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cbdDIY Series — “Roll, Tide, Roll” — CBD Flower Rolls a Smoke

DIY Series — “Roll, Tide, Roll” — CBD Flower Rolls a Smoke

Most are familiar to smoking a marijuana joint but not much is heard about rolling a CBD flower joint. As more and more individuals are becoming aware of CBD hemp and all the many health and therapeutic benefits, smoking CBD flower is blossoming like a flower in the desert.

The CBD Hemp Flower

One thing nice about DIY is you can literally do it as you please. Dr. Strains CBD has a growing inventory of CBD hemp flowers for you to chose from for you DIY Roll Party. Then on the other hand if you want to smoke CBD hemp flower but are not particular about the strain, you can get a bag of shake to roll your smokes with. Another option is the Moon Rock Shake which is a nice option to use in your roll. To get a particular flavor or effect, you can read our Strain Review posts about countless different strains.

A Grinder

If you are using a grinder, pick out the stems before placing the flower in the grinder for a more even consistency. You can also use “hemp shake” (insert link) which eliminates the need for crumbling the hemp flower first. You will still need to grind it to have a finer consistency to roll.

Rolling Papers

There are a variety of rolling papers that you can use. Some are flavored and others are simply hemp paper so you can enjoy the full flavor of the particular CBD hemp flower.  100% organic hemp papers allow you to enjoy a clean smoke so every flavor of your flower can be enjoyed. The Raw King cones come with a filter and a packing stick that will allow you a clean smoke so every flavor of your flower can be enjoyed.

A Filter

The filters are not absolutely necessary, but they do also serve as a mouthpiece to prevent any loose pieces from getting into your mouth when you inhale. When you purchase rolling papers, they will have included the filters but you can DIY one at home from very thin card stock if you do not have any.

Other Accessories – Dr. Strains CBD has all the accessories you need for a successful “roll, tide, roll” party with your friends or by yourself. Your experience will be more successful with a rolling tray, and a variety of hemp paper wraps.

These are the materials you need, now the DIY instructions for “roll, tide, roll” CBD flower. We talk a lot about dosing with CBD and so rolling your CBD flower can be also viewed as creating the “dose” you desire. Each individual has put their own personal twist on it but for general instructions, here you have it.

Directions for Rolling CBD Flower

After you have chosen the type of paper you are going to use, here are the steps to “roll, tide, roll”.

  1. Take a rolling paper holding it lengthwise with the sticky strip facing up and toward you.
  2. Place the filter on one side of the paper you are rolling with.
  3. Slowly pour the ground flower along the crease on the opposite side from the filter.
  4. Pour enough ground flower to cover half the paper plus a little. Leave enough room at the end to give it a nice tight twist to close the joint.
  5. Start tucking the paper around the flower starting at the filter \and on to the length of the hemp paper wrap.
  6. To seal the wrap, tuck the side of the paper closest to you tightly around the flower, lick the sticky strip and roll it upward to seal. Give the end another tight twist.

Be patient with your DIY CBD flower roll as it will take time to get the feel of it. A couple things to watch for are the following. First, do not roll too tight or it will be difficult to get a good pull. Second thing to watch for is if you wrap too loosely, it will burn too fast.

If you want more information on all things CBD, read other posts here on our blog.

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