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cbdDr. Strains “University” — CBD Flower Facts, Fun & Otherwise

Dr. Strains “University” — CBD Flower Facts, Fun & Otherwise

CBD flower facts, fun & otherwise, may be the best University course you have ever taken. Sometimes we learn from life better than book learning \’\’and today here is some valuable Life University learning. Our health is one of the most valuable assets or commodities that we each have in life. But too many times we play fast \’\’and loose with it. Now there is a fun fact-filled way to restore homeostasis to our health goals.

CBD Flower Facts, Fun & Otherwise – FACT – CBD Products are Ancient

Mongolia \’\’and Siberia — Archaeologists found evidence that the people in Mongolia \’\’and Siberia grew \’\’and harvested cannabis in 12,000 BC. Cannabis hemp was an important part of the development of early civilization.  All areas of life including building, clothing, \’\’and medically were impacted by hemp \’\’and hemp products.

 Ancient Greece \’\’and Britain — CBD has been used since Ancient Greece in 2700 BC. Queen Victoria used CBD in the 19th century to reduce the pain of menstrual cramps. The ancients knew, the middle age knights \’\’and dames knew, \’\’and the royals knew all the things that CBD hemp could be used for.

Ancient China For thous\’\’ands of years in Ancient China, hemp was utilized in every part of their life. It then because an important part of traditional Chinese medicine. Those familiar with Chinese medicine know that its premises is to bring harmony to the mind \’\’and to the body, you know yin \’\’and yang of it all.

CBD Flower Facts, Fun & Otherwise – FACT CBD Products

CBD can be used in a variety of ways. Individuals can apply it directly to the skin, consume it, or inhale it depending on the reason for needing the CBD product \’\’and the severity of the health issues experienced.

This versatility, combined with the fact that changing laws has resulted in a growing number of consumers \’\’and manufacturers, means that there are a number of CBD products currently on the market. Popular solutions include, but are not limited to CBD;

  • oils, which can be used with infusers or in a bath,
  • lotions, which can be applied directly to the skin,
  • bath bombs,
  • soft gels \’\’and drops, which are consumed,
  • skin \’\’and hair products,
  • vape oil, which replaces other eLiquids.

CBD Flower Facts, Fun & Otherwise – FACT – Do Not Believe CBD is a “Cure-All”

CBD flower facts include those health benefits that can relieve chronic conditions, in fact a lot of them. But CBD is not magic or miracle-working even though it seems like it is , but if you are expecting miracles, then you will be disappointed.  While there have been lots of tests into the advantages of CBD, there is still a lot of research that needs to be done.

Sometimes when I take my CBD-infused gummies, I do not feel a difference then other times, the effects are specific \’\’and noticeable. It is recommended that you take CBD products on an empty stomach as much as possible. But even if you do not feel some amazing difference, know that you are shoring up your body’s defenses so you can be stronger when the stress hits or the anxiety tries to take over or insomnia threatens your night.

CBD Flower Facts, Fun & Otherwise – FUN — Chocolate Boosts CBD Effects

Chocolate increases the effects of CBD flower when taken together. Now, it sounds like chocolate infused with CBD is good for you. Well, yes, that is exactly what it is. Scientists researching all things CBD, discover a “bliss molecule,” which is also called an\’\’andamide. An\’\’andamide has a great influence on appetite, pleasure, \’\’and motivation to do what you do.

Cannabinoids in general act on the central nervous system, the cells all over the body, \’\’and the cardiovascular system. An\’\’andamide has anti-inflammatory \’\’and analgesic properties.

When chocolate with CBD is consumed, an\’\’andamide levels increase. It also suppresses pain \’\’and normalizes sleep, but it is not sedative. You will not get high when you eat CBD infused chocolate as there is 0.3% THC or less in CBD. When using CBD dark chocolate infused with CBD, you may feel some effects within 30 – 45 minutes. It all depends on your dosage \’\’and what symptoms you are hoping to change.

CBD Spikes Chocolate

Buy the best chocolate like Ghirardelli. Break the chocolate squares apart \’\’and put them in a microwave safe dish. Microwave it in small increments of time like 30 minutes then take it out \’\’and stir before doing a 2nd 30-minute nuke.

When the chocolate it completely melted, add CBD oil to it \’\’and mix it well so the CBD dose is consistent. Pour the melted chocolate into silicone molds. Chocolate \’\’and water do not mix, so keep humidity out of the mixture. This is a CBD flower fact that is fun as well.

CBD Flower Facts, Fun & Otherwise – FUN – CBD is About Your Beauty

Many skin \’\’and beauty products infused with CBD are multiplying on vendor’s shelves daily. Everything from shampoo to facial cream like what Dr Strains CBD has to moisturizing skin cream all infused with CBD.

CBD Flower Facts, Fun & Otherwise — CBD Flower, The Next Fountain of Youth

CBD hemp pre-rolls are one of the simplest ways to dose with CBD because they are all prepared for you to light up. That is another CBD flower fact.  Each pre roll contains about 1 gram of hemp flower which may be a large dose for a single person. It can be saved for the second dose as well. CBD hemp pre-rolls can be filled with any variety of hemp, but Hawaiian Haze or Lifter are both excellent options because they are both high CBD content of 20% or more.

If you want more information on all things CBD, read other posts here on our blog.

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