hemp flower for sale

hemp flower for sale

If you’re looking for quality hemp flower… Dr. Strains CBD has you covered! We’re the nations number 1 trusted supplier of the finest hemp flower for sale! We do everything! From farm to your front door we guarantee the finest quality hand trimmed and greenhouse grown hemp flower for sale. Whether you looking for a boutique variety such as Oregon OG hemp flower or a more commercial strain such as bubba kush hemp flower or sour space candy hemp flower we have what you need!

It’s a misconception to say that hemp flower is only grown in Oregon or Colorado. Did you know there are over 20 states that allow for hemp flower cultivation!

We at Dr. Strains CBD search far and wide to source some of the nations gems of farmers. We source from over 10 different and unique, bespoke farms. We focus on these farms because due to a smaller operation the farmer has the time to dedicate love into what he or she farms. What this means is that safe practices are followed and corners are not cut to produce a high profit turnover. Instead the farmers reputation is on the line and they use the upmost care when not only cultivating your product but also curing and trimming it.

We personally review every strain we place on our website. To ensure every hemp bud or hemp flower is to a standard we approve. Hemp flower is an incredible plant with endless possibilities and our goal is to align ourselves with farmers that have the same vision and passions that we have.

We offer retail as well as wholesale and ready-to-use products such as individually weighed, packaged and quality packaged gram jars and 1/8th jars. We provide ourselves in being there to support you with every stage of your purchasing journey. With quality industry related advice in a variety of topics such as hemp flower for sale, wholesale, retail, sourcing, growing and even marketing your own brand. Save precious time and money by using us to stock your own retail location, we provide quality customer service from highly trained industry experts.

If you are shopping for a customized order or products and services not listed below, contact Dr. Strains CBD directly. We are here to hemp and pride ourselves in connecting you with the best industry experts to help solve any query you may have.

And we mean anything! From hemp flower for sale to growing to shipping and processing Dr. Strains Has it all!

Boutique Hemp Flower for sale

Are you look for the best quality hemp flower, or a more exclusive or niche strains? For Dr. Strains CBD the possibilities for sourcing hemp flower are endless. Whether you’re a packaging white labeling company or a vape / smoke shop retailer or even a hemp oil and concentrates enthusiast. We are here to help source even the rarest strains of hemp flower.

Hemp Flower for sale biomass

For a better understanding hemp biomass is: the remaining or left over organic material (stalks, stems and leaves) after the hemp flower and (or) seeds have been harvested from the rest of the plant.

This is then processed using equipment to extract it’s natural oils and then processed again into a powder form called isolate. This isolate once originally hemp flower for sale is then used to create finished products, for example: tinctures, lotions, oils, salves, bath bombs and edibles such as gummies and pet food.

If hemp flower biomass is what you’re after then you are in the right place. When you have a last minute processing request and are struggling to find massive amounts of hemp flower biomass then give Dr. Strains CBD a call. Dr. Strains CBD uses our deep network of professional farmers and dedicated breeders to deliver you with simply the best product. We find this effortless and take pride in ensuring our customer journey is effortless as well. With a market flooded with low quality hemp flower for sale finding high-quality affordable hemp flower can be quite hard. But don’t worry Dr. Strains CBD has your back!

Breeding hemp flower for sale

Would you like to create your own strain of hemp flower? Connect and work with breeders in the hemp industry? Dr. Strains CBD has the hand picked list of premium growers and breeders you are looking for. Experts in  CBD-A, CBDG, THC-A, CBN and CBG!

For specific requests on this topic please contact us directly.

Can CBD Hemp Flower be sold legally?

The 2018 Farm Bill supports a new regulatory position and a rise in the popularity of hemp products. The 2018 Farm Bill strengthened and modified the 2014 Farm Bill, which authorized small-scale hemp cultivation under state pilot programs.

The new Farm Bill 2018 specifically permits hemp flower cultivation and expressly requires hemp-derived products to be shipped across state lines for industrial or other purposes. However, it does not impose restrictions on the purchase, transport or possession of products produced from hemp and hemp flower, provided the goods are manufactured in accordance with the law.

Both our premium hemp flower for sale plants produce less than 0.3 percent of the content of Delta 9 THC and are listed as legal hemp flower for sale products by federal authorities. The quality, authenticity and legality of all our hemp floral products is guaranteed by strict and reliable testing by a 3rd party certified state laboratory.

Below is a list of current known strains of hemp flower for sale on the current market:

  • Abacus Strain Hemp Flower Strain
  • AC Diesel CBD Hemp Flower Strain
  • ACDC CBD Hemp Flower Strain
  • Berry Blossom CBD Hemp Flower Strain
  • Charlotte’s Web Hemp Flower Strain
  • Frosted Lime Hemp Flower Strain
  • Hawaiian Haze Hemp Flower For Sale
  • Jupiter Hemp Flower Strain
  • Lifter Hemp Flower For Sale
  • Oregon OG Hemp Flower Strain
  • Sour Space Candy Hemp Flower For Sale Strain
  • Sweet Kush Hemp Flower Strain
  • Special Sauce Hemp Flower Strain
  • Suver Haze Hemp Flower For Sal


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