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hemp flowerFactors Affecting the Shelf Life of Hemp Flower

Factors Affecting the Shelf Life of Hemp Flower

“The factors affecting the shelf life of hemp flower may seem like unnecessary advice because you buy, you use and that’s it.


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See Below for more info and other Exciting Inventory!


See Below for more info and other Exciting Inventory!



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The factors affecting the shelf life of hemp flower may not affect you right now. What if that changes or you order hemp flower for a party and have some leftovers?  You will not want to toss it because that would be hard on the pocketbook. For this, you will need to know about factors affecting the shelf life of hemp flower. So, let’s look at the three most important factors. All three of these factors impact the best dryness and most firm crispness of the hemp flower.




Your favorite snacks just got infused! A new and yummy way to eat your D8 is in a 250mg D8 Cereal.  Our 250mg D8 Cereal comes in an assortment of flavors such as:

  • Cocoa Smacks
  • Stoney Jacks
  • Tiger Bites
  • Chocolate Balls
  • Fruity Nuggs
  • Rainbow Rings
  • Fruitti Rocks
  • Berry Boss
  • Cookie Cat Crunch

if this is your first-time eating D8 edibles the suggested Serving size is 1/2 of the pack. Wait about 60 minutes after ingesting for it to take effect.  All of our products come from farmers who run smaller operations. We’ve made this business decision for one reason and one reason only, QUALITY.


Factors Affecting the Shelf Life of Hemp Flower — Humidity

The relative humidity range to store hemp flower is between 57-63%. Hemp can be stored this way for months and up to two years because humidity plays a key role to maintain quality. When hemp farmers are storing the hemp and hemp flower, humidity is a concern then as well. But the reason may be a little different as they are attempting to maintain as high a weight as possible for when they sell it.  But it is also important to store without humidity once it arrives at your home.  Now the reason to control the humidity is so that it does not get moldy with a buildup of moisture.


Factors Affecting the Shelf Life of Hemp Flower — Temperature

For best preservation of potency and form requires the temperature to be between 77 degrees and 86 degrees F. The best temperature will also facilitate the best humidity levels because these two factors work hand in hand.


Since it is so important to keep storage location someplace that has little light or a fluctuation in moisture.  That means that you should not store in the bathroom, the kitchen, or the garage. The reason for this is that those places are not stable environments when considering moisture, light, or temperature.


Factors Affecting the Shelf Life of Hemp Flower — Light

If you are an occasional user, this very well does not affect you now but let’s look at another of the factors affecting the shelf life of hemp flower. However, you never know when suddenly you need to preserve the hemp flower in the best way possible. All three of these factors are important but light may rise to the top here. Hemp flower is best preserved if stored in the deep recesses of your pantry.  The hemp flower on the hemp plant may very well need sufficient light to grow and mature. However, after it is harvested, the tables are turned and the dark including being in a tinted glass jar will lend itself to its best preservation.


Factors Affecting the Shelf Life of Hemp Flower — Storage

Another factor affecting the shelf life of hemp flower is oxygen. Oxygen contributes causes the hemp buds to degrade and thus lose potency which means you will not have all the benefits.  In order to preserve the potency, it is best to utilize a glass jar that seals rather than a Ziplock plastic bag.  If you store it properly, your hemp flower is still fresh and the potency intact, so it can last at least 20 years.


“The Last Points of View”

If you are ordering your hemp flower supply from Dr. Strains CBD, then you will receive a carefully packaged supply to arrive at your home in the best condition possible then you will need to proceed with the instructions above to keep it inappropriate storage.  If you are one of the hemp users that has created a “hemp flower bar”, they you have a great way to secure a place to store all your hemp flower for whatever reason you use it.



If you want more information on all things CBD, read other posts here on our blog.



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