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cbdEverything You Must Know Today About CBD Flower

Everything You Must Know Today About CBD Flower

“This post tells you everything you must know today about CBD flower so you can enjoy health benefits and a recreational experience of extraordinary savors.”

Dr. Strains CBD Springs to Action with Delta 8 Flowers

Goliath Delta 8 Flower

Named for its big thick buds, this Goliath D8 is an Indica dominant hybrid. Looking for a strain that relaxes but doesn’t put you to sleep? Well, look no further! This Goliath D8 is ideal for stress, making this a good end-of-the-day smoke.


  • Buzzing the Terminology
  • CBD vs Delta 9 THC
  • Tastes vs Aromas
  • Effects vs Benefits
  • “All Points of View”
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Just the day you think you are in all knowledge about all things CBD hemp flower related, the researchers get even more innovative and find additional hemp products to make.  They are also continually finding more natural compounds in the hemp flower that can benefit you health-wise and recreational-wise. One of the more outstanding factors is the ability of the manufacturers to extract the various cannabinoids so as to provide extract concentrates to the consumer.  But let’s look at all the things you must know today.

You Must Know Today About CBD Flower – Buzzing the Terminology

CBD hemp pre-rolls – These could be called joints but most CBD hemp users do not use that term. Pre-rolls are simple to use, easy to measure the amount you are getting, and portable.

Hemp Flower – There are multiple ways to refer to the hemp flower but they all mean the same. Other terms include hemp bud, hemp flower nug, CBD flower, and CBD hemp flower.

Non-Intoxicating – This means that no part of the CBD hemp flower intoxicates a user or leaves them in any way with an intoxicated outcome.

You Must Know Today About CBD Flower – CBD vs Delta 8 THC vs Delta 9 THC

All three of these are cannabinoids but only three of dozens that we know about. CBD is the most commonly known and used but new ones are coming online all the time. The other one that everyone knows about is Delta 9 THC because it is the one found in high content in marijuana. To remain legal, hemp can only have 0.3% or less of Delta 9 THC because it is the intoxicating factor of cannabis.

Then There Was Delta 8 THC

Delta 8 THC is related to Delta 9 THC but because of its position in the chemical structure it is not intoxicating but it is energizing. Delta 8 THC users say that they feel a body high of sorts but mentally they stay in reality unlike what happens to Delta 9 THC users.  Delta 8 THC also has some unique different health benefits than other hemp cannabinoids. It has neuroprotective properties which can mitigate neurodegenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s Disease and Parkinson’s Disease, etc.

You Must Know Today About CBD Flower – Tastes vs. Aromas

Tastes and aromas are summed up as savors of the hemp flower. When you smoke or dry vape it, you may be more aware of the aroma than of the tastes or flavors. But whichever you go for, let’s look at which terpene commands which taste or which aroma.

  • Terpinolene consistently holds the fruity flavor or to some also a herbal or floral flavor. The aroma here is not very distinct but flies in all directions.
  • Caryophyllene is all spicy and flows down your throat with a snappy peppermint sensation. Then on the aroma side, it lends to a woody, clove-like smoke.
  • Linalool may resemble lavender and floral, but it also offers a light and crisp taste. Now the aroma is unmistakably floral,
  • Myrcene only has a hint of taste but is usually identified as mango-like and always a dankness. The aroma is also dank and unmistakably so.
  • Pinene, don’t worry, does not taste like chewing on a pinecone but it does have an earthiness in the flavor.
  • Humulene is also earthy, but hold on, you will sense an undertone of hops. For the aroma of this terpene, the user will enjoy a woody, earthy smoke.

You Must Know Today About CBD Flower – Effects vs Benefits

If you are a hemp smoker, you’ll enjoy the effects of the hemp flower smoke. The effects are different than the savors even though both have an effect on the other. But the effects are one of two different types:

  • Sativa – uplifting, energizing for daytime use;
  • Indica – calming, relaxing but no couch-lock and generally for nighttime use;
  • Hybrid – a varying combination of the above two effects.

So, when you smoke hemp flowers by yourself or around the pool with friends in the evening or Saturday afternoon, it is important to consider which flower you are smoking or dry vaping. If you smoke a Sativa hemp flower at night, you may be still rockin’ and rollin’ at 2 AM. Just do your research when you purchase the flower and make sure you match the type with the time of day you want to smoke it.

“All Points of View”

As we have previously discussed, it is a personal journey to find the effects, the savors, and the benefits that work for you and what your body responds to. Also, be adventuresome and try the unexpected. Dr. Strain CBD has a wide variety of hemp flower strains for you to browse through and find the perfect one for you.

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