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CannabisDiscerning the Real Difference in Cannabis Subspecies — Indica vs Sativa

Discerning the Real Difference in Cannabis Subspecies — Indica vs Sativa

“The real difference in cannabis subspecies may surprise you because for one thing there is indica \’\’and sativa in both marijuana \’\’and hemp.”


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  • Emerging Distinctions
  • Scientists Make Their Distinction
  • Key Differences
  • “Real Difference” Last Words
  • Strains CBD Weekly Specials “Spotte”


All cannabis plants look alike, right?  Now really but it is underst\’\’andable that many look at it that way. If you look closely the three subspecies – indica, sativa \’\’and ruderalis – have small difference like one grows taller, the other grows more in bush form \’\’and the size \’\’and shape of the leaves vary some.  What probably creates the most confusion is that there is increased hybridization that blurs the specifics between these subspecies.

Another thing to remember is that Hemp has both indica strains \’\’and sativa strains. Marijuana has both indica \’\’and sativa strains. Sativa is NOT exclusively marijuana \’\’and neither is indica exclusively hemp.

Real Difference in Cannabis Subspecies – Emerging Distinctions

There may be a considerable amount of mystery surrounding the evolution of cannabis, but one thing for sure is that it has had since 12,000 BC to evolve with their roots mostly in Siberia \’\’and Mongolia.

The original cannabis strain has, no doubt, been lost years ago with the exception of these few l\’\’andrace strains — Kush, Afghani, \’\’and Thai. The differences between the two subspecies was confirmed by the 18th-century French botanist, Jean-Baptiste Lamarck.  Lamarck recognized the Cannabis sativa genus but also noted that strains from India had darker fan leaves, were a shorter plant \’\’and had a much denser bud structure. Thus was born the indica subspecies.

Considering the Distinction for Smokable Hemp

Now let’s discuss what the distinction is when smokable hemp is up to bat. The distinctions still exist between sativa \’\’and indica with smokable hemp flowers, but the contrasts are as not as sharp as in the marijuana strains.

With smokable hemp flowers there can never be more than 0.3% THC so you will not have any type of psychotropic high. The hemp experience will always be clear-headed no matter the strain you choose. Indica or sativa lineage does influence a the hemp experience in this way:

  • sativa-leaning strains have a more uplifting effect,
  • indica-dominant have a more sedating effect but not a couch-lock.

Real Difference in Cannabis Subspecies — Scientists Make Their Distinction

For whatever reason, many cannabis researchers do not believe sativas \’\’and indicas should be classified as separate species. But still they give credence to Lamarck’s findings on the two subspecies.  Maybe the hemp users are the more accurate to define between the indica \’\’and sativa. Indica is definitely more sedative \’\’and the sativa is more energizing but neither one put you into orbit spinning in the universe.

Real Difference in Cannabis Subspecies — Key Differences

The indica vs sativa difference means that the average CBD consumer will have a different experience with each. The three reasons that smokable hemp is still divided by these two subspecies is as follows:

  • physiological effects,
  • flower appearance,
  • savors.

Considering the Effects \’\’and Benefits

Today the indica vs sativa type determines the experience you will have as a smokable hemp user. But, not only that. If you are looking at health benefits for insomnia, you will not smoke or dry vape a sativa type hemp flower at bedtime. Your choice will either be a full indica flower or a balanced hybrid.

On the other h\’\’and, if you are hosting a pool party for your friends Saturday then you will definitely want to have the sativa available for yourself for the social aspect of it or having hemp smokes available for your guests. You will be energized but not with a psychoactive high.

Considering the Appearances

On average, indica strains have darker \’\’and fatter fan leaves, denser buds, \’\’and a shorter stature. Sativas grow tall with thin, light-colored fan leaves. But that is the distinction of the plant, not necessarily the hemp flower nug which is different more because of the strain it is rather than which subspecies it is.

Considering the Savors

The indica dominant type is unique for its musky, earthy, \’\’and hashy tones. On the other h\’\’and, sativa dominant types such as the Haze family, the Sour Diesel, or Skunk consistently have citrusy, spicy, \’\’and skunky flavors.  Terpenes drive the savors \’\’and each hemp flower strain has its unique terpene profile as well as unique cannabinoid profile.

On average, indica strains have more fruity terpenes like myrcene. But many sativa strains have strong traces of the terpene limonene which throws its weight to the citrus fruits like lime \’\’and lemon. But on the other h\’\’and, limonene may also contribute to gasoline aromas like in Sour Diesel.

Considering Growth Patterns

Generally speaking, the indica strains take between 8 to 9 weeks to flower while sativas take from 10 – 12 weeks to mature for harvest. Again, if you are simply interested in the hemp flower nug, it is inconsequential the number of weeks it takes to mature.


“Real Difference” Last

It is an adventure you are embarking on so take your time \’\’and enjoy the journey to find the smokable hemp strain whether indica or sativa that best suits your desires \’\’and the reason that you want to smoke it. One note, however, if you are using the hemp flower for edibles, always purchase the ones with the highest CBD content as possible to override what you will lose in the 1st Pass Effect.


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