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cbd*** ARTICLE of the WEEK *** Flip a Coin for The Best CBD Flower Products

*** ARTICLE of the WEEK *** Flip a Coin for The Best CBD Flower Products

“CBD flower products have a list that is growing as manufacturers and researchers find more ways to better express all the benefits.  Then the number of hemp products you can create yourself doubles that even further.  Some like to express a certain hemp flower strain for a particular health challenge and that is where you can choose your CBD hemp flower strain and to make  hemp rolls, CBD candles, and a multitude of delicious CBD hemp flower edibles and massage oils.”


Dr. Strains CBD has “BOO–Grandioso” Flowers

Umpqua @ $16.99 for ½ oz.


This flower has beautiful, frosty bud, which can also mean “dancing waters.  Umpqua Hemp Flower pays homage to Oregon’s Umpqua Valley Native American tribes. Our CBD flowers are the perfect way to relax after a stressful day. They offer a similar experience to ACDC/Cannatonic/Suzy Q/Harlequin in terms of expected effects.  Umpqua Hemp Flower has a lovely frosty look as if they were dipped in sugar, contrasting on a bright lime green color with orange hairs. This bud gives a strong, sweet smell, with pine, citrus notes, and sometimes hints of hops or peaches.  Let this Indica dominant hybrid take you on a walk through a pine forest and leave you rested and ready for your day’s challenges.


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  • Introduction 
  • Most Unusual 
  • All About the  Edibles and Tinctures
  • The Art of The Roll 
  • Best Topicals
  • Wax Eloquent with CBD Concentrates
  • “CBD Flipped On” Concluding Thoughts
  • Dr. Strains CBD  “Showcase”


The products we are talking about are legal, they are effective and they are readily available near you. The hemp flower was legalized with the 2018 Farm Bill even though it had some limited research availability. But even before 2018, the research that scientists completed drove the popularity off all things hemp and CBD.  Vendors saw quickly that this was a product that had to be on their shelves. Some enjoyed smoking nicotine in the past but are finding that smokable hemp is a great alternative with the addictive nature and the negative health impacts of nicotine. And besides that they get a dose of health even though that is NOT why they started smoking in the first place.

As these three years have passed, manufactures keep figuring out another product with CBD that adds additional options to dosing choices. They is not only about preference, it is also about effectiveness. One product may be more effective than the other for certain individuals or for certain health conditions.




CBD flower products are influencing our lives daily and in most aspects which is amazing considering it was legalized only with 2018 Farm Bill. Research was well on its way though, because some had permission to grow hemp and research it so long as they operated under the direction of a state university. Researchers and scientist became quickly aware of the enormity of these products as they continued to examine and research the hemp plant and the hemp flower.


The benefits started multiplying for the CBD flower products as researchers took a deep dive into the various cannabinoids that they found in the hemp flower or when they unearthed new cannabinoids or terpenes.  It continued as they repeatedly found health benefits that are making a significant difference for you and many others suffering from chronic health conditions particularly when consuming these CBD flower products. It is making such an impact with individuals that the medical professionals are taking notice to the point of having an FDA approval on at least of the CBD flower products.

What it Really Means

That means that clinical trials are conducted on CBD flower products just to find out in blind studies that CBD is making a drastic difference. So, here we are today looking at explosive growth of farming hemp plant because the demand for CBD flower products has reached a high crescendo from the consumer. It only is increasing as the news spreads that hemp flower impacts chronic conditions like insomnia, anxiety, pain, depression and all kinds of inflammation that is the precursor to many other conditions.

FDA  Approvals

FDA as approved a couple pharmaceuticals for seizures in children which are extraordinarily successful. This shows the importance of CBD flower products for consumers today who have suffered for years with ineffective chemical pharmaceuticals.  But to be clear, CBD flower products and the hemp flower are not magic, but they are effective. CBD flower products are effective because they work with the Endocannabinoid System within our body, or better said CBD flower products help to restore homeostasis,  or balance to our bodies.  Now it is time to take the journey through a great variety of CBD flower products so that you can better understand the length and breadth of CBD, hemp flower, the hemp plant and the 100s of CBD flower products.


