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cbdExploring the “Budding Rise” of CBD Buds

Exploring the “Budding Rise” of CBD Buds

CBD buds are the flowers of female hemp plants so the term “bud” \’\’and “flower” can be interchangeable but in some cases CBD bud means something else.  They are specially bred to contain very high levels of cannabidiol \’\’and low levels of THC, even lower than the legal limit.  Cannabis buds can produce psychoactive effects \’\’and are illegal in most states.

CBD Bud in All It’s Stickiness

CBD levels in the sticky CBD buds are high in mid-teens to low 20s. The THC levels are below 0.2%. These buds will not cause a high, but they may look like \’\’and smell like cannabis flowers

CBD, THC \’\’and many other cannabinoids reside in trichome crystals that coat cannabis flowers. In order to make high value CBD concentrates to infuse with, there is a sifting process of the buds \’\’and frosty leaves.

Some CBD bud strains have higher CBD content \’\’and so have stickier buds. But a hemp grower can boost the CBD content even higher by doing things differently in the growing process.  When reducing humidity below 45% RH during last 2-3 weeks before harvest, the CBD buds will be sticker. This lowering of the humidity triggers a natural a plant response that has the potential of creating a denser bud \’\’and increase resin production.

CBD Bud Enhancement

The hemp grower can also enhance the plant by adding amino acids \’\’and trace mineral additives. Or another possibility is increasing phosphorus or potassium. The CBD bud gains a lot of weight \’\’and density during the last weeks before harvest. So it it important that the hemp grower does not harvest early.

If you are looking for CBD for sale, this can be a question to ask the vendor if either of these methods were used to create this sticky CBD bud which is more desirable.

CBD Bud Times Three

Hemp CBD bud is available in sativa, indica \’\’and hybrid with many of the same names as marijuana strains. This means it is important to pay attention to the small print regarding the percentage of THC. Each CBD bud has its unique terpene \’\’and cannabinoid profile to produce slightly different effects. Sativa strains can be invigorating; indica strains can bring on sleepiness.

CBD buds have a variety of uses besides using them for infusing purposes. You can vaporize or smoke CBD buds \’\’and thus experience a higher experience with better effects. The ground CBD buds can also be rolled into pre-roll joint making it more convenient for the user. The portable \’\’and desktop dry herb vaporizer are two very effective methods of vaporizing \’\’and it is less harsh on the throat.

CBD Bud Infused Products

The CBD nugs have CBD percentages but to increase the potency, CBD oil can be infused into these nugs.  This is not for the purpose of getting “high” but for some health conditions a higher dose of CBD will create a better outcome. There are creams \’\’and lotions as well infused with the CBD bud oil. Each of these can be applied to the skin for relief of a variety of muscle \’\’and tendon pain as well as arthritis pain in your joints.

The infusion product is simply what it says. CBD bud is infused or laced into the product. This ensures more enjoyment for you \’\’and it also provides higher health benefits because of higher CBD content.

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