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cbdGoing for the Gold!! — It’s All About CBD Flower Distillate

Going for the Gold!! — It’s All About CBD Flower Distillate

It’s all about CBD Flower distillate because there are many kinds of CBD extract, but they do not provide the same benefits, so you need to know. CBD distillate has risen to the top because it is the cleanest, most palatable, \’\’and most effective form of CBD extract. Are you curious as to why? While let’s start down the red-brick pathway \’\’and find out why.

It’s All About CBD Distillate – “Honey-Like Appearance; Mild Flavor

CBD distillate resembles honey in its color \’\’and its consistency. To the taste, CBD distillate is not sweet \’\’and will not dissolve on your tongue. The bitter taste of oral hemp products still persists but, to be clear, that is not the CBD but rather the chlorophyll in the CBD tincture. CBD distillate almost entirely eliminates the presence of chlorophyll, waxes, \’\’and other useless or detrimental ingredients so you can expect  present in hemp flower. The taste of CBD distillate is mild so consider trying a tincture that contains CBD distillate.

It’s All About CBD Flower Distillate — Tasty, Aromatic Terpenes

It’s all about CBD flower distillate \’\’and the tasty aromatic terpenes without the bitter taste.  The hemp flower contains tiny concentrations of potent aromatic oils called terpenes which are even stronger in CBD distillate.  Some even add terpenes to CBD flower distillate to enhance or alter its flavor profile. Some hemp scientists are able to remove the entire terpene profile in a specific strain \’\’and add them to CBD distillate. The result is that you have a product which smells \’\’and tastes like the hemp strain but still with 0.3% THC or less.

It’s All About CBD Distillate – It is Full-Spectrum with the Entourage Effect

While full-spectrum CBD extract is the best for different reasons. It is subjected to less processing so there is for less much terpene reduction which also means lots of savors. CBD flower distillate is one of the types of hemp extract that may provide the all desirable entourage effect. This is when all the natural compounds in the hemp flower meet for a party of all the effects, all the therapeutic benefits \’\’and all the savors.

It’s All About CBD Flower Distillate – Good News! It is Safe When Extracted with CO2

We have already discussed that CBD distillate is one of the cleanest types of CBD extracts \’\’and it is even cleaner when extracted \’\’and processed with CO2. CO2 does not leave harmful contaminants behind like other methods of extraction.

It’s All About CBD Distillate – CBD Distillate for Your Vape Pen

CBD vape cartridges can contain either CBD distillate or CBD isolate. Since CBD is an inherently crystalline molecule, however, oils containing high concentrations of this cannabinoid tend to recrystallize. So if you are looking for the best for your vape pen, try CBD Distillate

It’s All About CBD Distillate – Now It’s About Asteroids

You may have heard about moonrocks, or maybe not. CBD Moon Rock Asteroids are hemp flower dipped in CBD Distillate then rolled in CBD Kief. Yes, I know, a powerful product without a doubt. The best part of the story is that Dr. Strains CBD has it in their inventory today. You can smoke it \’\’and you can pack it in your dry vape cartridge. It has all the potency that you could imagine all prepared for you from “lunar world” nonetheless.

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