All About the Flowers


CBD flower products must start somewhere and in this case it all happens in the hemp field when the hemp farmer plants his crop then some months later does the all-important harvest. Hemp is not only good for the consumer in the many CBD flower products to ease the pain of osteoarthrosis, the weariness of insomnia, the panic of anxiety and much more, but it is good for the soil and for the farmer. Smokers are pleased that they can now enjoy the savors of smokable hemp without the subsequent psychoactive effects, paranoia and a high that loses them hours and sometimes days.


The Inside Story on Hemp

When it comes to making the products, the hemp extract is in the form of what most call CBD oil and it must be extracted from the flower. On the hand, the CBD flower product may use ground and decarboxylated hemp flower for edibles and some bath bombs and even candles. Usually, it is the individual’s choice whether to use CBD oil or CBD hemp flower because either way you have the benefits of all the cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and other natural compounds in the CBD flower products you create.


Got Flower?

Either way, whether you purchase your CBD flower products or make them yourself, you have benefits from CBD. For all of them you will want certain hemp flowers, yes, ones that are as high in CBD as possible because that is the cannabinoid that yields the most benefits. CBG is fast climbing the ladder to excellency as far as benefits go. Your DIY projects will provide you the best benefits if you use the right flower. The right flower could be one that has the cannabinoids and terpenes that specifically address a specific health challenge which you are suffering from.


Most Unusual Products


As CBD flower products have exploded globally, some researchers and manufactures have come up with some extremely unique, but effective, products.  Without doubt, everyone wants to make money as well as create something unusual, but beyond that, there are a great many CBD flower products because they give the consumer more choices of how he or she will dose.  One the other hand, some CBD flower products are effective for some but for others not so much. Have you ever wondered why there is an entire aisle in the store for just all the varieties of shampoo and conditioner? CBD flower products have the same variety and here are the reasons why:


  • Personal preference.
  • Effectiveness for a particular person.


Same way with CBD flower products. A topical may work for some health conditions but not for others. The sublingual tincture may be the perfect solution to relieve depression but not the best for CBD flower products for joint pain. Ultimately you are the one who is especially suited to make the choice for you and for your condition.  The next CBD flower products we are talking about are specific and unique and in some cases particular to certain situations because it is important to be more discreet in dosing at times. These options include chewing on a toothpick or popping CBD-infused gum in right before a golf game and even the CBD flower products of CBD-infused pillows.



You finish your meal at a restaurant, go pay your bill at the cashier and there is a little box that you can press a bar and a toothpick rolls out. More than likely, that is not one of the CBD flower products and thus infused with CBD. You probably use it to pick out a few pieces of food stuck in your teeth but what do you do for the next hour or so? That’s right, you chew on this CBD flower product and roll it over your tongue.


Today these pointed little sticks have joined the ranks of CBD flower products that you have access to.  It may be difficult to view these little sticks as another method to dose with CBD, but it is just that. CBD flower products score with this creation as it is discreet, something you often chew/such on so when not have it coated and infused with CBD.


Micro-Dose It!

These CBD flower products are simply a regular toothpick that is subsequently coated and infused with CBD oil.  Again, this is another way for you to get at least part of your daily dose of CBD.  If you keep a little box of these CBD flower products at your desk at work, you can grab one and chew on it and continue doing your work at the office.  CBD flower products are particularly designed to slowly release the CBD cannabinoid into your mouth as you roll it around over your tongue or chew on it.


These CBD flower products give you a discreet way to take a low dose of CBD and is an exceptionally good way to micro-dose throughout the day.  Micro-dosing with CBD flower products includes the following routine. The dose is generally between 10 – 25 mg of CBD so this is a perfect dose when doing the micro-dosing throughout the day like every 2-3 hours. If you are concerned about doing a therapeutic dose, then these are not the effective way to accomplish a therapeutic dose.


Fast Acting and Convenient

If you are looking for a quick-acting dose, these CBD flower products are fast and a perfect on-the-go way to dose with CBD.  As the CBD oil – coated toothpick rolls over your tongue or rests against your cheek, CBD is released. If the flavor starts fading, these CBD flower products have a back-up plan, chew away on your toothpick, and you will absorb more CBD.  Again, you can feel the benefits and effects immediately of these CBD flower products.


