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Strain ReviewThe “Romance” of Harlequin Hemp Strain

The “Romance” of Harlequin Hemp Strain

The Harlequin hemp strain is on top of the list for those users who have a low tolerance to anything hemp.  It is a sativa-leaning strain will typically boast high-CBD content regardless of where you buy it. This provides a much-desired consistency.  The strain offers relief without sedation or psychoactive effects; energy but no restlessness so all in all, Harlequin is a well-rounded strain.

In the Beginning \’\’and History

Harlequin is the descendant of a range of strains. One parent is the Colombian Gold \’\’and the other a cultivar industrial hemp breed. There is a wider lineage involving other strains, but we’ll not delve any deeper than the first level. Harlequin is high-CBD content \’\’and results in a well-balanced, controlled strain most known for its easy effects.

Harlequin CBD Hemp Strain – The Experience

Strong yet controlled, the Harlequin CBD hemp strain effects are coveted by users everywhere who desire mild but effective results Harlequin CBD hemp strain for the experiencebut do not get overwhelming impacts.  This strain does not impact quickly but rather slow, gradually increasing to a point of slow transition to relief.

Harlequin CBD Hemp Strain – The Genetics

The hemp buds is usually dense, round \’\’and colored in an amazing outpouring of colors \’\’and crystal trichomes.

The deep state of controlled relaxation never causes drowsiness or sleepiness but rather Harlequin simply relieves what causes distress so that the person can enjoy relative calm. Harlequin hemp strain has sativa-leaning tendencies with medical patients \’\’and low-tolerance users alike. The strain’s genetics are dominated by sativas from Thailand, Colombia \’\’and Switzerland \’\’and another strain which is a Nepali indica.

Color, Taste, Aroma

Color — Harlequin buds are rich forest green, with vibrant rusty-orange pistils \’\’and speckled amber trichomes;

Taste — dominated by woody, earthy tastes, lastly faint sweetness on the tongue;

Aroma – wood, soil scents dominate with subtle, sweet \’\’and chalky cream vanilla.

Harlequin Hemp Strain – Therapeutic Benefits

Chronic Pain – There is no doubt that CBD is used for chronic pain more than any other condition whether it is acute or chronic. And there are probably more testimonials from users having relief from decades old pain.  Harlequin is a strain high in CBD which has alleviates pain in all the big \’\’and small joints \’\’and best of all it creates no mental cloudiness.

Harlequin for the benefitsMigraines – There have been a number of credits to Harlequin CBD hemp strain for benefits treating migraines instead of prescription medications with numerous side effects including rebounding headaches no matter how many different prescriptions.

Anxiety – This is another condition that hits hard with escalating panic attacks, but CBD has been a powerful fast-acting agent against it. Dedicated Harlequin CBD hemp strain users cannot praise its success enough. Besides, multiple people report that they can think more clearly \’\’and be in public without anxiety.

Gastrointestinal Issues – There are reports that this high-CBD strain of Harlequin has healed gastrointestinal inflammation which also includes bleeding, fatigue, etc., for some individuals. This was a better solution than eating an ever-restricted diet.

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