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hemp flowerExploring Other Aspects of Hemp Flower — HHC and More

Exploring Other Aspects of Hemp Flower — HHC and More

“When it comes to exploring other aspects of hemp flower, the options are multiplying almost daily, at least weekly with new and unique products.”

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 24K Moonrock has a Godfather OG Indica Strain aromatic profile that provides users with a mix of Earth notes and sweet citrus.  Its fresh scents highlight the dark nugs, giving the perfect indica smell and look.  Once the Delta 8 Flower has been infused with Godfather OG terpenes, the Delta 8 flower is coated with CBG Kief giving these Delta 8 THC Moon Rocks the ultimate experience.  Simply break the flower apart and smoke in a bowl or bong. DO NOT use a grinder with the 24K Moonrock Flower as the Kief will be lost in the grinding process. Enjoy all hemp flowers and products at Dr. Strains CBD


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  • What Is THC – O?
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There are hundreds of natural compounds that make up the hemp plant and the hemp flower.  Besides all the variations strains in the hemp arena, it contains all the following. These compounds include 115 cannabinoids, between 100 and 150 terpenes, flavonoids, and other proteins, and fiber that make up the most highly regarded medicinal flower.  

Exploring Other Aspects of Hemp Flower — The Aspect of HHC

HHC, hexahydrocannabinol, is a hydrogenated form of Delta 9 THC. Manufacturers obtain the HHC in the same way that margarine is produced by hardening vegetable oils.  Have you heard of hydrogenation?  Well, if not, it is the process of adding hydrogen atoms to a particular chemical structure.  The reason to add hydrogen atoms is to make the substance more stable.

The reason we do not hear about some of these aspects is that they are found only in trace amounts.  Delta 8 THC is the same way before manufacturers discovered that it is possible to extract it and add it back into the hemp flower product. HHC is only in trace amounts but again, as manufacturers are getting creative, and they use the process of adding hydrogen atoms.  HHC is naturally in hemp and using the hydrogenation process it becomes a useable product for the consumer.

We will not go into all the scientific explanations of HHC, but here is one point that everyone must know. The chemical process that happens to make it useable to the consumer enhances its efficacy in the human body and binding to the CB receptors of the endocannabinoid system. This is particularly true in reference to mitigating pain. HHC does not lose potency as it is exposed, over time, to the environment of light, heat, and air.

Exploring Other Aspects of Hemp Flower — What is THC – O?

The THC-O aspect recently multiplied its user base and it identified as the “psychedelic cannabinoid”.  Some users say that it can have a strength of five times higher than Delta 8 THC and more potent even than Delta 9 THC.  But one thing you need to know about it is that is a synthetic product, but it is not a natural compound in the hemp flower. However, here is the twist. The origins of THC – O begin with the infamous hemp flower CBD which is converted to Delta 8 THC. The next steps, that of adding acetic anhydride, start this substance to become more synthetic. The reason this substance is added is to create the actual acetate of THC – O.

The Effects of THC – O

Those that use THC – O report a sensation of a “spiritual high” and some euphoria leaving them introspective. Generally, people say that the high from THC – O is more psilocybin vs Delta 9 THC and with some hallucinogenic characteristics.

You may also feel more creative, happy, and relaxed, although the THC-O high appears to be couch-lock-free for most. THC-O almost certainly deprives you of your finer motor skills and you should never take if before driving or operating heavy machinery.

All Points of View

Whatever you decide to use the CBD hemp flower for — health benefits or the effects and savors — it has a multiplicity in both. If you use it for none of these or the substances discussed here, the very fact that it is singlehandedly saving the environment because of its wide versatility and the fact that it leaves no waste in its wake. Hemp, the plant for all humanity and all environments.

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