The toothpicks are some of the more important CBD flower products which are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream like how the sublingual tinctures are absorbed. CBD toothpicks allow for sublingual and ingestible delivery of the CBD and other hemp extract that is released into the sublingual oral cavities of the gums, the tongue, cheeks, and even the lips.  The best CBD flower products may very well be these CBD-coat toothpicks because they are also infused with spilanthes which is an herb that induces saliva. Because of this herb in these CBD flower products, the CBD-infused toothpick acts more quickly.


BD-infused Pillows

Have you ever gone to bed and had, supposedly, a night’s sleep but you get up in the morning and feel more tired and anxious than when you went to bed?  The advantage of the CBD flower products is that they can, not only sleep but it is a calm and restful sleep. CBD flower products include this most important item to help with chronic insomnia and the anxiety that may cause it.


Why CBD Topicals are Effective

CBD topicals are particularly effective because the skin is the largest organ in the body and has its own Endocannabinoid System. These CBD flower products of the CBD-infused pillow works like the topicals because the CBD absorbs directly into your skin.  Another of the CBD flower products is the CBD-infused therapeutic patch which is like how the CBD-infused pillows work.  Consequently, when you lay your head on a pillow, a small amount of CBD is released into your skin throughout the night. The CBD flower products provide two different options of pillows. Some pillows are infused with CBD-fill capsules, but others only infuse the cover of the pillow. Again, CBD flower products have variety so you can choose the one that best meets your needs.


The CBD-infused Pillow Technology

These CBD flower products are infused with micro-encapsulation technology that embeds millions of CBD micro-capsules into the pillow that are released as you move during the night.  CBD is one of the more important hemp flower cannabinoids that addresses the challenges individuals have with insomnia and anxiety. This is another health concern that CBD flower products may be able to reduce.  The CBD flower product of the CBD-infused pillow allows slow release of micro-doses of CBD all night.  The technology of these CBD flower products involve friction that causes the capsules to burst then slowly release micro-doses of CBD to be absorbed through hair follicles as well as the skin.  This is what regulates sleep, anxiety or pain throughout the night.  This CBD flower product is valuable for a relaxing calm and a better sleep.


Answers to Questions

CBD flower products puts CBD-infused pillows high on the list of must have products for many reasons but one question you may have right now is this. What happens when all the little CBD-infused capsules pop and release their load? Here’s your answer. The CBD flower products of pillows can be replaced to replenish the supply of CBD-infused capsules, so the pillow lasts indefinitely for continued benefits.



CBD flower products must include the innovative CBD gum that as time passes is more popular. It is popular particularly with golfers as it seems they are often chewing gum before and during their golfing times. But these CBD flower products are not only used by golfers. This is another discreet way to dose with CBD and it is also an effective way to micro-dose.  Usually, the CBD flower product like a piece of CBD-infused gum has between 10 to 20 mg of CBD which is a standard dose to make a difference whether you micro-dose or chew the gum for a standard dose. Part of the effectiveness of the CBD flower products is that it can energize the golfer and fortify his or her path for the game ahead.


Golfer’s Favorite

Some CBD flower products are not automatically on the shelf in a CBD flower dispensary or smoke shop.  But there is one place that you will always find CBD-infused gum and that is in a Golf Pro Shop. This CBD flower product is a favorite among golfers even above CBD-infused gummies or CBD oil capsules.  Some CBD flower products are not as widely used because some people dose therapeutically meaning that there will be higher doses needed. But those who like a continuing flow of CBD or prefer micro-dosing, CBD-infused gum as a CBD flower product is the talk of the town and sitting on the shelf for the professional or amateur golfer to perfect his or her game because they are well aware of the plethora of benefits in these CBD flower products.


This CBD flower product can bring benefits to the golfer to ace his or her game through:

  • Stress-reduction — The mental part of the golf game and other games is important and CBD flower products can help bring optimization to their performance.
  • Help with pain and injuries — The CBD gum and the golfer come together in conditioning before and easing pain after the game for a better game.
  • Focus and energy – CBD flower products like CBD gum provides energized focus for the golfer on the green trying to give lift and go airborne to its target.
  • Improves oral health – It enhances oral health, and this CBD flower product is safe to continue chewing the gum throughout the golf game or in any other time.


