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cbdEncyclopedia of CBD Hemp Flower Effects and Savors — Vol. 1

Encyclopedia of CBD Hemp Flower Effects and Savors — Vol. 1

There are different reasons for which you may join the hemp community.  But the one we will talk about today is a collect of effects or experiences you can have with different strains as well as the savors. There are 20,000 different terpenes but not all of these are in the hemp plant.  Terpenes influence your experience with CBD hemp flower effects and savors more than whether it is Indica or Sativa.

CBD Hemp Flower Effects and Savors – A, B, C, D of Effects

Alpha-bisabolol – CBD hemp flower effects and savors is influenced by a pleasant floral aroma with this terpene. It is also found in chamomile flower and used in the cosmetic industry. But it’s not just about cosmetics, the research is showing significant medical benefits in hemp like treating bacterial infections and wounds. It is particularly effective as an oxidant with anti-irritation and analgesic properties.

Alpha-bisabolol terpenes are in CBD hemp flower strains like Harle-Tsu, Pink Kush, Lifter, Headband, OG Shark, and ACDC.

The “B” of Savors

 Borneol – CBD hemp flower effects and savors of borneol includes anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. Its aroma and savor is of mint and rosemary.  With this minty scent, it is also a good natural insect repellent which makes it great in preventing West Nile virus as it is passed by ticks, fleas and mosquitoes.  One study found that borneol kills breast cancer cells and used in Chinese traditional medicine like acupuncture.

CBD hemp flower strains high in Borneol are Amnesia Haze, Golden Haze, K13 Haze.

The “C” of Savors

Caryophyllene – CBD hemp flower effects and savors of caryophyllene is best known for its spicy and peppery note.  Interestingly enough caryophyllene is also found in black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, and some spices.  Caryophyllene has a peppery flavor with a hint of citrus to spice up your hemp flower experience.  Most commonly found in black pepper and cinnamon, it has a very spicy aroma with woody undertones. Caryophyllene as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic

Caryophyllene interacts with CB2 receptors of the Endocannabinoid System, which makes drives it as an anti-inflammatory agent. Some studies it to have a very promising role in alcohol rehabilitation.

CBD hemp flower strains like Bubba Kush, Super Silver Haze, Lifter, Skywalker and Rock Star are all rich in caryophyllene.

…..and “C” Savors continue…….

Carene – The CBD hemp flower effects and savors are rich in carene have a sweet, pungent earthy aroma. This terpene is found in a number of plants like rosemary, basil, bell peppers, cedar and pine with a sweet cypress tree-like aroma. Medically-speaking, it is most beneficial in healing broken bones.

Consider another side of our bone structure it provides relief for those suffering from arthritis, osteoporosis as well as fibromyalgia. Another breakthrough in the medical side of the question is that Carene is showing signs of stimulating memory and retaining memory. Hail to the plug for helping to cure Alzheimer’s disease.

The terpene Carene show strong in the CBD hemp flower strains of Cherry Pie and Green Mountain.

Camphene — From the medical point of view, camphene has greater potential when it is also mixed with Vitamin C as it becomes an antioxidant. The aroma is of fir needles, musky earth and damp woodlands.

Conventional medicine utilizes this terpene as well as in lotions and creams used to treat eczema and psoriasis.  This terpene also has the ability to lower the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, so this is a wonderful breakthrough for the cardiovascular disease. It can lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

The terpene, Camphene, is present in the CBD Hemp Flower strains of Ghost OG, Strawberry Banana, Mendocino Purps.

“Effects and Savors” Last Words

There are so many things about CBD hemp flower effects and savors to learn and understand. These terpenes are important for the type of experience you will have and the taste you will have. But, not discussed in this post, is the fact that terpenes also impact the healing of health conditions you have. We think that the cannabinoid profile influences the healing but terpenes do as well.

Look for additional Encyclopedia posts to discuss these.

If you want more information on all things CBD, read other posts here on our blog.

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