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hemp flowerHemp Flower Goes Viral with Delta 8 THC

Hemp Flower Goes Viral with Delta 8 THC

“Hemp flower goes viral because it has great effects and health benefits that other.”


Dr. Strains has Best Hemp Flowers for December

Cherry Abacus D8 Hemp Flower

Introducing Cherry Abacus D8!  Looking for a mellow evening or nighttime strain?  As an Indica-dominant D8 flower, Cherry Abacus D8 is a good choice for smokers unwinding at the end of a long day.

Cherry Abacus D8 took after the Abacus more than the fruity smell, which gives it a pleasant floral and earthy smell.  Indica-dominant D8 flower







Table of Content

  • Going for Broke with D8 Flower
  • The Hemp Flower Spark for Drinks
  • The Hemp Flower for Edibles
  • The Last Nugget



Do you want a unique New Year’s celebration with effects? Do you want to introduce a new way to energize New Year’s Eve party to your friends? Well, we know your answer is yes so let’s see how to implement such an event with hemp flower goes viral at your party.


Hemp Flower Goes Viral – Going for Broke with D8 Flower


The Effects You Want

We usually think of the effects of hemp buds coming from the terpene profile in the flower. That is still true but now that Delta 8 has burst onto the horizon, effects take on a new role. Delta 8 is a cannabinoid, not a terpene but it has affected all its own. It’s sibling Delta 9 is the psychoactive cannabinoid that gives one a high, but the Delta 8 is much milder of a high.


Your experience will be more energized with Delta 8 flowers particularly if the hemp flower that is sprayed with Delta 8 oil concentrate is also a Sativa flower. The following D8 flowers are available at Dr. Strains CBD online and in their brick and mortar store.


  • Hawaiian Haze D8 flower is a Sativa flower and it is available as a Delta 8 flower as well so a perfect addition to your New Year’s eve party
  • Cherry Wine D8 flower is a perfectly balanced Sativa and Indica hemp flower so still gives substantial uplifting feelings of joy.


Delta 8 Flower is Different Than Hemp Flower

A spray of Delta 8 oil onto a hemp flower changes the dynamics to something special and outstanding. With taste, aroma, and effects, above and beyond just the hemp flower, will give your New Year’s Eve party just that extra special event that will impress your friends.


Hemp Flower Goes Viral – The Hemp Flower Spark for Drinks


D8 hemp flower may not be used often because of the grounds you would have to strain it. What may work better is to use Delta 8 oil that has been converted to a food consistency.

Tropical Hibiscus Peach Cocktail

The first thing you need to do is make a pitcher of Hibiscus Tea. You can get a box of Hibiscus tea bags at the grocery store unless you want to make your own with ½ cup of loose hibiscus leaf or flowers and boiled in 2 cups of water. Add Coconut Palm Sugar to taste. You can double the recipe according to how much you want to make.



  • 2 oz Vodka or Champagne
  • ½ cup hibiscus tea (which you made previously)
  • 1 ¼ oz peach juice
  • 1 T pineapple juice
  • Mint sprigs and peach slices for serving
  • D8 oil or drop in a tablespoon of ground decarbed D8 hemp flower


Hemp Flower Goes Viral – The Hemp Flower for Edibles


For the CannaCook, making a variety of hemp flower edibles in his or her own kitchen is cherry on top! Baking with Delta 8 hemp flower is basically the same as with hemp flower. Spraying the hemp flower with Delta 8 makes a more sticky flower so it will be more challenging to grind it. It will also be a little denser after being decarbed. It still needs to be decarbed and I’ll put the directions for decarboxylation at the end of this post.


Timing of the Effects

Edibles have a delayed onset time of from 20 to 90 minutes because the D8 hemp flower has to go through your digestive system before it hits your bloodstream. However, if you eat them on an empty stomach, you will feel the effects faster. Besides that, the effects can last from 4 to 8 hours.


Decarboxylation of CBD Flower

Here is the process to decarboxylate your CBD flower and the tools you will need.


  • 1 gram of high D8 hemp flower
  • Baking sheet
  • A grinder of some sort, your choice;
  • Parchment paper


Preheat an oven to 325°F.

  • Break the CBD flower into small pieces
  • Place the small pieces of the flower on the parchment-lined baking sheet;
  • Place the baking sheet with the ground D8 hemp flower on it for 35 minutes;
  • After the D8 flower is cooled, place the pieces in a grinder and grind to the consistency you want.


The Last

pepita gigante de ouro


The Delta 8 flower has some remarkable effects and health benefits as well. The amazing thing is that while having a great energized New Year’s Eve party, the health benefits are on tap as well.

If you want more information on all things CBD, read other posts here on our blog.


Dr. Strains CBD Weekly Shopping

Are you looking for CBD bud products? Good News! We continue through 2021 with bang-up additions. For this reason, you must visit Dr. Strains CBD to enjoy the new inventory.

250 D8 Gummies

d8 gummies

Try our new and exclusive 250mg D8 Gummies!  Dr. Strains CBD’s premium D8 gummies are made from our premium greenhouse-grown hemp flower. Each 5 pack contains 250mg of D8 with assorted flavors for only $11.99!  Our Delta-8 gummies assorted flavors in each pack

  • grape
  •  orange
  • strawberry
  • lemon



Dr. Strain CBD has Topicals


Our Therapy CBD Bath Salts are the perfect combination of all-natural industrial hemp cannabidiol (CBD) and natural essential oils. They’re designed to make any bath the ideal time to clear your head. It’s rich in phytocannabinoids and delivers a full-body experience with all of the benefits of CBD oil in bath salts. CBD Salts give you pure hemp CBD relief from today’s most important problems. So, soak up the soothing scents and give yourself the energy you need to tackle another day.







Delta 8 Shake

Delta 8

Shake is so convenient to use in your dry vape device or if you roll your own hemp cigarettes. You have to grind the hemp flower anyway so why not start with crumbles to minimize the amount of grinding you must do.

If you are a person who loves making cookies and brownies, etc with hemp flower, then here is your solution to easier baking. It is on sale for $9.99 for 1/2 ounce.






Dr. Strains CBD has Cones

Looking for holy organic hemp papers? Now you can enjoy your flower in personal Bible Cone Papers that you can stuff and can carry with you.

These Bible Cone Papers will allow you a clean smoke so every flavor of your flower can be enjoyed.

Bible Cone Paper prides themselves on being the Treasure of the United Smokers! 

$2.99 to $3.99



Dr. Strains CBD has D8 Chips


Your favorite snacks just got infused! A new and yummy way to eat your D8 is in 250mg D8 Chips.


Our 250mg D8 Chips come in an assortment of flavors such as:

  • Weedos (Flamin Hot Flavor)
  • Doweedos (Cheese Flavor)



Dr. Strains CBD only sources its CBD bud from small hemp farms. Check out our online shop or contact us for more information.


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