CBD-Infused Lip Balm

There are some CBD flower products which are particularly unique but always effective. The CBD-infused lip balm is one of those. There are soft moisturizing lip balms that probably make your lips feel good. This specific CBD flower product is another way to discreetly get a micro-dose of CBD to quiet your anxiety and nobody will know what you’re doing other than using lip balm.



Your lips do not have any type of glands to produce oil.  Considering that, CBD flower products like CBD-infused lip balm can moisturize the lips. Different lips, different softness and moisture may be genetically driven, your diet and the amount of water you drink. These CBD flower products can provide protection from environmental challenges, a dry climate or spending too much time outside in the sun.


Protects from Sun Damage

CBD flower products that provide moisturize to the skin are important, particularly to the lips.  The skin on your lips is thin and not strong so chaps easily and the sun can be brutal to thin skin.  The antioxidants in CBD can revitalize your lips and protect them from current exposures. CBD flower products are rich in omega 3 and 6 as well as in abundant nutrients and Vitamins A, E, B and D to aid in the revitalization of your lips. This CBD flower product is one of the best protective products.


All About Edibles and Tincture


CBD tincture 2021The edibles in the big wide world of CBD flower products are favored much to the delight of all those in the hemp community because there are so many options available. The manufacturing market has created a plethora of gummies regarding:


  • Flavors
  • Milligrams
  • Type of Spectrum


Flavors are simply to understand but know that a few years ago there were no flavors at all so the taste bothered some. However, today these CBD flower products have a variety of flavors to suit anyone’s preference. The milligrams are also varied because some individuals with severe health challenges dose therapeutically so take a higher dose. Others dose with CBD flower products on a standard basis of 20 to 30 mg. For this reason, look closely at the milligrams to determine what is best for you.

The Third Aspect

So, thirdly, of CBD flower products is the type of spectrum it is. Hemp extract has three different spectrums:


  • Isolate – This CBD flower product only has the cannabinoid CBD
  • Broad – On the other hand, this CBD flower product has all the cannabinoids and other natural compounds except Delta 9 THC
  • Full Spectrum – Lastly, but maybe the most important spectrum in the CBD flower products is when all the cannabinoids, all the terpenes, all the flavonoids and every other natural compound found in the hemp flower, is present.


Digestive System vs Sublingual Absorption

One thing that must be remembered is that CBD flower products in the form of gummies is that they will go through your digestive system. The reason that this is important is that the digestive tract will take away the potency of the gummy and it will take longer for you to feel the effects of CBD in your body.  However, there is a way to bypass the 1st pass hit when consuming CBD flower products like gummies. Place the gummy under your tongue and let it mostly dissolve so that the CBD from this CBD flower product can be absorbed into the gland under the tongue.


All Those Tinctures

CBD flower products that are in the category of edibles are the sublingual tinctures. The advantage of these CBD flower products is that they are liquid and can be absorbed the fastest next to pulmonary administration from smoking or vaping the hemp flower. The sublingual tinctures are remarkably like the gummies considering the options you have in these CBD flower products include:


  • Flavors
  • Milligrams
  • Type of Spectrum


CBD flower products are available in a variety of the above options. so the choice is yours for the best option for you and your health challenges. Look above for more details on the flavors, milligrams and type of spectrum of the CBD flower products.


Edibles are Effective & Flavorful


CBD flower products shine an outstanding light on CBD-infused gummies for a few reasons. They have a little sweet twang so a fun piece to suck on until it dissolves in your mouth thus utilizing the complete oral cavity to absorb CBD into your bloodstream much faster.  Gummies, may be close to one of the fastest speeds in arriving at your bloodstream when the CBD encounters all those CB receptors in the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). It is then that you start feeling relief, energized and in health.


