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cbdFact or Fancy of the CBD Hemp Bud Industry

Fact or Fancy of the CBD Hemp Bud Industry

Fact or Fancy #1 – CBD Hemp Bud

CBD hemp bud has not been scientifically proven to help health conditions

 Fancy — In today’s world some feel that FDA is the Goddess of the only thing which will help any medical conditions. They have certified are approved many useful drugs but there are other alternative remedies that have proven success. CBD hemp bud is one of those remedies. However, interestingly enough, FDA has scientifically proven that CBD does help health conditions, particularly with seizures. FDA is vague about other possibilities that CBD is usefully for other health conditions saying, “there is some indication CBD might be useful…”  But the assertion that CBD has not been proven to help any conditions is simply not accurate.

Fact — Recently, FDA approved Epidiolex, a CBD-based medication, for seizure disorders that are difficult to treat. The clinical trials were so significant that FDA could not ignore them. But there are many other reasons to use CBD hemp flower in many forms without side effects than many pharmaceuticals give.

Fact or Fancy #2 of CBD Hemp Bud

CBD is a marketing scam

Fancy — CBD is not a marketing scam even though it has hit the market like a meteorite \’\’and continues to light up the sky.

Fact — CBD has been proven to correct a great many conditions by a host of lay people. Even doctors are, unofficially of course, applauding its use as patients report the favorable benefits. CBD is not a cure-all, perhaps, but with consistent use, monitoring the correct dosage \’\’and finding the appropriate delivery method for particular health conditions, it comes in as a close second as more \’\’and CBD users realize benefits as their Endocannabinoid System becomes balanced once again.

Fact or Fancy #3

The more CBD hemp bud I can take the better

Fancy — If you take a dropper of CBD tincture but feel nothing so take another dropper in 30 minutes followed by another \’\’and on, you are probably expecting the wrong feeling. This is true of smoking CBD hemp bud or vaping with CBD vape juice.

Fact — The truth is, some CBD hemp bud strains have an immediate effect while others come on slowly. The second truth is consistently dosing with whatever delivery method you prefer is the best proof in the proverbial pudding. It may take awhile to find what dosage works for you \’\’and which delivery method works for your particular health condition, but it still remains a myth or fancy that the more you take of CBD the better. It is important to make small changes in the dosage rather than over-dosing.

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