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cbdDr Strains CBD Presenting Best CBD Flowers for Sale

Dr Strains CBD Presenting Best CBD Flowers for Sale

“When it comes to presenting best CBD flowers for Sale, Dr. Strains CBD has in their inventory an outstanding range of flower strains.” There is a variety of characteristics that place a CBD hemp flower in the exceptional category. Sometimes they are referred to as Top Shelf hemp flowers or they may be tagged Premium. In any case are the class of hemp flowers that must be in your choice as the flower of choice.

Today we are looking at the inventory of Dr. Strains CBD and you will soon see why these flowers have the classification they do. When you hear top shelf or premium, you instantly know that it either has an exceptional profile of cannabinoids or terpenes or it has an extra coating of Delta 8 oil spray which elevates the flower to something that you cannot wait to experience.

Dr. Strains “Falls” Into Hemp Flower Specials

125 mg THC-o Gummies


Introducing THC-o gummies! Our newly added gummies are something worth eating! Get your pack (5 count) of gummies for $19.99 !

THC-O is one of the hemp plants’ many cannabinoids. Its structure is incredibly similar to Delta-9 THC, which is the primary psychoactive component in cannabis. However, THC-O doesn’t have the same binding properties that Delta-9 THC does, creating different effects in the body. THC-O is only mildly psychoactive.


  • Blue Dream D8 Hemp Flower
  • Space Candy D8 Hemp Flower
  • Sweet Kush Hemp Flower
  • Forbidden V D8 Hemp Flower
  • Sour Jack Hemp Flower
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All of the hemp flowers come from hemp farmer which are smaller and owned by farmers who take pride in smaller operations. This provides a better quality because of the individual attention the farmer gives to individual hemp plants in his annual crop. We’ve made this business decision for one reason and one reason only, QUALITY. Finding the best CBD hemp flower may not be the easiest but it is possible particularly if you purchase your flowers from Dr. Strains CBD.

Presenting the Best CBD Flower – Blue Dream D8 Hemp Flower

presenting the best CBD flowerThis Blue Dream D8 is a must have for all smokers and even if you prefer the vape method to dose, it stands up above the crowd! Blue Dream D8 is a Sativa dominant hybrid offering cerebral effects along with body relaxation. Here is the report from those who use Blue Dream D8 in a smoke – feelings of enthusiasm and uplift. If you are looking for a flavorful smoke, this strain presents with undertones of berry for a very good dream.

Presenting the best CBD flowers involve getting all your inventory of hemp flowers from small farms because they give more attention to every aspect of the growing process. This process encompasses indoor growing sometimes if that gives the flower a better terpene profile with a higher number of crystals.

Presenting the Best CBD Flower – Space Candy D8 Flower

IMG_7440Our Space Candy D8 flower deserves a try no later than today!  Here is the reason. The Space Candy not only is Infused with Delta 8, but it also has 10% CBD along with less than 1% of CBN and CBG. You are probably asking why this is important since the percentage is so low.

CBG is a cannabinoid that is quickly reaching the status of CBD with health benefits. These include its effects on pain and is proving itself to be an anti-bacterial agent and an anti-inflammatory proponent.

Presenting the best CBD flower also focuses on the terpene profile which provides results in enhanced effects on the customer.  Then on top of that, it gets an exquisite infusion of Delta 8 THC that gives additional protection from neurodegenerative diseases.  Try a 1/2 oz of our medium size buds now for only $31.99 and experience those effects for yourself.

Presenting the Best CBD Flower – Sweet Kush Hemp Flower

The Premium Sweet Kush Hemp Flower has small dynamic little green buds covered in trichomes and hair and smell deliciously sweet. The buds are smaller, but they pack a mean smoke because as you remember it is a Kush.  Sweet Kush has bright and juicy berry overtones and are reminiscent of cherry lemon drops so truly a cherry on top sort of flower. 

Presenting the best CBD flower includes this Premium hemp bud is an Indica Dominant meaning that you will want to smoke or vape this gem in this evening to prepare you for a restful night sleep. This sweet bud you do not want to miss out on at $24.99 for 1/4 oz

Presenting the Best CBD Flower – Forbidden V D8 

Forbidden V D8presenting the best CBD Flower is a CBDv flower or Cannabidivari. Similar to CBD, CBDv is non-intoxicating but is rapidly becoming a favorite in the medical community. This cannibnoid is known for helping to reduce or prevent seizures, as well as reducing nausea. CBDv flower is also used by patients with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Forbidden V D8 is a Sativa dominant hybrid great for anytime use, but best in the day. Forbidden V D8 helps to reduce the frequency of seizures. Not only that, but it has been used to promote wellness and support balance within the body, allowing individuals to potentially discover a renewed sense of calm and well-being by natural and holistic approach. The effects have been described as having mental clarity and peace of mind.  Get your 1/4oz today for $29.99 today for the best smoke!

Presenting the Best CBD Flower – Sour Jack Hemp Flower

Sour Jack hemp flowerpresenting the best CBD flower impacts the body to give rise to heightened motivation, increased productivity and enhanced creativity. As a daytime strain, Sour Jack is an ideal solution for helping you to push through the day with better performance.

Even though this hemp flower strain can put you in a dreamy state of mind, it is potent enough to lift you out of cognitive nuances that try to put a damper on your day.  It is a sativa dominant flower strains so provides fuel for you mentally and emotionally, so your creative side shows through brilliantly. The strain will keep you up and going for hours after its use so try it today at $24.99 for ¼ ounce.

“Summin’ it All Up”

The smaller the farm the more time the farmer invests into their harvest. Then you now are asking why that is important to mention here.  The reason it is important is that it is about presenting the best CBD flower in that certain farm.  The commercial farms do not pay as much attention to the small details of growing hemp like the small farmers do. The network of farmers which Dr. Strains CBD makes purchases from takes pride and joy in every stage of the harvest.  This ensures that you, the customer, are getting consistency and quality in every purchase you make.

If you want to start your journey finding the best CBD flower, then it starts with presenting the best vendor you can who takes testing of his or her flower inventory seriously. Dr. Strains CBD does that with every new flower that arrives. The other thing that you want to find in a vendor is that they have a variety in their flower strains and a complete inventory also will all the tools you need to smoke or vape hemp flower.

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