamorous cigarette ads but rather cigarette packs with serious health warnings.

Then the vape pens rose to take their place, but some the hospitalizations soared because of black market vape oils. Now the Millennials started looking for something else. Guess what was make legal in 2018? You’re right, hemp.

The millennials were the first to recognize the nutritional supplement no matter how CBD is consumed. They understood how the CBD hemp flower activates receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system to balance many biological functions like:

  • Pain modification,
  • Renewed sleep cycles,
  • Appetite regulation,
  • Mood stabilization,
  • Inflammation.

The Millennials have become the most health conscious generation \’\’and they are all in for smokable hemp flower as well as other applications.

If you want more information on all things CBD, read other posts here on our blog.

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