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Delta 8 Hemp
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D8 And it’s Legality

Is Delta 8 Legal?

The compound Delta 8 is a cannabinoid found naturally occurring in hemp flower. This compound unlike CBD is a THC compound and in which it causes a psychoactive high. Unlike delta 9 it’s documented to not be as strong but this can differ from case by case basis. The legality arises from the 2018 Farm Bill which can be found here.

The farm bill states that hemp is defined as: “the plant Cannabis sativa L. and any part of that plant, including the seeds thereof, and all derivatives, extracts, cannabinoids, isomers, acids, salts, and salts of isomers thereof, whether growing or not, that has a total delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol concentration that does not exceed 0.3 percent on a dry-weight basis.”

As delta 8 is not delta 9 this establishes the legality of delta 8 hemp flower.

State Restrictions

This cannabinoid found occurring naturally in hemp flower and hemp buds have already has provoked restrictions in twelve US states: AK, AZ, AR, CO, DE, KE, ID, IO, MS, MO, RH and lastly UT.

Other legislative restrictions are brewing in states such as North Dakota, Alabama, and Oregon. The irony is Oregon as of 2021 decided to decriminalize all drug possessions. This bold act was the first-ever done by a US state. (Read more here)

Florida lawmakers, moving in the opposite direction, have established a legal framework for delta-8.

The emergence of commercial delta-8 simultaneously thrills and worries hemp industry leaders. Prior to delta-8, no hemp products got people high.

More on state restrictions can be found here: is D8 legal in my state?

Effects of Delta 8 on the body

Reported side effects can be similar to Delta 9 THC. Many smokers of traditional delta 9 commonly experience dry mouth (lack of saliva), bloodshot eyes, increased appetite and cravings.

Some experience slight to intense paranoia and heightened senses. As a result please note due to the newness of Delta 8 Hemp flower its side effects are newly documented and there is not much history on the true effect of this cannabinoid.


delta 8 cbd hemp strainDelta 8 flower vs. CBD flower

If you are looking for a traditional product similar to regular THC then Delta 8 hemp flower is the closest you can get! Its natural properties will give you a psychoactive “high”.

Our Delta 8 flower can be found here

If the psychoactive elements are not what you are looking for then traditional CBD flower is what we recommend. Traditional CBD flower has zero psychoactive properties.


Our CBD products can be found here


How to use Delta 8

Our Delta 8 is sold in a few products. Our main focus is delta 8 hemp flower. You can use our delta 8 hemp flower as you would our normal CBD flower. Enjoy smoking it in either a rolling medium (paper, wrap, etc) or use via a water pipe.

Since delta 8 has psychoactive properties if you aren’t a traditional THC smoker we recommend “cutting” your delta 8 hemp flower with normal CBD. By doing this it will reduce the amount of delta 8 you intake when smoking.

Other products we carry in delta 8 are our edibles. Our delta 8 gummies come with 5 gumminess per package and are 40mg of delta 8 each gummy. When using delta 8 gummies please take 1/2 a gummy and wait 30-45 minutes to see if you can feel it’s effects.

If you do not after 30-45 minutes then please take the other 1/2 of the gummy. If you still do not feel it’s effects then please repeat the process up to 3 gummies.

Everyone’s size, weight, and height can play a role in delta 8’s effects. Please take your time when learning and adjusting your body to delta 8.

How is Delta 8 flower made?

Delta 8 or D8 flower is made from hemp flower. There are two parts to Delta 8 hemp flower. The first part is the flower. The flower is a traditional hemp flower that is grown either outdoors, in a greenhouse, or indoors. This flower is also used in the creation of delta 8.

Typically the “trim” unwanted parts of the hemp flower ie leaves, stems, smaller buds etc are sent off to a lab where its is processed and the delta 8 is extracted. The end result is an oil-based liquid known as delta 8.

The last stage in the development of delta 8 hemp flower is applying the liquid delta 8 on the hemp flower. This is typically done through a spraying process. Farmers, labs, and wholesalers apply the liquid for delta 8 on the hemp flower using a spray gun. The end result is a smokable delta 8 hemp flower.


Dr Strains CBD’s Delta 8

We take pride in all of our products and follow a strict policy and procedures guide on ensuring that all of our products and offerings are safe for our customers. Like all of our products, our delta 8 is grown organically from reputable farmers as well as from our own farm. We test our delta 8 and make sure that it’s safe for bodily consumption. We strive to be the best in the market and also have the lowest price offerings.


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