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hemp flowerExploring the Firecracker Hemp Flower Deals

Exploring the Firecracker Hemp Flower Deals

“When we set out to explore the firecracker hemp flower deals in the first week of the new year of 2023, there are surprises galore.” The surprises are sitting on the shelves at Dr. Strains CBD. You will not find a better selection of remarkable hemp flower strains and hemp products that at this brick-and-mortar shop as well as an online store.  There is a reason they are full of sales on great products and that is because they purchase their hemp flower strains from smaller farms when they care for their crop with much more precision.

Where will you find all three of the Deltas? Dr. Strains CBD has Delta 8 flowers, Delta 9 gummies and Delta 10 carts. Maybe you prefer vape options rather than smoking.  Dr. Strains CBD has the Yocan Vaporizer for dry vaping. They also have disposable liquid vape pens and batteries to go with them.  They also carry CBD gummies and D8 gummies as well as CBD-infused lotions and D8 lotions. Visit Dr. Strains CBD for all the great specials as 2023 begins.

Dr. Strains CBD Celebrates Hemp Flower Specials

CBD Flower specials

CBD Moon Rock Asteroids

Hand-trimmed lightly seeded hemp flower, soaked in CBD distillate infused with Sour Diesel terpenes, and finally rolled in ultra-fine CBD kief!  An incredible scent and packed with flavor! Our exclusive CBD Moon Rock Asteroids is smooth to smoke and officially named Dr. Strains Asteroids!  Our Products are sourced from the finest organic farms that practice safe farming practices and instill love and generations of the discipline into every harvest.  Remember to use the CODE — HNY15 to get 15% off of all your purchases December 30 to January 2.

Hemp FlowerCannibeast HHC Noire Disposables!

Are you a fan of Rock & Roll? Or are you a fan of spooky things? Well, these Cannibeast HHC Noire Disposables may be for you! Remember to use the CODE — HNY15 to get 15% off of all your purchases December 30 to January 2.  Our friends at Cannibeast always come through with not only top of the line artwork, but top of the line’s flavors. Packed full of terpenes, each hit is guaranteed most flavorful then any before the last. Each package comes with a QR code that gives you an authentic product lab result.  Cannibeast HHC Noire Disposables come in six strains:

  • Black Panther Lemondade – Indica
  • Dr. Diesel – Hybrid
  • Granddaddy Purple – Hybrid
  • Jack Herer – Sativa
  • Laughing Buddha – Sativa
  • Zkittlez – Indica


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Firecracker Hemp Flower Deals

Firecracker Hemp Flower Deals – The Flowers of the Year 

Our premium Lifter Hemp Flower boasts CBD content of over 17% and .027% of Delta 9 THC. The Lifter hemp flower has amazing formation of crystals, beautiful purple hairs and flakes of orange.  But that is not all. The Lifter sports an incredible skunky but yet sweet aroma that is smooth and gets the job done for the user!  This hemp flower strain has to be the first on your list to buy in 2023. It has it all high CBD and a blessed aroma the has a perfect mirage of sweet to harsh strong.

The CBG D8 Hemp Flower Strain

This is one of the firecracker hemp flower deals that is exquisite.  CBG strain is a favorite with over 17% CBG.  CBG is quickly coming to level of CBD for benefits.  So, this CBG D8 hemp flower strain will be loaded to the gilts with health benefits like anti-bacterial, pain mitigated and so much more.  This is truly one of the finest top-shelf CBG hemp flower strains available. The aroma is a lovely fruity citrus-like grapefruit aroma. It sports a dense and tight texture, but it is fragile.

This is good news because it makes it easier to prepare for packing bowls or even rolling papers. To the naked eye, you will see white crystals and orange hairs, so you know it has a good supply of terpenes.

Firecracker Hemp Flower Deals Looks At

Hawaiian Haze hemp flower is organically grown, hand-trimmed and seedless. A beautiful green bud is graced with an abundance of red hairs and all those crystals. The frosty coating of crystals speaks to the amount of terpenes that graces these hemp flower strain.  The smoke aroma is a sweet tropical to be true to its name.