The gummies are CBD flower products that come in a variety of flavors, so yes, they are flavorful. Some brands you may find are a bit more bitter than others so you make want to try different brands of this CBD flower product to find the one you like best because then you will be more consistent with its use.  The ingestible method of delivery of this CBD flower product here is like the CBD-coated toothpicks. All the hemp extract is released into the sublingual oral cavities of the gums, the tongue, cheeks, and even the lips when causes these CBD flower products to be particularly effective and almost immediately as well.



Tinctures Go Under the Tongue


The number of CBD flower products in the market right now may seem like a tsunami but the projected thrust is not only about creating more revenue but also about having what works best for the consumer. Even though personal preference comes into play when purchasing any number of them, the other question may be which of the products works best for your insomnia, your anxiety, depression and any number of reasons for pain.


Pulmonary administration is the fastest so if speed is what you are looking for, then pick up a hemp pre-roll or a Yocan vaporizer to smoke or vape. With pulmonary administration, you may not experience the effects of as long as you do with a slower acting of CBD flower products.  However, the sublingual tincture is the next most rapid because of how it is absorbed through the sublingual gland in your mouth. In earlier times, the bitter taste bothered some but today, there are so many flavors to cover the bitter taste of hemp flower in all these oral CBD flower products.  The CBD flower product in the form of oil is a blend of hemp extract along with a carrier oil so that it has “safe passage” to the ECS in your bloodstream.  These CBD flower products have primarily two uses:


  • Swallowed orally,
  • Edible baked goods, smoothies, etc.

Where’s The Best Bang for Your Buck?

Many in the hemp community feel that they get the best “bang for their buck” from this CBD flower product because of the high CBD hemp extract milligram in each bottle. It is also discreet as you can keep a bottle in your purse or in the drawer at work for a quick dose even if you are micro-dosing. But let’s look at another aspect of this particular CBD flower product which is the timing of your dose or timings of dosing should you consume it more than once a day.


The concern when dosing with CBD flower products is, “Will it put me to sleep midmorning if I take it in the AM?” Or “Will it keep me awake if I take it at night.” These questions do not a definite answer because everyone is different and will have a different interaction with CBD flower products. Speaking from personal experience, I have never felt a sedative sense when consuming the consuming CBD flower products orally even at a high 50 mg dosage. The CBD flower product I mostly use is CBD – infused gummies. But I sense a feeling of a relaxed calm but not sleepiness when consuming the CBD flower products such as the gummies or tincture. That also eases breathing challenges I may be feeling.


One the other hand, when I dose in the evening with the CBD oil tincture, I do not suffer from insomnia. I do not personally suffer from insomnia but when I consume this CBD flower product, I sleep more soundly.


Best CBD Flower Products – The Art of the Roll


Hemp pre-rolls and D8 hemp pre-rolls both headline this age of CBD flower products even though they may be new to the CBD market. CBD and marijuana both come from the cannabis mother plant but there are key differences between the two CBD flower products. The main difference is that hemp is not intoxicating or psychoactive or addictive.


Another difference, no doubt, between these CBD flower products and marijuana joints is that they are legal in most states anyway. If hemp flower is illegal in a particular state, that generally means that farmers cannot cultivate hemp, nor can vendors sell CBD flower products. Generally, however, you can use CBD flower products in all forms including smoking it.


Accessories for the Roll


Hemp pre-rolls are simply CBD flower products all ready to smoke. But there is another way to smoke and that is to roll your own hemp rolls. You can even have a hemp roll party to introduce your friends to the great wide hemp world of CBD flower products in a variety of forms. When you roll your own hemp roll, you can target hemp flower strains for a specific benefit it has.


You need the following items to roll your own hemp rolls::


  • Rolling machine and rolling board.
  • Grinder to grind the full hemp flower.
  • A vendor like Dr. Strains CBD with a variety of high CBD hemp flower nugs.
  • Hemp papers and wraps also dosed with CBD.


You can do all this manually, but it is much more laborious to create your CBD flower product.


Leaf Wrap it Up!

