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hemp flowerFriday’s Product of the Week — Delta 8 Disposable

Friday’s Product of the Week — Delta 8 Disposable

“Friday’s product of the week is the Delta 8 disposable so this is all we are chatting about today because you must know.”  First it is about the Delta 8 cannabinoid because it is the “new one” and it is also the unique one. This cannabinoid has an edge over most of the other cannabinoids because it interacts mostly with the CB1 receptors. The Delta 8 disposables have range and possibilities for you to enjoy them for effects or for health dosing reasons.

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Hemp Flower Pre-Roll

The Hemp Flower Pre-Rolls are rolled with hemp buds and rolled in Raw original King size hemp cones.  Each of our pre-rolls weigh one gram each!  We pride ourselves in having the cheapest pre-rolls on the market!  Packed tightly to ensure that your smoke is smooth and exactly what you’re looking for.  Choose from our premium pre-rolls:

  • Lifter
  • Hawaiian Haze
  • Moonrock
  • NEW: Dr. Hemp CBG + CBD Pre-Rolls (2 per pack)


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What is delta-8? | Effects & Legality | Leafly

Delta 8 Disposable – Why Delta 8?

That is a good question – why Delta ?  Delta 8 is good for those looking for more effects and those looking for more health benefits. Delta 8 THC is not psychoactive like Delta 9 THC is.  But Delta 9 THC is limited to .03% to keep hemp legal.  But Delta 8 THC is not limited.  It is actually a trace cannabinoid in the hemp flower so in order to realize the effects of it, it must be extracted, mixed with distillate and sprayed on the hemp flower nug. Now the manufacturers are creating Delta 8 tincture and Delta 8 gummies; Delta 8 hemp pre-rolls and Delta 8 disposables with so much more.

Delta 8 Disposable Gives Benefits

So, the question still remains – Why Delta 8?  Delta 8 THC has benefits whether they are effects benefits or health benefits. Users report that they feel energized and if a high it is more of a body high rather than a head high that disorients you.  Users also report that the Delta 8 THC may leave them with a high, but they are still able to remain in the moment; work and never have the paranoia and anxiety afterwards.

Delta 8 disposable vape devices are a great way to dose for health as well.  The health benefits are extraordinary because Delta 8 THC interacts with the CB1 receptors rather than the CB2 receptors like most of the other cannabinoids do.  The Delta 8 cannabinoids has neuroprotective properties and that means a layer of protection for your memory as you age. Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease and many more are deteriorative diseases that affect all the neurons in your brain.

صفر تا صد انواع گریس ها و کاربردشان

Delta 8 Disposable – Why Disposables?

The convenience of disposables gives them a ringing endorsement for a great many people. One of the reasons that nicotine cigarettes were banned in so many places is the damaging affect of second-hand smoke. With the Delta 8 disposables you have the vape technology.  This nearly totally eliminates the odor as well as damages of second-hand smoke.

Hurrah for trying something new and experiment on how it interacts with your particular body make up.  Prevention is always best so even though you are young, everyone has the potential to have to deal with neurodegenerative conditions as age advances.  Since Delta 8 cannabinoid has all those neuroprotective properties, why not strengthen all those neurons so they will better be prepared to protect our memory and our great command center.   Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease and so many other devastating conditions are claiming to many bodies and minds so it’s good news to have Delta 8 on our side.

Delta 8 Disposable — Product Availability

The traditional vape pen consists of a vape battery and attachable cartridge.  One of the many advantages is that the Delta-8 disposable has all this together filled and ready to go.  When you are finished with it there is no refilling mess, just simply throw it away.  It is convenient, simple and hassle free. Dr. Strains CBD has Delta 8 disposables in their inventory right now.  When you buy here, you will know you have quality products to use every day.

Delta 8 disposable“Round Up All the Facts”

The Delta 8 disposable pen contains either 1 gram or 2 grams of distillate and can if it is rechargeable, it is done with a Micro USB or USB-C cable, depending on the particular device you purchase.  Disposables have the advantage that you do not have to refill them. The negative is that you must dispose of them properly rather than simply throwing in the waste can.  The positives outweigh the negatives because of the convenience factor. Some disposables are not rechargeable, so you do not even need a charging cord to carry along.  The Delta 8 disposable vape is also convenient because you can vape in public without annoying those around you with the aromas. 

Dr. Strains CBD Product Promotions

Bible Rolling PaperDelta 8 sparks consistency


The Bible Rolling Paper is just what you are looking for holy organic hemp papers? Now you can enjoy your flower in personal joints that you can carry with you. These Bible Rolling Papers will allow you a clean smoke so every flavor of your flower can be enjoyed. Bible Rolling Paper prides themselves on being the Treasure of the United Smokers! 

CBD/D9 GummiesD9CBD-600x452

Introducing Hemp compliant Delta 9 THC gummies!  With a variety pack featuring these five flavors Pineapple, Strawberry, Green Apple, Blue Raspberry and Blackberry.  Since it’s exactly the same cannabinoid as in ordinary cannabis, it has exactly the same effects. The only difference is the amount of an edible you’d have to consume to get an equivalent dose.  These hemp derived gummies has 12 mg of CBD, 12mg d9 for a total of 24mg each edible.  Get a pack of gummies (5 count) for $23.99.


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Dr. Strains CBD only sources its CBD bud from small hemp farms. We purchase all our CBD hemp flower from these small hemp farms because of the extra attention and care that they indulge on each hemp plant that they grow.  This type of care makes for a more precisely trimmed flower nug as well as better cannabinoid and terpene profiles.  Check out our online shop or contact us for more information and to read more blogs, click here.


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