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cbd“Going Where Fools Dare Not Trod” — CBD Flower Enters the Animal Kingdom

“Going Where Fools Dare Not Trod” — CBD Flower Enters the Animal Kingdom

CBD flower enters the animal kingdom \’\’and talks to all those wild \’\’and dangerous animals that we peer at on the other side of cages. They are mammals so have the some Endocannabinoid System (ECS) that we do, so the cannabinoids of CBD hemp flower work in their bodies the same as ours. Also many animals suffer from the same afflictions that the human race does like pain, anxiety \’\’and insomnia.



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Since animals also have neuropathic issues as well as a central nervous system disorders, CBD can be a key to changing the dynamic with a variety of health issues.  Wild animals also have the same Endocannabinoid System as humans. Always take caution to use the vendors who have their product 3rd party tested for accuracy, cleanliness \’\’and potencies.

CBD Flower Enters the Animal Kingdom — White Tiger

When vets found a tumor in an 11-year-old white tiger she was diagnosed with cancer a few months \’\’and had a few operations where they discovered it was a melanoma. So far, CBD oil has helped with the pain, discomfort \’\’and appetite during this time.  The tiger’s caregivers are feeding the tiger with chunks of raw meat injected with CBD oil which he catches mid-air when tossed to him.

CBD flower enters the animal kingdom to help this white tiger who grew up with a lion since a very young age, the lion suffers from anxiety when the tiger is taken to another area of the zoo. Now, the vet is treating this anxiety with CBD oil. This always has a calming affect for her.

CBD Flower Enters the Animal Kingdom — Python With a Tumor

Then there is the 16-foot-long python in a zoo park with a large cancerous tumor. When he was treated with CBD oil, it eventually changed his diagnosis from terminal to alive, well \’\’and active.  You are no doubt having the same question as others, when CBD goes to the zoo, how is it administered?  For this python, he received the CBD dosage through a frozen quail or rabbit carcass which was injected with CBD oil.  The snake digests the food over a period of 7 days, the oil is absorbed \’\’and metabolized over this period of time.

CBD flower enters the animal kingdom in time to shrink the snake’s tumor. It is much smaller following months of CBD accompanied with other medication so now the research must be done to find out the percentage the CBD treatment had. Humans, mammals \’\’and reptiles all have an Endocannabinoid system so the CBD has the same advantage to interact with the body.

CBD Flower Enters the Animal Kingdom — Elephants

The trainers are experimenting with giving CBD to elephants in the Warsaw Zoo in Pol\’\’and to help them with anxiety \’\’and depression after their living arrangements changed because one of the elephants died.

CBD flower enters the animal kingdom with elephants \’\’and because they monitor their stress hormones \’\’and can tell whether their doses are being effective. Generally the CBD is administered through their food as that is the simplest method.

CBD Flower Enters the Animal Kingdom – Mammals \’\’and CBD

Even though very different from wild animals \’\’and domesticated pets, they have a lot in common with humans because we all are mammals. So we all have the Endocannabinoid System \’\’and that is what the CBD hemp flower products work through.

When CBD flower enters the animal kingdom, it has a different set of challenges because of most of their size \’\’and, obviously animals cannot talk so other methods have to be used to test results.

However, behavior will tell a lot about the results particularly when anxiety is them problem. Anxiety can affect the animal’s behavior as well as other things.


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