CBD flower products come ready made with a particular hemp flower strain but then you can customize it with YOUR favorite hemp flower strain.  Here is a list of some of the favorite best smokable hemp flower;


  • Magic Bullet Hemp Flower – This hemp strain will put pure fire in this hemp roll CBD flower product with savors that are dank, pungent and always an evening strain
  • Remedy Hemp Flower – This is California grown with a flare of citrus & pine that calms down your evening hours.
  • Lifter Premium Hemp Flower – Dr. Strains CBD has these hemp pre-rolls available, and they are hot on the market for this CBD flower product’s lemony sweet funk along with all those earthy tropical fruits
  • Hawaiian Haze Hemp Flower – These hemp pre-rolls land you in Hawaii for a tropical vacation and pineapple, citrus fruity savors.
  • CBG Infused Special Sauce Hemp flower – This hemp strain is wonderfully earthy and sweet as well as woody and floral to give your hemp roll exquisite aromas and flavors.


What They Really Are

Hemp pre-rolls are simply joints pre-rolled with the hemp flower. That’s right but they contain the benefits just like the tincture, capsules or edibles do. The hemp pre-roll has the extra benefit of being absorbed by the body much more rapidly. Why, you ask? It is  because of the pulmonary administration of this CBD flower product.  CBD flower products put this at the top of the list for those who enjoy the savors of cannabis.  These same people do not want the high and psychoactive aftermath of marijuana. These CBD flower products are convenient already rolled or for you to roll.


The hemp flower is ground to a fine form and then placed inside the hemp pre-roll. For those who enjoy rolling themselves and desire a particular hemp flower strain to smoke because of specific health conditions, can make their own CBD flower product. The amount of CBD in a hemp pre-roll will vary but can contain from 80 mg and up of full spectrum CBD. Yes, full spectrum, because with this you are dosing with the entire hemp flower which is also unprocessed.


Best CBD Flower Products – It Has to be Topicals

When you think or talk about CBD flower products, topicals may not be the first thing to pop mentally, however, topical CBD flower products are quickly rising to the place to receive high praises. The other reason that topical CBD flower products are taking their rightful place in the cheering section is that our skin is the largest organ in our body so why not dose through our skin.


Another point to remember here is that the topical CBD flower products must be particularly designed and produced as a product to use on the skin. If you have purchased a CBD tincture that you do not like the taste of, so you think, “Oh cool, I’ll just use it as topical on my skin issues.”  Will not work! CBD flower products must have a carrier substance for the skin to absorb it. Dr. Strains CBD store personnel can give you such information about CBD flower products, but many vendors may be careless about giving you detailed information.


CBD-Infused Roll-Ons

Dr. Strains CBD has realized the effectiveness and popularity of CBD  topicals because they have the roll-on in the Isolate which is important to many.  One distinct advantage of roll-on is that all the product goes onto the place applied without a residue left on your fingers. This is a definite selling point.  There is a roll-on form  referred to CBD Isolate. The isolate products are CBD only and up to 99% CBD. You will not experience the Entourage Effect because you need to consume a full-spectrum CBD flower product with all the cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and enzymes.


Secondly, Dr. Strains CBD has another highly effective roll-on CBD flower product called CBD Sore Muscle Rub. This CBD flower product tends to lead the skin a bit greasy feeling, however, speaking from my experience, it is amazingly effective when I use this CBD flower product on my osteoarthritis. Whichever CBD flower product you use, remember it is important to be consistent and double up when you are going to be strenuously using the muscles or joint that are challenging for you.


CBD-Infused Facial Creams

Today, many ladies are concerned about all those wrinkles and aging signs as we age or when losing weight. CBD flower products have a characteristic profile of being a moisturizer so obviously can help reduce wrinkles. The CBD flower product of Renew Facial Cream that Dr. Strains CBD sells also has other ingredients like collagen and peptide.


This makes for an effective product when you  use it consistently on your face skin.  You can massage them into your cheeks, your chin, your temples and forehead using a circular motion. If you are massaging it into your neck, use an upward motion to massage the CBD – infused facial cream  to help and reduce sagging skin.  When CBD joins in the process with collagen and peptide, it must become a regular product on a bedside stand. But always remember that CBD – infused creams are not magic, but they are effective CBD flower products when used consistently


CBD-Infused Gels and Oils

Some vendors may consider one form of CBD gel as a capsule as it is a CBD flower product you take orally and then it runs through your digestive system. If you chose this method of dosing remember to get a high milligram dosage. The reason for this is that the digestive system “steals” some potency of this CBD flower product.  It also will, no doubt, take longer for you to feel the effects but research shows that it stays in your system longer.


