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cbdDIY Series — CBD Bud Soap-Making

DIY Series — CBD Bud Soap-Making

There are many ways to utilize CBD bud oil \’\’and the hemp flower. There are many methods of delivery whereby the body can be healed, \’\’and balance can be restored. Soap is something we use everyday but probably CBD hemp bud soap will be something you will indulge in for a special spa bath in the afternoon or evening.

These recipes use CBD oil to infuse into a soap base. I attempted to find a recipe whereby you use decarboxylated ground hemp to mix into the soap base. It would be something worth trying just like you put some pieces of lavender or other dried flowers. However, that would be instead of using CBD oil.

The CBD soap must be an emollient to the skin so most recommend using a melt-\’\’and-pour soap base.  Many prefer to use detergent-free melt-\’\’and-pour soap base because the other option is using lye, but it has the high risk of altering the CBD oil. To add CBD oil, simply add the CBD oil to the melted soap, mix well, \’\’and pour it into mold or ice cube trays you are not using. It is ready to use as soon as it has cooled \’\’and hardened. Store in an airtight container to avoid sweating due to the high natural glycerin content.

CBD Bud Soap \’\’and Your Skin

CBD soap can help you maintain healthy skin \’\’and an overall sense of calm \’\’and balance after using it. When shopping for CBD to make your soap, quality matters.  Nano-enhanced for fast-acting results, the water soluble CBD can be easily mixed with other liquids \’\’and is the perfect addition to homemade soap recipes.

The Amount of CBD Bud in Soap

Every person’s body is different \’\’and will respond differently to the cannabinoids in CBD. So there is no perfect amount for everyone consequently there will be a trial \’\’and error process to find out what is right for you. It is probably best to make a very small batch to begin with. If you are using this for dosing will put in, for example, 20 mg CBD hemp flower oil, then decide how many little soaps you batch will make \’\’and divide that to know the exact milligrams you are massaging into your skin.

CBD Bud Soap Recipe

  • 1 pound of melt-\’\’and-pour soap base such as goat milk, aloe, \’\’and honey
  • Desired amount of CBD oil
  • 5 oz of fragrant essential oil
  • Soap-safe colorants \’\’and herbal additives like calendula petals to decorate your soaps.
  • A heated or butcher’s knife (to cut up the soap base)
  • Spoon or spatula for mixing
  • Soap molds

Another option you could experiment with is to add a tablespoon or so decarbed coarsely ground CBD bud flower rather than CBD oil. It could be added just as you add calendula petals for decoration but the CBD “petals” are for health benefits to your skin

  • After soap base has melted, stir in the CBD oil \’\’and mix thoroughly.
  • Add in fragrances, essential oil, colorants, \’\’and herbs (for decorations). Mix until well combined.

When fully melted, stir in the water-soluble CBD oil \’\’and mix thoroughly. Now you can add other additives such as fragrances, colors, \’\’and dried flowers. Pour into soap molds or if you want ice cube shapes, simple pour into an ice cube tray. Allow to harden completely \’\’and store in an airtight container to prevent sweating due to the natural glycerin content.

Using High Quality CBD But Oil

For the best results \’\’and best effects, be sure to select a CBD oil for your soap making that is high quality \’\’and has COA’s for 3rd party testing (insert link) It is not just about ensure that what you’re putting a compound into your body that is safe \’\’and legitimate but you need to be assured that you receive the most potent effect on the largest organ in your body. The CBD product must come from:

  • organic, nutrient-rich, \’\’and contaminant-free soil \’\’and preferably smaller farms.
  • quality extraction \’\’and refinement processes.
  • dispensaries using legitimate third-party testing labs.

“Soapy” Last Words

CBD infused soap is only one of many ways to use CBD to nourish your skin, which is, I repeat the largest organ of the body. This probably is not the only way you dose with CBD. It may be used along with other ways such as smoking or dry vaping, sublingual drops or cream on an arthritic joint. The advantage of taking a spa bath with CBD hemp soap is that you can treat the entirety of the “skin organ.”



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