The smoke is smooth and affords a strong 17% plus content of CBD.  This hemp flower strain also works well in a Yocan Vaporizer. Some do not like the harshness of smoking on in their lungs if they happen to be sensitive to the burnt aspect.  The Vaporizer makes for a great alternative because the hemp flower aroma is delivered to your lungs as steam.  It still falls into the pulmonary administration method of dosing.

Firecracker hemp flower deals

Firecracker Hemp Flower Deals – Product for the Best Smoke or Vape

You may prefer purchasing hemp pre-rolls because it’s less of a hassle that rolling your own and that is fine. Dr. Strains CBD has a supply of hemp pre-rolls and D8 hemp rolls for your pleasures. But in the case that you are adventuresome and want to roll your own. Here are some products you need.

These RAW Pre-rolled tips are designed specifically for use in hand-rolled joints. Roll your joint out, and then use one of the pre-rolled tips to create the perfect smoke. No more using rolling paper tips that don’t fit!  These RAW Pre-rolled tips are designed specifically for use in hand-rolled joints. Roll your joint out, and then use one of the pre-rolled tips to create the perfect smoke. No more using rolling paper tips that don’t fit! This are chemical and chlorine free and cost just $1.99!

Bible Rolling Papers

If you are in search of holy organic hemp papers, look no further than Dr. Strains CBD. Now you can enjoy your favorite hemp flower rolled into your own personal joints to carry with you. These Bible Rolling Papers will allow you a clean smoke so every flavor of your flower can be enjoyed. Bible Rolling Paper prides themselves on being the Treasure of the United Smokers!

Firecracker hemp flower deals also includes a rolling machine, and a rolling tray will make your job much easier to roll your own. You can even invite your friends over and have a roll party.  For these, however, you need a supply on hand. Now is the best time to get you supply with Dr. Strains CBD 15% off through January 2. Remember to use the CODE — HNY15 to get 15% off of all your purchases December 30 to January 2.

The Vape of it All

As we talked about above, some prefer dry vaping the hemp flower because it lands in the lungs a bit softer. The Yocan Vaporizer is a dry vape deal. It has two compartments, one for water and one for the ground hemp flower. When you flip a switch, the water heats up to the right temp and then starts creating the hemp flower steam and that is what goes into your lungs. You get the same benefits, but it is easier on your lungs than the burnt of smoking.

firecracker hemp flower deals

Firecracker Hemp Flower Deals – The Topicals for the Best Start

The best firecracker hemp flower deals has to include topicals and edibles because there are some of the most creative. Also, if you are talking topicals, in my experience they are the best for knocking out pain.

If you want to give a great gift from the CBD line of products, the first you want to purchase is a supply of the CBD Bath Bombs.  They are a blend of premium natural ingredients and 100mg of high-quality CBD that helps your body from head to toe in a bath spa right in the comfort of your home.  Enjoy this relaxing and fizzy fun any day of the week with any CBD Bath Bombs.

Knock Out That Pain

A survey recently done among hemp users found that the number 1 reason that they started using hemp was because of pain. Most of the hemp cannabinoids target pain from every side. I can speak from personal experience about the pain reducing factor of CBD. I have osteoarthritis and I use various topicals morning and evening time to manage the pain I have in several joints. CBD does work. The pain may not 100% dissipate but it manages it.  But it is important to massage the CBD infused lotion thoroughly into the joint area.

Remember another thing. It is advisable to switch off between two different topicals just to keep your body engages and working the best way possible. Here are several different CBD infused topicals Dr. Strains CBD has in their inventory. I have tried all of them and they all work.


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Dr. Strains CBD only sources its CBD bud from small hemp farms. We purchase all our CBD hemp flower from these small hemp farms because of the extra attention and care that they indulge on each hemp plant that they grow.  This type of care makes for a more precisely trimmed flower nug as well as better cannabinoid and terpene profiles.  Check out our online shop or contact us for more information.

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