The second form has the consistency of gel. CBD infused gel used as a topical is effective on sore and achy muscles. This is another  full spectrum product, so you can expect to enjoy the Entourage Effect as some call it or a synergistic effect. Do you know those terrible muscle spasms you get in the middle of the night?  Keep this CBD flower product of gel close by to apply when one of those monsters strikes.  CBD flower products also includes CBD oil particularly formulated for the skin. Since about 80% of people globally suffer from acne at some time in their life, so this explains the popularity of this  product.


Wax Eloquent with CBD Concentrates


CBD concentrates are extracted from the hemp plant, rather than cannabis marijuana. This CBD flower product is useful in dabbing and allows you to take in CBD more efficiently with faster delivery. CBD flower products which you do not hear much noise about are the following:


  • wax,
  • kief,
  • live resin,
  • shatter.


These are unique CBD flower products and are often referred to as CBD concentrates. These CBD flower products simply provide another way to enjoy CBD flower. The CBD concentrates are CBD flower products with a variety of uses and more unusual flavors as well. So, let’s look at these amazing CBD flower products and how to add them to our daily routine.


Wax and Shatter of it All


  • CBD Wax — CBD flower wax is a type of cannabis concentrate that has become quite popular. It is an increased concentration of CBD so allows a high dosing method. CBD flower products include CBD wax which is derived from the hemp plant. Wax is a variant of sorts of the opaque raw oil that is crystallized and, yes, more solid.


  • CBD Shatter — The structure of CBD Shatter is different than wax during the extraction process. This CBD flower product does not become crystallized, but it has an appearance of being opaque and cloudy.  When heated in a vape coil, it has the appearance of honey. The final item to consider is that CBD shatter is hard and brittle so if handled roughly, it will actually shatter. The molecules of this CBD flower product appear stacked in straight rows letting light pass and resulting in the appearance of glass.

Crystalline and Live Resin of it All


  • Crystalline — CBD crystalline or CBD isolate is 99% pure CBD.  The way it gets its name is that the fine white powder resembles little crystals. It is potent and odorless, colorless, and tasteless.  Crystalline is particularly useful for use in baking. It can be smoked using a dab pen or it can be simply placed under the tongue because it has no taste. Crystalline is also a  product easy to use for micro-dosing as it is simple to get a consistent dosage when compared to other forms.


  • Live Resin — Another form of CBD wax is “live resin.” To create live resin, the small CBD plant buds are cryogenically frozen rather than drying and curing the hemp flowers as is normally done.  Freezing ensures preservation of the most important hemp plant compounds of cannabinoids and terpenes to provide a pronounced flavor and an incredibly special CBD flower product.  The reason this CBD flower product is tagged “live” is because it is removed from live plants. Users consider this a pricey, much desired product for special occasions with extraordinary flavors and aromas.


The CBD Kief of it All


  • CBD Kief — CBD Kief is created by removing the resin glands and crystal coating from the trichomes which form on the bud. These trichomes are removed to produce a fine CBD flower products of powder rich in cannabinoids and terpenes. Kief is the CBD flower product considered to be one of the cleanest ways to consume CBD. The reason for this is there is little to no processing or solvents involved.  Extracting kief is done using a three-chamber-type herb grinder.  It does the fine grinding of the cannabis while allowing the kief crystals to fall through a screen into another department. The best CBD flower product with quality kief should be blond or gold in color.  The CBD kief is also used to create more tasty and unique CBD flower products such as Moonrocks, may be added to the creation of a Delta 8 flower as well as other hemp flowers who are infused with added cannabinoids or terpenes.


“CBD Flipped on” Concluding Thoughts

All of these amazing products we’ve been talking about are made from hemp flower.  And besides that they are all safe and lega.. There is no documentation of anyone overdosing on CBD or any other of the hemp extract. The point is that they are not only safe, but they are effective for a great many chronic health conditions that people have suffered from for years.


