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Strain ReviewFrosted Lime vs Trophy Wife CBD Hemp Strain

Frosted Lime vs Trophy Wife CBD Hemp Strain

Generational Lineage

Frosted Lime was bred from a hemp strain called Frosty \’\’and an unknown or at least an unnamed strain. It is a CBD hemp strain that is strong \’\’and potent in its own right so only needs the influence of one parent. Frosted Lime is a Sativa dominant hybrid enables a feeling of creativity \’\’and productivity in the part of the day or week when you most need it.  It is a hemp flower that contains high CBD at a range of 14% to 18% with also the legal limit of 0.3% Delta 9 THC so it is non-psychoactive.

The Trophy Wife was bred by crossing Wife S1 \’\’and Cherry Wine. This CBD hemp strain contains a 20:1 ratio of CBD to THC. It also has multiple terpenes intense in savors of cherry, a touch of cheese \’\’and strong hints of skunk. This hemp strain boasts 14% to 18% CBD \’\’and THC under the legal limit of 0.3%. To top it all off, the earthy, sweet citrus profile nails it for this strain.

Effects — CBD Hemp Strains

Frosted Lime CBD hemp strain lends an upbeat sense of well-being which wakes up the mind \’\’and the body. Part of the “frost effect” is how the citrus aroma blends with the skunky scent then “frosts” the tongue with sparkle \’\’and fizz. We all know the part of the day that we stumble through like a zombie with the feds after them. Those are the moments you need for the “frost effect” to energize to an upright awake posture.

Trophy Wife is a perfect daytime CBD hemp strain with a burst of energy \’\’and an uplifting boost similar to a cup of coffee. The effect does not come \’\’and go quickly but lingers with an alertness that helps you push through your day with a joyful purpose. Uplifting \’\’and focused is the beginning of the experience with the Trophy Wife hemp strain. It creates a great daytime smoke, but the first smoke is markedly of sweet berry taste \’\’and smell.

Savors — CBD Hemp Strains

Frosted Lime CBD hemp strain has a color that runs from light purple to deep indigo creating a strikingly beautiful plant. It has a flavor profile to heighten the buzz with a smoke that takes on a skunky flavor scraping the throat with lime.  The more experienced CBD hemp strain flower users tolerate the strength \’\’and bitterness of the flavor \’\’and delight in the skunky citrus aroma as they tour the l\’\’and of “Frost”

The Trophy Wife has the color of an intense lime green for the nugs. Each of these nugs is accented with a glow of bright orange on the hairs.  The taste \’\’and aroma are earth fruit with bananas \’\’and blueberry accents. It all flows into a floral bouquet of savors. Then on top or underneath it all is that familiar skunky cheese aroma.


Frosted Lime CBD hemp strain is great for pain \’\’and inflammation.  Beta-mycrene creates an immediate benefit as an anti-inflammatory agent, pain relief \’\’and, a new one, has the ability to “steroidize” your immune system. In some cases, it is also used as a robust sedative to ease the nerves. Myrcene terpene is significant in helping with absorption into the body. It also has the ability to fight cancer through your immune system.

The Trophy Wife hemp strain has many reports of pain relief \’\’and the added endurance to push through till the end of the day with chores.  This hybrid strain is balanced equally between indica \’\’and sativa. He claims super medicinal effects as well as recreational delight. Trophy Wife is also a verified medicinal strain for treating inflammation which also covers different types of arthritis caused by inflammation.

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