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hempGoing All In For Hemp Terpenes

Going All In For Hemp Terpenes

“Going all in for hemp terpenes is two-pronged because it covers recreational uses and health benefits as well.” We think of terpenes as only the element that provides the savors and definitely lends to the whole experience when hemp flower is smoked for recreational purposes. If you are a veteran in the hemp field, you know all about the luscious aromas and flavors it controls in every hemp flower.  So, it may not be necessary to define terpenes.  But one thing which may be interesting to you as it was to me when I first started studying them was where they are on the hemp flower.

Today we are going all in for hemp terpenes and that includes where they are what they do and how important the terpene profiles are. Terpenes may be simple organic compounds, but they are complex when considering all the various elements on the periodic table.  They also are complex in the varying profiles they appear in each hemp flower strain.  They are also complex in the various savors they present to the user. Lastly, but most important for many they are complex in the multitude of health benefits they present to the individual who is suffering with pain, anxiety, insomnia and so much more.

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Going all in for hemp terpenesGreen Crack Hemp Flower

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Going all in for hemp terpenes

Going All in for Hemp Terpenes — What and Where

Terpene compounds create many of the familiar scents and flavors in hemp strains as well as other botanicals.  When going all in for hemp terpenes we find out that they have the ability to interact with other compounds in the hemp plant.  You may be asking, “Why is that important?”  It is important because it helps create to activate synergistic action that brings on the “The. Entourage Effect.” {keyword} –4 Normally we think that the full spectrum of cannabinoids is what brings on the Entourage Effect. Not true even though they are definitely involved. For best effects and benefits, terpenes have their role to play.

There are many types of hemp terpenes, but the two predominant groups are – open-chain and ring terpenes.  Some divide terpenes into groups dependent only on their size rather than other characteristics.

Going All in For Hemp Terpenes and Where They Are

The hemp plant grows to flowering stage then the grower notices something else starts to develop. There is a distinctive smell as the particular strain’s terpenes start seeping out of the hair-like trichomes. Going all in for hemp terpenes gives facts on the trichomes and how the resemble small resin glands or crystals that are found on the hemp flowers and leaves.

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Going All in For Hemp Terpenes – Types for Health Benefits

  • Alpha-pinene and Beta-pinene – The pine-like scent is most important here, but it is also the most abundant terpene in nature. Also has the scent of rosemary, dill and basil. Effective for treating asthma as a bronchodilator has a powerful antiseptic and anti-inflammatory property. Some research has shown that it can improve memory and alertness.
  • Bisabolol – The aroma is subtle, sweet, floral fragrance with hints of pepper and citrus and a sweet and fresh flavor. The experience is soothing both day and night. It has the ability to reduce skin inflammation with a predisposition to act as an anti-fungal and antibiotic. One more thing, in some cases it has gastro-protective qualities.
  • Borneol – The aroma is menthol, camphor and pungent. The flavor is bitter minty. For the user, the experience includes a calming and mild sedative so it is whichever hemp flower has this terpene will be a night strain.

Looking at More Terpenes for Health

  • Farnecene – The aroma of this terpene is a lovely mix of floral, citrus and woody in nature. The flavor also is flowery and woody. The experience helps to stabilize your moods and soothes, calms you and has a slight sedative effect for a night strain.
  • Humulene – Going all in for hemp terpenes shows us that this terpene contains a therapeutic benefit of appetite suppressant and anti-inflammatory agent. {keyword} –10
  • Limonene — Also abundant, it has therapeutic benefits of reducing stress, a mood stabilizer and antibacterial and antifungal as well as reduces tumors.
  • Linalool — It promotes relaxation, reduces anxiety, eases stress, and is a mood stabilizer. It relieves pain, seizures and insomnia.
  • Myrcene – This is the most abundant terpene in hemp flowers and determines whether the strain is sativa or indica. It has health benefits as an antibiotic, analgesic.

Going All in For Hemp Terpenes to “Energy Me Up”  What are Terpenes and the Importance of Terpenes in CBD? | Plant ...

Alpha pinene, beta-pinene, limonene, camphor, and gamma are the hemp terpenes to tackle health and boost that energy.  Sometimes vendors also infuse their hemp flowers with additional terpenes which will escalate the strength but will never leave you feeling jittery or “high”. Since hemp terpenes come in concentrated form, you can infuse your drinks, smoothies, etc. Remember to always dilute the terpenes by 1% before using and you can increase the strength gradually later.

The hemp flowers always have a profile of multiple terpenes and they usually “play off of each” other to make the experience and the health of it all better. The Certificate of Analysis (COA) will give you the needed information for which terpenes and the concentration. The Caryophyllene terpene is usually in cloves, cinnamon, and black pepper as well as in hemp.  But this terpene is different than all the other ones. It interacts directly to the CB2 receptors in the Endocannabinoid System in our bodies just like the cannabinoids do. It is anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory and often-used skin treatments.

Going all in for hemp terpenes“Round Up on All the Facts”

Things you do not know about terpenes may be overwhelming, but they are amazing molecules for the effects, the savors and health benefits. Going all in for hemp terpenes puts us in the information lane so that we can use them to the best advantage.The hemp terpenes are divided into two predominant groups – open-chain and ring terpenes.  But above all else the hemp terpenes are aromatic chemicals which are responsible for the smell of the hemp flowers, the smoke or the dry vape experience as well as health benefits.

 When we are going all in for hemp terpenes, we find that some terpenes are good for energizing the body, but others are sedatives. Another effect or benefit is that terpenes enhance the benefits of the cannabinoid CBD and how it interacts with the Endocannabinoid System in our body. The most abundant terpenes may be myrcene, limonene, and linalool but there are over 200 types and 60 or more in hemp alone.

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When first consuming THC-O treated hemp flower strains, we recommend you begin low and slow. Keep in mind that THC-O effects can be delayed by as much as one hour.  Because of this it is best you to practice patience and allow the full effects to take hold before taking another hit. 


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Dr. Strains CBD only sources its CBD bud from small hemp farms. We purchase all our CBD hemp flower from these small hemp farms because of the extra attention and care that they indulge on each hemp plant that they grow.  This type of care makes for a more precisely trimmed flower nug as well as better cannabinoid and terpene profiles. These are the hemp flower nugs that Dr. Strains CBD keeps in their inventory.  Check out our online shop or contact us for more information and to read more blogs, click here.

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