CBD and the hemp flower used to make the products is legal which is good news to thousands of hemp users. This is good news not just for those who use CBD or hemp flower. It also includes any number of CBD flower products for the enjoyment of smoking or vaping smokable hemp flower. Also included in this market are hemp pre-rolls, leaf wraps, juicy jay papers and much more.  That’s right!! CBD flower products are definitely “flipped on” with a plethora of benefits, recreational use and for using to bake with and infuse your tea and coffee or early morning smoothie. Get ready because the CBD flower products are only going to multiply and thus will generate more benefits and uses.


If you want more information on all things CBD and CBD flower products, read other posts here on our blog.






Dr. Strains CBD only sources from small hemp farms to provide you the best hemp flower or the raw material to make your own. Check out our online shop or contact us for more information.


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Dr. Strains CBD has Hemp Flower 

Peach Chronic Hemp Flower @ $24.99

Feeling peachy with a little bit of chronic?  This hemp flower is coated in trichomes and has terpenes sweet as a peach.  With such amazing taste and smell, the buds for this strain are big and beautiful!  For a limited time, enjoy a smooth fruity diesel smoke packed with 15.5% of CBD!





Dr. Strains CBD has D8 Hemp Flower Vape Carts


Dr Strains CBD’s premium D8 hemp flower carts are made from our premium greenhouse grown hemp flower. Boasting over 92% total D8!  And our D8 carts come in a variety of flavors. All-natural terpenes are infused with the delta 8 distillate to create unique flavor profiles.


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Dr. Strains CBD has a “Tinctures”

CBD tincture 2021
Looking for ways to ingest CBD without smoking?  We now have new250mg CBD tincturesthat you can use daily for your fast relief for your discomfort.

5 flavors available

  • Cinnamon
  • Vanilla
  • Peppermint
  • Lemon lime
  • Raspberry



Dr. Strains CBD has “Delta 8” Series

Bubba Kush D8 Flower — This D8 flower has a fruity smell and well enhance relaxation due to its high content of D8 which is over 23%!

For limited time only our Bubba Kush Delta 8 D8 Hemp Flower is only $39.99 for a 1/2 oz!

This D8 flower has a fruity smell and well enhance relaxation due to 23% Delta 8!

Packed with a mixture of natural terpene profiles ranging from; myrcene to limonene this strain will help with relaxation and anxiety.


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Sour Suver Haze Delta 8 Flower

Our Sour Suver haze D8 Hemp flower has an incredible sour diesel nose, smooth, sweet and subtle to smoke. Filled with an array of trichomes that could light up the night sky! With a 20.6% of  CBD Content and with over 23% delta 8 the sourness will leave you wanting more! Get your Sour Suver Haze D8 Hemp Flower 1/2oz for $21.99




Dr. Strains CBD has Delta 8 Moonrock

Our premium Dr. Strains CBD grown Delta 8 D8 Moonrock is one of our best flowers yet! Grown in 2021 by us at Dr. Strains our base flower is Bubba Kush.  We grew this strain in our greenhouse and finished the last 3 weeks indoors! This flower has a gassy citrus nose filled with terpenes and covered in crystals. Then after this strain was dried and cured we sprayed it with our Delta 8 D8 oil. Our Delta 8 D8 moonrock also has been coated in legal limits of premium kief!.


It is for sale at $25.99 to $44.99.






Space Candy D8 Flower @ $39.99 for ½ oz.

Infused with D8, this flower will have enhanced effects of your favorite Space Candy.


Dr. Strains CBD has “Delta 8” Series


Delta 8 Hemp Flower Pre-Rolls are now available at Dr. Strains CBD for you to have an exceptional smoke. These Delta 8 Hemp Flower Pre-Rolls are on sale for only $8.99.  A fruity smell providing a restful relaxation because of 20% D8 along with an outstanding terpene profile. These pre-rolls have an extra kick with a coating of kief as well.


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Dr. Strains CBD has Vaporizers

Looking for an odorless way to smoke your dry flower? Dr. Strains is introducing Yocan Vaporizers that will allow you to vaporize your hemp flower!  The colors we have are Copper, Green, Silver, and others.


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Dr. Strains CBD only sources its CBD bud from small hemp farms. Check out our online shop or contact us for more information.



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