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hemp flowerGood Night, Restful Night Pursues CBN Gummies

Good Night, Restful Night Pursues CBN Gummies

“Restful night pursues CBN Gummies and much more because when you get a good night’s sleep everything else is better.”  Insomnia drives many to the brink of despair or counting sheep or sometimes even many tears.  The next day after a night of insomnia is filled with more anxiety, more pain and many other negative things. One thing would have changed all that – a good and restful night of sleep.

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D9CBD-600x452CBD/Delta 9 Gummies

Introducing Hemp compliant Delta 9 THC gummies!  With a variety pack featuring these five flavors Pineapple, Strawberry, Green Apple, Blue Raspberry and Blackberry.  Since it’s exactly the same cannabinoid as in ordinary cannabis, it has exactly the same effects. The only difference is the amount of an edible you’d have to consume to get an equivalent dose.  These hemp derived gummies have12 mg of CBD, 12mg d9 for a total of 24mg each edible.  Get a pack of gummies (5 count) for $23.99.

CBD Hemp Flower Analyses Your Workday

Meet CBN/HHC Gummies

Looking for a sleep aid CBN may be the solution for you. CBN is commonly used to help promote falling and staying asleep. Our edible gummies have CBN and HHC to allow the entourage effect to occur which makes the effects of CBN to work better and longer.



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Restful Night Pursues CBN Gummies – What is This Cannabinoid 

CBN is one of the top ten cannabinoids in the hemp plant. The cannabinoid, CBN is mildly psychoactive considering that it is less than ten times the potency of Delta 9 THC.  Most cannabinoids are naturally present in the hemp plant, but CBN is not because it is a byproduct of Delta 9 THC. It is actually created when THC breaks down as it comes face to face with oxygen or heat. Freshly harvested hemp has virtually no CBN. Only after it is exposed to air and heat, does the Delta 9 THC convert to CBN.

All the CBN Products

CBN cannabinoid products include edibles, oils, topicals, and more. But you may wonder what good CBN topical benefit would be since it is primarily for insomnia.  CBN has a host of other benefits one of which we are going to talk about. It is an antibacterial agent.  CBN has been tested on various strains of MRSA bacteria which is often resistant to traditional antibiotics.  Researchers discovered that CBN is a powerful antibacterial agent against resistant strains like MRSA.

Restful Night Pursues CBN Gummies

Restful Night Pursues CBN Gummies – Amazing Benefits

We generally hear of the best benefits of CBN for insomnia. Because of this, there are gummies infused with CBN oil and there is CBN concentrate as well as CBN tincture. Next to pain, insomnia is the highest complaint the people go to there doctor about. But there are other conditions that CBN excels at so let’s take a look at each of these.

CBN may also be a powerful neuroprotectant. In one study, researchers used CBN as a treatment for ALS.  This is one of the more devastating conditions to strike men, mostly after 50. But since CBN has a neuroprotectant property, it can delay the onset of the condition. There are many other neurodegenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease and many others that respond well to the hemp cannabinoid, CBN.  More human studies need to be done for it to be medically released by doctors.

Most clinical studies done on hemp cannabinoids are conducted on mice or rabbits rather than humans.  When one of these studies was conducted, the CBN increased the amount of food that the rodents ate.  This suggests that it could be an effective appetite stimulant which is so useful for those who are doing cancer treatments that destroys your appetite. Also, CBN could potentially offer an alternative when you have the munchies but the good news is that you do not suffer with a high.

Restful Night Pursues CBN Gummies for Glaucoma

CBN may also be helpful for those suffering from glaucoma.  One study found that CBN (as well as THC) reduces intraocular pressure the biggest risk factor for glaucoma. Still, research is in early stages and CBN hasn’t been shown to be superior to other glaucoma medications. More research is needed to know if cannabinoids could ever effectively replace any traditional treatments for the risks and consequences of glaucoma.

restful night pursues CBN gummies“Round Up All the Facts”

Restful night pursues CBN gummies because it works from insomnia to resistant bacteria and lost of appetite.  The CBN cannabinoid is on the job correcting things that go wrong in our body.  It may be a secondary trace cannabinoid but that does not mean it has no benefits.  It is effective even though it has to take a few more processes to get enough of it to infuse gummies and to make concentrates with. CBN is anti-inflammatory and can make a dent in the symptoms from for those with rheumatoid arthritis.  This means that it could relief a great deal of suffering for those with debilitating conditions.

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This Green Crack hemp flower features a strong gassy mango with citric overtones, accompanied by pine and pepper undertones. Green Crack Hemp Flower is ideal for daytime use as well as for people with low tolerance levels. We are excited about this one!  This green crack isn’t wack.  40% Indica / 60% Sativa

  • 17.5% CBD
  • Green Crack x California Orange CBD Cross
  • Lab Tested for Potency
  • All products contain less than 0.3% Δ9THC
  • Grown in accordance with a lawful hemp program.


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