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cbdCultivating Wellness with CBD Hemp Flower

Cultivating Wellness with CBD Hemp Flower

By \’\’and large, everyone seeks after wellness. But wellness with CBD hemp flower is a new concept. We do not relish the days we lose at work because we have the flu, a bad cold or those recurring migraines. The medical world is still in disbelief \’\’and those who think that pharmaceuticals have all the answers may not have the b\’\’andwidth to comprehend how the body can be healed without the all-powerful medical intervention.

Today, even the medical world is starting to recognize the efficacy of CBD as FDA approved the anti-seizure medication with Charlotte’s Web hemp strain in it. Even though they do not know how, they do know there is validity in CBD hemp flower \’\’and the healing it creates.

The fact that CBD hemp flower interacts with our own Endocannabinoid System gives some clarification. CBD hemp flower is all natural \’\’and are grown organically without pesticides.  Despite the huge public interest, the medical world has exhibited limited efforts to figure out exactly how \’\’and why people are using this darling of the cannabis hemp world. The general population is not as concerned about the why but rather the fact it does bring healing for so many people.

Surveying for Benefits of CBD Hemp Flower

In early 2019 Project CBD did a search over an eight-month period with more than 3500 responses about CBD hemp flower \’\’and why they took it \’\’and results they achieved. Considering the six quality of life measurements — pain, mood, sleep, physical function, energy, \’\’and socializing most reported improvement. The most significant were, of course, in pain management \’\’and mood stabilization. The survey also revealed very few to no adverse effects. CBD hemp flower is safe \’\’and even in high doses it is well-tolerated by the body.

CBD hemp flower’s best attribute is that it is at the top of the list to bring wellness to your body \’\’and mind without side effects. Depending on how broken your body is or your mind may be, you may need to dose in higher amounts than someone who suffers with the occasional illness.

If you have decided to start your journey to wellness with CBD hemp flower, do not be discouraged if it takes you awhile to find the right dose or the right product. Do not be discouraged if you have to increase your dosage. You will find your sweet spot of wellness.

There is one thing for sure, CBD hemp flower brings wellness in many degrees. Let’s suppose that you are relatively well without comorbidities. Then wellness is still the name of the game because it strengthens what’s already good. We all know that as we age, there are more \’\’and more challenges to our health. Whatever age you are, you are getting older each year so why not start not \’\’and put CBD hemp flower into your daily routine.

Wellness with CBD Hemp Flower — Dosing

If you want to have your dose \’\’and not think about it for the rest of the day, then CBD oil capsules are for you. Pop one or two in the morning \’\’and you’ve got it for the day. But remember, if you are searching for wellness, you may need to micro-dose \’\’and take one in the AM, one at noon \’\’and one in the evening. Remember you cannot overdose. Don’t forget the CBD-infused gummies \’\’and CBD mints to put under your tongue so it goes more directly to your bloodstream.

Again, you are healthy, have a strong body but enjoy smoking that nicotine. Let’s go for wellness \’\’and switch to smoking or vaping CBD hemp flower. It satisfies the urge to smoke but with health benefits with the best bioavailability. Dr. Strains CBD has a unique variety of CBD hemp flower nugs with a variety of effects. Again, it is all about cultivating wellness with CBD hemp flower \’\’and all the ways you can do it.

“Cultivating Wellness” Last Words

It seems there is not much wellness today but there are plenty who continue their quest for it. Now, you have CBD hemp flower to help \’\’and secure your place in the rankness of wellness. It is not magic but it is a natural compound that has brought wellness to many so far. From relief of osteoarthritis to mood stabilization, to relief of anxiety \’\’and panic \’\’and even shrinking cancer tumors. Don’t give up in your quest for wellness \’\’and come back often to see what new CBD resources Dr. Strains has added.

If you want more information on all things CBD, read other posts here on our blog.

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