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cbdGift CBD Bud Products for Father’s Day

Gift CBD Bud Products for Father’s Day

CBD Personal Care Products

CBD bud wax is used to make several different products like gel, salves \’\’and lip balm. There is a CBD Oil Shave Gel that is formulated for dads to get a close shave \’\’and skin without razor burn.  CBD Oil Hair Gel adds moisture to the hair as well as to the scalp. CBD moisturizers bring health to your skin \’\’and hair that lasts.

Then the third personal care product is CBD infused lip balm. Does dad work outside, like to go fishing in the elements or perhaps playing golf out on the green? All these activities can result in chapped dry lips that are desperately in need of CBD lip balm.

CBD Bud Infused Honey

For honey-lovin’ Dad, there is CBD-infused honey now for his morning toast. If you particularly love something, why not add CBD to it so benefits just keep multiplying. It is simply another way to consume CBD. When purchasing any CBD product, make sure that it is what the label says it is. Look or ask for the exact percentage of CBD that is in the product. There are two reasons for this. There are too many scam companies selling CBD oil or other products with less than what the label says. Any reputable company will have testing documentation on the product.

CBD Pre-Hemp Rolls

Dad’s Father’s Day basket is not complete without some hemp flower pre-rolls. These are simple \’\’and ready to use the minute dad takes the bow off his basket. And he can enjoy them in two different flavors – Hawaiian Haze or Lifter.

CBD Bud Blunts

The organic vegan-friendly CBD blunt wraps are perfect for the dad who loves the smoke at the close of his day! Dr. Strains CBD blunt wraps come two in a pack! Besides that, every wrap is infused with CBD!

This is a way to smoke the hemp flower in an all-natural way for those who are not keen about the traditional tobacco flower wraps. They are four flavors to choose from:

  • Original Green CBD
  • Maui-Mango
  • Pineapple Paradise
  • Grape Ape

CBD Chocolates \’\’and other Edibles

Does Dad like his chocolates? Well then include CBD-infused chocolates in his Father’s Day CBD Basket. What about a chocolate bar with 80 mg CBD \’\’and THC free? This CBD chocolate bar will satisfy every chocolate craving he has ever had. Not chocolate, but the basket will not be complete without CBD-infused gummies in a variety of flavors.

Or does good old dad like homemade brownies, chocolate chip cookies \’\’and much more? If so, include baked goodies in the ultimate Father’s Day CBD basket. Whenever you make a recipe whether you use CBD baking oil or your own decarboxylated hemp flower to make hemp flour, it must be thoroughly mixed with either a liquid or a dry ingredient respectively, so that CBD dosing will be uniform.

Gift the pleasure of CBD \’\’and the CBD health of it all to dad this Father’s Day.

If you want more information on all things CBD, read other posts here on our blog.

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