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If you thought smoking a marijuana joint was the only way you could be happy and enjoy recreationally, you may be wrong and you may be one of the “unbelievers”. Dr. Strains CBD “University” educates that hemp is applauded for all the health benefits as well as providing enjoyment on the smoking side of things. It is important because the health benefits are many and far reaching but so are the recreational pleasures without intoxication.

Then there are the unbelievers who say no matter what hemp is cannabis so it is “bad”, will give a high like marijuana because it is cannabis for pete’s sake. Hemp is cannabis but it is not psychoactive.

Dr. Strains CBD “University” – Legal vs Illegal

Hemp is defined in the legislation as the cannabis plant, but it cannot contain more than 0.3% of THC, the cannabinoid that is up to 30% in marijuana.  It was not till the 2018 Farm Bill that federal law finally differentiated between the two types of cannabis plants which both made illegal in 1937 under the Marihuana Tax Act and formally made illegal in 1970.

CBD hemp flower if federally legal; marijuana is illegal except in 2 or 3 states. If being legal is the issue with you, know this, hemp is legal. Some states have legally removed smokable hemp flower from things legal but it is only a matter of how you sell smokable hemp flower.

Dr. Strains CBD “University” – From Ancient to Present

Hemp has been around for a long time, even longer than marijuana has been talked about. Hemp serves a lot of purposes from health benefits to fiber to salt-water resistant canvas and ropes to CBD hemp flower nugs to smoke.


Pharaoh Ramses II reigned from 1279 to 1213 BC in Egypt. He encouraged the use of Cannabis as treatment for a variety of conditions throughout his empire.


Back in the Greek days CBD hemp flower could treat one’s ills and Claudius Galen, a Greek doctor, gave cannabis “juice” as a remedy for pain.


Medical Roman records showed that the Cannabis plant was used for general pain relief dating back to the year 77 AD.

Dark Ages

By 400 AD, hemp was a standard crop in Europe and England. By 600 AD, Germans, French and even the Vikings used hemp to make sails, paper, rope and clothes.

Middle Ages

Hemp butter is not a new novel idea because people in the Middle Ages used hemp to make butter in 1000 AD. The language professors got busy and updated the dictionary to include the word “hempe”. Middle Age knights started drinking hemp beer.

Just because hemp has been in civilization for centuries may not be proof your “unbelieving” friends that it is valid and does what the hemp community says it does.  But it does prove that hemp is here to stay and hemp does make a difference and has made a big difference in the arena of pain, particularly down through the ages.

Dr. Strains CBD “University” – Your Body and CBD

The Endocannabinoid System modulates the regulation of the neuroendocrine system. Do you know what the neuroendocrine system regulates?  It regulates the balance between organ function and stress responses.  Endocannabinoids play an important role in regulating inflammation so when it gets out of balance, inflammation results.

The Cannabinoid (CB) receptors receive chemical signals and assist the rest of the cells to respond to the signals. When your receptors react with CBD, they form anti-inflammatory effects that reduce pain. CBD receptors also affect conditions like anxiety, depression, and stress.

Dr. Strains CBD “University” – Tips for “Conversion”

If you are trying to “convert” your friends to the reality of CBD hemp flower that it is different than marijuana and that it is for recreation as well as for health, give them a reason to experience it.

Smoking a hemp flower nug in a pre-roll or in a roll you make yourself will make you relaxed or energized depending on the strain you are smoking. The savors are amazing and varied with different strains so if you want an exceptional experience, smoke a CBD hemp flower with all those health benefits but no high and addictive qualities.

Smoking a hemp flower nug may relax you, but it will never sedate you into a couch-lock. If you are smoking a hemp flower nug of the sativa type, you may feel energized to complete that Friday afternoon project, but you will not be giddy with adrenalin.

“University” – Last Words

Being illegal is not what most have a hold-up with. Once someone believes something is “wrong” then they feel obligated to hold to their “convictions” no matter what. Ignorance is one thing but ignorance by choice is quite another.

I was overwhelmed when I first realized the CBD infused halogram was cannabis which I had been programed to believe was bad for you, addictive and gives a “high”. But I had already realized relief from pain and ability to breathe better.

For me that triggered research and here I am today, a firm believer because my osteoarthritis pain is so much better that I can walk and in fact am walking around 10,000 every other day. Why? Because I was willing to go beyond what I had learned for so many years and give CBD a chance.

If you want more information on all things CBD, read other posts here on our blog.

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Sharon O'Maley

Sharon has been writing her heart out since she was 10 years of age when she wrote up a story about a 3,000 acre forest fire she and her family witnessed. In 1995 when she found herself divorced with a 3-year-old daughter, Ruth, she decided to try writing for money.

She carved a niche in the Continuing Education market and for the next 20 plus years she wrote courses for C.E. providers all over the United States.

Blogging is now her new love. Particularly suited to writing about CBD because for two years she was crippled with osteoarthritis in her ankles and feet until someone introduced her to CBD. Today she walks and bikes because of this natural compound of CBD.

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