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cbdEvangelizing with CBD Hemp

Evangelizing with CBD Hemp

This may be a strange term to use when talking about benefits of CBD hemp but it seemed fitting when you so believe in something you want everyone else to know about it \’\’and experience the benefits. Since there are many variables when speaking about CBD hemp \’\’and using it, it takes time to quantify or qualify the how much, the when \’\’and the which of it all.

“All In” with CBD Hemp

When you are “all in” as part of the CBD hemp community \’\’and really want more people to be “all in” find an ally to maneuver the ropes with \’\’and perhaps “evangelize” together. Hopefully the more than 200 blog posts here will be a true source of information which you can utilize in your quest.

There is a lot to learn about hemp. Some of you are merely looking for a source of recreation with something to smoke or vape without having a “high” to deal with. The smokable hemp world is large \’\’and one that you would do well to explore. There are hemp flowers which will relax you \’\’and provide a night of restful sleep rather than fitful \’\’and anxious. Then there are other flowers that give energy, focus \’\’and helps you be more productive on Friday afternoon when you are spent from a tough week.

If you enjoy the smoking experience you might enjoy vape with CBD hemp if the “burn sensation” bothers your throat, etc. This might provide something different for you \’\’and your friends to experience. Whether you decide to smoke or vape, let us take a minute to look at a few of the effects from some CBD hemp strains.

CBD Hemp Strains

  • Bubba Kush therapeutic benefits show a soothing effect on the nerves while significantly relaxing the muscles. Bubba Kush is not a sudden fast-moving relaxation but the kind that lingers. Because of the soothing quieting effect that lingers, Bubba Kush is effective in some cases as an anti-anxiety agent, an appetite suppressant \’\’and is recognized improving nighttime sleep.
  • CB Dawg — therapeutic benefits include benefits such as a relaxed, clear-headed \’\’and focused affect. CB Dawg also works well to control pain occurring in headaches, including migraines \’\’and pain radiating from the neck. It has reduced nausea \’\’and restlessness in a variety of instances. This hemp strain may also stimulate appetite for individual in treatment for cancer or other appetite-depriving conditions.
  • Moon Rock Astroids — are the most potent smokeable form of CBD containing up to 50% CBD compared to tinctures at 5 – 20% CBD per serving. Smoking CBD Moon Rocks allows the CBD effects felt in 10 – 15 minutes. Smoking high concentrated CBD moon rocks, provides an absorption of around 35 – 60% into the blood stream compared to 20 – 30% when consumed otherwise.

Evangelizing with CBD Hemp Creams

If you are “evangelizing” in areas other than smokable hemp flower, let us look at creams, lotions \’\’and facial creams. You may have been raised in the era of “self-care doesn’t matter” but this theory is a myth because it does matter. Now you can do double duty to catch up in self care with moisturizing with lotions which are also infused with CBD. So, if your friends do not enjoy the smoking scene, introduce them to self-care. Why not have a “self-care party with some of your girl friends \’\’and treat yourselves to all things hemp.

Your skin can be moisturized, \’\’and it can be healed because your skin is the largest organ of your entire body. There are Endocannabinoid System receptors in your skin so even if the lotion did not go further than your skin it has accomplished much. But it can pass through your skin when applied to arthritic joints, etc.

Evangelizing with CBD Edibles

The third way to “evangelize with CBD hemp is with edibles. Everybody loves Chocolate Chip Cookies, Brownies \’\’and let us include here gummies. You can make gummies or you can order them from Dr Strains CBD online shop. Their gummies are delicious \’\’and melt nicely under the tongue so it can make its way more quickly into the blood stream.

Then what about all the breads you can make, toast a slice, spread with butter \’\’and a little jam \’\’and dose with CBD all in one fell schwoop. It is a little more difficult to feels the effects in the edibles but that does not mean that you do not have the benefits of CBD hemp. In edibles, the CBD also has to move through your digestive system before impacting your bloodstream. So that takes a little longer.

The “Evangelizing Scoop” Last Words

CBD hemp products are popping up everywhere in all different forms. For this reason, you must read the labels \’\’and ask for the COA’s on the product to make sure you are getting high quality product.

If you want more information on all things CBD, read other posts here on our blog.

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