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cbdEverything You Must Know About Calculating the Shelf Life of CBD Hemp Flower

Everything You Must Know About Calculating the Shelf Life of CBD Hemp Flower

As CBD hemp flower products surge the market, they are making their way into kitchens.  Across America, hemp enthusiasts are baking delectable cookies \’\’and breads. Rather than alcohol \’\’and wine bars in homes, CBD hemp flower bars are stocked with a variety of CBD hemp flower strains for smoking \’\’and vaping. Hemp flower strains are more or less readily available, however in some states, the availability may be limited. A cannabis hemp-ready kitchen \’\’and a CBD hemp flower-ready bar require knowledge of shelf life. The shelf life of CBD hemp flower is shortened or lengthened according to storage methods.

The Shelf Life of CBD Hemp Flower in the Cannabis Kitchen

Staples for your cannabis kitchen will include CBD hemp flower, hemp seeds \’\’and CBD oil for baking or hemp seed oil. If a bottle of hemp seed oil is unopened, its shelf life is around 14 months. It does however depend on how it is processed \’\’and packaged. Whether hemp seed oil or CBD oil for baking, both are best kept in a cool place out of the light.  These points will extend the shelf life after it is opened. For long term storage, place in the freezer, but if you are going to use it within six months, store in the refrigerator.

CBD hemp flower shelf life is important as CBD hemp bud nugs are a staple in your cannabis kitchen. With them you can crumble it \’\’and decarboxylate it for use in chocolate chip cookie recipes, etc. Another great option is CBD shake which is already crumbled, so you only have to decarboxylate hemp flower.

Humidity \’\’and Light are Most Important for CBD Hemp Bud Storage

It is all about humidity, temperature \’\’and light to increase shelf life. It is vitally important to keep best dryness \’\’and firm crispness of the hemp bud. Storing it in temperatures between 77 degrees \’\’and 86 degrees F keeps the moisture level stable..  Oxygen contributes to the degradation of the natural cannabinoid compounds in the plant as well as reducing potency \’\’and effectiveness. For this reason, plastic bags or Ziploc bags are unfit for storage leaving the ideal containers as Mason jars with an airtight seal.  This protects from compromised humidity as well \’\’and contaminants.

Before we leave the cannabis kitchen, let’s talk about edibles made with decarboxylate hemp flour or CBD oil infused products. The best way to keep the edibles fresh \’\’and preserve the potency would be to refrigerate or freeze for longer preservation. Usually if you are infusing drinks like tea or coffee with CBD oil, it is for one serving that you are going to drink within 30 to 60 minutes so preservation for a longer period is irrelevant.

CBD Hemp Flower Shelf Life for Your “CBD Hemp Bar”

CBD hemp may have a great many good qualities, but it tends to be fragile when stored. You can create a “hemp flower bar” for friends to smoke around the pool, then you may do well to purchase hemp flower wholesale. In this case, you will want to be sure \’\’and store it properly so it will endure.

CBD hemp flower shelf life is increased by storing the flower nugs in Mason sealable jars because the glass jars further cures the CBD hemp bud. But the Mason jars must be far from direct sunlight to preserve their virility, crispness \’\’and longevity.

Shelf Life of CBD hemp Flower – Two Years

Here is the good news. The shelf life of CBD hemp flower, if you store it properly, can be up to two years. With glass containers, steady moderate temperatures \’\’and out of the sunlight will provide the protection to prevent mold, trichome breakdown \’\’and a degraded CBD hemp flower strain.

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